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Culick Families

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Alternate Spellings - Despite Culick being a rather unusual name we found no alternate spellings. Some tombstones on the Imber Farm cemetery were misread as Gulick when the cemeteries were walked down in the 1960's. The name is probably Dutch as Robert Culick gives his father as born Holland.

Links - Blaisdell, Fuller, Epperly, Leech, Pomeroy, Wing (Maine Families) ; O’Dells: Larry McNeal has posted Duncan Cemetery records which include burial records and photos of several O'Dells at Findagrave

Contacts - David Niswender is a descendant of Robert and Rosella Wing Strickland Culick. David kindly sent us a scan of a letter written by Rosella in 1921 from Joy, Illinois. Barbara Frisby and Ernie Grubb have also helped us with information. Both are Beard family relatives. Barbara researches her Beard family in Franklin County, Kansas, where some of the Culicks are found. She tells us there is a Harry Culick Emery, born 1880s buried in the same cemetery as Cyrus Beard. There is also an Ada Culick listed in Franklin County in 1896-98 as a midwife. Ernie Grubb included the O'Dell family in his Web Site (which has since disappeared) , along with much interesting history about the family. We also wish to thank Kathy, a Poweshiek County, Iowa, volunteer on USGenWeb for her help with 1870 and 1880 census records.

Photos - (Courtesy David Niswender) Rosella Wing Strickland Culick; Rosella Wing Strickland Culick (2); Note the carpet on the floor. Rosella was a carpet weaver and this is no doubt a sample of her work.

While the page is titled "Culick Families" it covers only the families of Robert Culick by two different wives. He married first Parmelia Stickney Batchelor, daughter of Zadock and Mary Blaisdell Batchelder on 3/14/1850 in Mercer County. He married second Rosella Wing Strickland, widow of Ezra Strickland, on 5/11/1868 in Muscatine County, Iowa.

Parmelia's Batchelor Culick's family is covered on the Blaisdell page as is Ezra Strickland's family. We will cover Rosella Wing's family on this page as we have little information on them.

Robert Culick is found in Eliza Township in 1850 with new wife Permelia: Robert Culick, 28, farmer, born Massachusetts; Permelia, 16, born Maine; Olive Blasedale, 73, born Maine. Olive Blaisdell was grandmother of Permelia. Robert Culick's birthplace is given as Massachusetts in most census records and in the 1880 census records of his children. In the 1880 census he gives his father born Holland, and his mother born Connecticut. We have not followed his ancestry further.

Robert and Parmelia Culick are found in Millersburg Township in 1860: Robert Culick, 39, farmer, born Ct (probably assumed by someone because of his mother's birthplace of Ct), Parmelia, 25, born Maine; Bartlett, 9, born Il; Caroline, 8, born Il; John, 6, born Il; Luella, 4, born Il; Mary, 2, born Il. Parmelia and Robert had at least four more children: Lorenzo, born about 1861 and Josiah Frank, born about 1865; and two girls Emeline, died May 1862, and Permelia A., died October 15, 1862, age 7mo 4 dy. Permelia may have died at the birth of still another child. She is buried in the Imber Farm Cemetery and the tombstone was read as "Amelia, wife of Robert Gulick, died April 12, 1862." We know Parmelia did not die in 1862 so believe the tombstone was misread for 1867 (perhaps the "12" is wrong as well?). Emeline and young Permelia are buried with her and are identified as the children of R. & P. Gulick. Buried next to her is grandmother Olive Blaisdell, whom she took care of in her old age, and who mentioned Permelia in her will because of that. For more on the children see the 1870 and 1880 census records below.

Robert married again to Rosella Wing Strickland in Muscatine County, Iowa on May 11, 1868. Rosella Wing and family came from Maine along with several other Mercer County families (see Maine Families). Rosella and sister Jane are found with mother Louisa Wing in the 1850 census in Township 15N Range 5W (Eliza): Louisa Wing, 35, farmer, born Maine; Rosetta, 11, born Maine; Jane, 4, born Il. Not far away there are two Wing boys living with a Richard Melton family: Daniel Wing, 17, born Maine; and Joseph Wing, 15, born Maine. Jane Wing later married Chesley Pomeroy and more is found about her on the Fuller page. The Pomeroy family was also linked to the Blaisdell family. Joseph Wing is found in the County Home in 1860 - we will try to follow up on this for the reason. Daniel Wing and family lived in Eliza Township so we will be putting up a Wing page eventually. Mother Louisa Wing married Nahum Eames on 8/8/1850 in Mercer County. She apparently died before 1860 as Eames is found as a widower in Eliza Township in 1860, age 50, farmer, born Maine.

Rosella Wing married first to Ezra Strickland, son of John and Rachel Blaisdell Strickland, on 4/17/1855 in Mercer County. They are found in Eliza Township in 1860: Ezra F. Strickland, 23, laborer, born Md; Rozelia, 22, born Md; Alvin Strickland, 3, born Il; William W. Strickland, 2, born Il (note: the 1860 census contains a number of errors of Md for Me - both Rosella and Ezra were born in Maine.) Rosella and Ezra had two more children: Finly A. Strickland born about 1861, and Eva Louise Strickland, born about 1867. We found nothing further on Finly A., but do find information on E. Sanford Strickland, born about 1868. We are not sure if he is one and the same as A. Finly or a different child.

We are not sure of the fate of Ezra Strickland but Rosella married again on 5/11/1868 to widower Robert Culick. They married in Muscatine, Iowa, just across the River from Mercer County. Robert Culick and Rosella Wing Strickland Culick had a daughter Melissa D. Culick, born about 1869. Rosella and her children are found in Eliza Township in 1870: Rosella Culick; 30, farmer, born Me; Alvin Stricklin, 14, born Il; William Wallace Stricklin, 12, born Il; Finly A Stricklin, 9, born Il; Eva Louise Stricklin, 3, born Il; Melissa D. Culick, 1, born Il. Since son, E. Sanford Stricklin is not listed in this census we feel that "Finly A" may be an error for E. Sanford.

Robert Culick and his children by Parmelia are found in Powesheik County, Iowa in the 1870 census: Robert Culick, age 47, farmer, value of property $400, born in Massachusetts; Bartlet, age 19, born Il; Caroline, 17, keeping house, born Il; John, 16, farm laborer, born Il; Luella, 14, attends school, born Il; Mary, 12, attends school, born Il; Loren J. (male), 9, attends school, born Il; Frank, 5, attends school, born Il; Mary Jane Cunningham, 14, attends school, born Il. We do not currently know the identity of Mary Jane Cunningham but will be putting up a Cunningham page. At least one Cunningham family from Mercer County went to Poweshiek County, Iowa.

Rosella Culick had another daughter, Nancy Jane Culick, born about 1871. Rosella gives Nancy's birthplace as Illinois in the 1880 census but Nancy gives her own birthplace as Iowa in later census records. Rosella and her children are found in Eliza Township in the 1880 census: Rosilla Culick, 40, carpet weaver, born Maine, parents born Maine; Sanford Strickland, farm laborer, 17, born Il; Eva Strickland, 13, at school, born Il; Nancy Culick, 9, born Il. Son Alvin Strickland had married Sarah Alice Epperly, daughter of John and Mary Epperly, on 8/31/1878 (we will be putting up an Epperly page). They have a son Lewis Strickland, age 1, in the 1880 census in Duncan Township. Son William Wallace Strickland married Harriet H. Wiley on 3/3/1879 in Mercer County. They have no children in the 1880 census in Eliza Township. Hattie gives her parents as born Delaware, and herself born Indiana. Eva Louise Strickland married Darlin Jesse Odell on 2/5/1884 in Mercer County. Sanford Strickland married Sarah Margaret O'Dell, sister of Darling J. Half sister Nancy J. Culick married William Henry Odell (nephew of Darling J. O'Dell), on June 27, 1888 in Mercer County.

The 1870 census in Mercer County sheds light on the O'Dell relationships. Elisha J. O'Dell and family are found in Perryton Township: Elisha J. Odell, 42, farmer, born Tn; Hannah, 40, born Tn; Montgomery, 12, born Ky; Darling J. Odell, 9, born Ky; Rachel, 7, born Ky; Sarah M Odell, 4, born Ky; Joseph, 2, born Ky. Darling and Sarah M. both married Stricklands. Nearby in Perryton Township we find Elisha's son Nathaniel Odell, 21, farmer, born Tn; Hannah M, 33, born Tn; William H. Odell, 1, born Ky. William H. Odell married Nancy Culick. All of the Odell children shown born in Kentucky show that the family were newcomers to Mercer County. Ernie Grubb's Web Site linked at the top of the page gives much, much more information on this family.

In 1880 Darling Odell, who married Eva Strickland, is found working for the William Carr family in Eliza Township as a farm laborer, age 20, born Kentucky, parents born Kentucky. They are found in the 1910 census in Aledo: Darling J. O'Dell, 49, carpenter, born Ky, parents born Tn; Eva L., 43, born Ill, parents born Me. They had been married 26 years and apparently had no children. Sanford Strickland and wife Sarah Odell are also found in Aledo in 1910: E. S. Strickland, 48, carpenter, born Il, parents born Me, Sarah, 43, born Ky, parents born Tn; 1 child born, none living, married 25 years. On the Keithsburg Road in the 1st precinct of Mercer County we find William and Nancy Culick Odell: William H. Odell, 40, farmer, born Ky, father born Tn, mother born Ky; Nancy J., 39, born Iowa, father born Ky, mother born Ia; 3 children born, 3 living, married 21 years; Alvin L., 17, born Iowa; Eva U, 9, born Il. With them is Eliza ODell, mother, 81, widowed, born SC, father born Va, mother born Sc. This was the second wife of Nathaniel Odell. He married Mrs. Eliza Sperlin Leech, widow of William Leech, on 10/8/1899 in Mercer County (also see discussion on Ernie Grubb's Web Site). David Niswender has a copy of Eva's birth certificate giving her birth date as September 3, 1900.

Robert Culick apparently never returned to Mercer County. He and a number of his children by Parmelia are found in Kansas in 1880. Robert Culick is found in the 3rd Ward, Ottawa, Franklin County, Kansas: Robert Culick, livery keeper, age 55, born Ma, father born Holland, mother born Ct; Josiah T. Culick, son, laborer, 14, born Il, father born Ma, mother born Me. On the same page we find son Bartlett Culick, age 28, laborer, born Il, father born Ma, mother born Me; wife Ada, 22, born Ia, parents born Oh; Francis Culick, son age 3, born Missouri. (We wonder if this is the Ada Culick who is found as a midwife in Franklin County in 1896-98?) Nearby we find daughter Caroline: William H. Brownsberger, 40, born Pa, father born De, mother born Pa; Caroline Brownsberger, 26, born Il, father born Ma, mother born Me. With them is Robert's son, Lorenzo Culick, laborer, 18, born Il, father born Ma, mother born Me; he is listed as brother-in-law to Wm Brownsberger, verifying that Caroline is his sister. Son John Culick is found in German Township, Smith County, Kansas: John Culick, 26, born Il, father born Ma, mother born Md [Me]; Parthenia, wife, 22, born Mo, parents born In; Robert, son, 8 mo, born Kansas.

In 1900 Rosella Culick was living alone in Eliza Township, still working as a carpet weaver: Rosella Culick, born November 1839, 60, widow, 7 children born, 6 living, born Maine, parents born England. We do not yet have a death record for Robert Culick to verify that she was indeed a widow. In 1920 Rosella is living with daughter Eva in Millersburg: #181 J. D. O'Dell, 59, born Ky, farmer; Eva, 53, born Il; Rosella Culick, mother-in-law, 80, widow, born Maine, no occupation.

Rosella Culick died in Mercer County and is buried in Duncan Cemetery near Millersberg (1839-1924). She is buried next to son Sanford Strickland (1862-1939) and his wife Sarah (1866-1919). Nearby are daughter Eva Strickland Odell (1866-1955) and husband D. Jess Odell (1860-1945). See Larry McLean's Duncan Cemetery link at the top of the page to see burial records and photos for Eva and D. Jess O'Dell.

We would love to hear from Robert Culick descendants to find out if he died in Kansas and when and where he is buried. David Niswender has been tracing Robert Culick's descendants in Multnomah County, Oregon, and has much information on them.