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Cox and Alexander Families

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Alternate Spellings - Cox, Cochs

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Contacts - Tom Hickson of Rock Island County contacted us and said he is researching Cox and Beveridge Families on his mother's side. He says they are connected to the Mercer Cox families and he has much information to share. 3/2011 Delores Kennedy Hauger contacted us and clarified information on the Walter and Carrie Beverlin Cox family. With her permission we have posted new informtion below.

Recompense and Harriett Alexander Cox Family

We find Recompense Cox in New Boston Township (14N 5W) in 1850: #334 Recompense Cox, 31, Brick Maker, born Ohio; Harriett Cox, 20, born Connecticut. With them is Harriett's father, Joseph Alexander, 50, farmer, born Vermont. Joseph Alexander is a widower. Recompense and Harriett were married in Mercer County about 8/29/1844 (license date).

Joseph Alexander is found in Township 14N Range 5W in 1840: Joseph Alexander, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 10-15 (Harriett). His wife evidently died before 1850 but we do not find a cemetery record for her in Mercer County. Both the Cox family and the Alexander family seemed to go regularly between the Iowa side of the River and the Mercer County side so she could also have died in Iowa, but no burial record found there either.

Joseph Alexander is not with Recompense and Harriett in the 1860 census so he may have died by then but no burial record is found in Mercer County, nor in Iowa.

Recompense Cox is in Louisa County, Iowa by the 1852 census but is back in Mercer County by 1860: Recompense S. Cox, 42, brick maker, born Ohio; Harriett Cox, 32, born Connecticut; George W. Cox, 9, born Iowa; Joseph 5, born Iowa; Emma, 2, born Iowa, Mary L., 3/12 born Iowa. The birthplaces of the children indicate that most of the time between 1850 and 1860 that the family was in Iowa. It is difficult to tell as Recompense's line of work may have taken him back and forth numerous times.

Recompense and Harriett are away from Mercer County in the 1870 census, probably again in Iowa as son Philip was born in Iowa in 1868.

By 1880 Recompense was farming in Compton Township, Carroll County, Missouri. Harriett was deceased but we do not know if she died in Mercer County, Iowa, on the way to Missouri, or in Missouri. The last of their children was born 1872 in Illinois so we would suspect that Harriett died in Mercer County but again there is no burial record found. The 1880 census record: Recompense Cox, widower, farmer, 63, born Ohio, father born France, mother born New York; Mary Cox, daughter, keeping house, 20, born Illinois; Susan Cox, daughter, working out, 18, born Iowa; Philip Cox, son, 12, Iowa; Laura Cox, daughter, 10, born Illinois; Arillia Cox, daughter, 8, born Illinois. It is interesting to note that the birthplace of the children's mother is given as Massachusetts while it was given as Connecticut in 1850 and 1860. We were unable to locate sons George and Joseph in the 1880 census. We have not followed the family further as they left the Mercer County area.

John and Martha Cox Family

John and Martha Cox are found in New Boston Township (14N5W) in 1850: #359 John Cox, 38, farmer, born New Jersey; Martha, 36, born Ohio; Caroline, 11, Indiana; Emaline, 10, Indiana; Mary A., 8, Iowa; Sarah Jane, 6, Iowa; Nancy Maria, 4, Ill; Rachel Minerva, 1, Ill. We do not believe they were related to Recompense Cox, as the parents of John Cox are also given as born New Jersey in the 1880 census.

They have gone back to Iowa by the 1860 census and are found in Marengo, Iowa County, Iowa by 1880: John Cox, farmer, 68, born New Jersey, parents born New Jersey; Martha Cox, housekeeper, 66, born Ohio, father born Ireland, mother born Pennsylvania; Carrie Cox, daughter, music teacher, 41, born Indiana; James M. Cox, son, 23, born Iowa. We did not find marriages for the daughters in Mercer County so marriages no doubt took place in Iowa. We have not followed the family further since they left Mercer County.

Walter Clarence and Carrie Beverlin Cox

Walter Clarence Cox married Carrie Beverlin, daughter of Thomas J. and Mary Lucinda Denison Beverlin of Eliza Township, on 1/18/1899 in Mercer County. Delores Kennedy Hauger sent us information on this family in 3/2011. She tells us that Walter Cox is the oldest son of Charles Henry Cox and his first wife Emma Dungan. Eva May Cox who married Fred C. Stevens is Walter's sister.

Charles Henry Cox served in the Civil War, enlisting in Sheffield, Illinois, Co G, Unit 66ll US Inf. He mustered out July 7, 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. Charles Henry Cox was the son of Hiram and Margaret Elizabeth Williams Cox who married in 1838 in Warren County, Ohio. Charles Henry Cox born 17 February 1846 in Bureau Co, Ill, married (1)Emma Dungan born about 1853 in Indiana, and died 27 March 1885 in Glenwood, Iowa. He married (2) Barbara Elizabeth Noble on May 28, 1890 in Mercer County, Il, daughter of David F. Noble and Sarah Pratt. See more on the D. F. Noble page linked above. In 1930 Charles Henry Cox was living with his daughter Mary and his son-in-law Fred Stevens in Mercer County. He and Barbara had purchased a home in Long Beach, California and are found there in 1920 but both are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery in Mercer County.

A. D. Cox the 2nd married Annie E. Scott on 10/24/1867 in Rock Island County. They are in Hampton, Rock Island County in 1880: August D. Cox, 38, born Il, farmer, father born Indiana, mother born Kentucky; Anna Cox, 34, born Pa, father born Ireland and mother born Pennsylvania; Walter Cox, 6, born Il; Fred Cox, 4, Il; Ralph Cox, 3, Il, Laura E. Cox, 5 mo, Il; Emma Gildenpfenig, 19, born Il, servant, parents born Prussia. We are a little reluctant to assume this is the correct Walter as Walter Cox who married Carrie Beverlin gives his mother born Indiana in both the 1920 and 1930 census.

Walter and Carrie Cox had a son Clarence Leland, born and died in 1903, who is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Walter and Carrie are also buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery (Carrie 12/4/1878-4/12/1953 Walter 4/10/1875-2/4/1957).

Eva May Cox Stevens Family

Eva May Cox married Fred C. Stevens, son of John and Louisa J. Wilson Stevens, in Mercer County on 11/23/1898 in Mercer County. We will be putting up a Stevens page. Fred and Eva are found in New Boston in both the 1920 and 1930 census. Eva May Cox was daughter of Charles H. Cox (wife unknown) as he is living with the Fred Stevens family in 1930 as father-in-law. Charles Henry Cox is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery (1847-1931 GAR marker). Charles H. Cox enlisted 12 April 1865 in Co C of the 118th Infantry at Rock Island, Illinois. He was mustered out on 1 October 1865 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Other Cox families in Mercer County

We are including only census records for other Cox families as they did not live in our area of interest which is New Boston and Eliza Townships.

James and Grace Cox Family of North Henderson Township

This family is found in the census in 1860: #92 James Cox, farmer, 47, born Virginia; grace, 45, Va; Harriett, 17, Ky; Martin R., 15, Ky; Eda, 13, Ky6; Richard, 10, Il; James, 7, Il; Mary, 5, Il, George W., 4, Il; Crittenden, 4, Il; David 4/12, Il. In 1870: #100 James Cox/Cocks, farmer, 57, born Virginia; Grace, 54, Va; Martin B., 26, farmer, Ky; Richard E., 21, Il; James, Jr., 19, Il; Mary, 27, Il; George W., 14, Il; Crittenden, 12, Il; Simon C., 10, Il.

Richard and Sarah L. Cox Family of Oxford

In 1860: #1030 Richard Cox, farmer, 55, born Indiana; Sarah L., 50, Tn; Joseph R., laborer, 25, Indiana; Mary E. Thomas, 21, domestic, Il; Augustus B., 18, Il; Hiram S., 16, Il; John N. 10, Il, Juliet, 7, Il; William F. Thomas, 25, brick maker, born Pa. Mary E. and William Thomas were married 5/22/1860 in Mercer County but had not yet gone to housekeeping on their own. Sons Augustus B. Cox and Joseph R. Cox served in the Civil War. Joseph was a sergeant in Company E, 9th Ill Infantry (Consolidated). He enlisted at Aledo on March 25, 1864 and mustered out on July 9, 1865. Augustus B. Cox enlisted at Aledo on August 15, 1862 in Company E of the 9th. He died in prison in Charleston, South Carolina, on September 16, 1864. His name is inscribed on the Soldiers Monument in Aledo.

Other Alexander Families in Mercer County

We are including census records of Alexander Families found outside New Boston and Eliza Townships to aid researchers.

Mary Alexander Family

A widow, Mary Alexander, and children are found in Sunbeam in 1860: Mary Alexander, 52, farmer, born Nova Scotia; Hosea Y., 27, Ohio; William P., 25, Ohio; Theodore C., 21, Ohio; John S., 19, Ohio; Cynthia J., 16, Ohio. William married Elizabeth Stewart on 3/31/1864 in Mercer County and John S. married Cordelia Musser on 10/22/1863 in Mercer County. The two sons are not in Mercer in 1870 but widow Mary still is: Aledo #060 Mary S. Alexander, 61, born Nova Scotia, keeping house for a Lewis Williams family; Hosey G., 36, brick maker, born Ohio; Theodore, 30, born Ohio, farmer.

Phillip and Matilda Alexander of Richland Grove

In 1860: #2048 Philip R. Alexander, farmer, 32, born Ireland; Matilda, 30, born Ohio; Samuel L., 7, Il; Tom 1/12, Il. Phillip enlisted in Company A, 30th Regiment at Aledo on September 11, 1861 and was killed at Atlanta, Georgia, July 22, 1864. His name is listed on the Soldiers Monument in Aledo. His widow is still in Richland Grove Township in 1870: #207, Matilda, Alexander, 40, keeping house, born Ohio; Thomas J., 10, Illinois. There are probably pension records available for any interested descendants.

C. M. and Hannah Alexander Family of Perryton Township

In 1870: #107 C. M. Alexander, farmer, 26, born Va; Hannah, 22, born Va; Ida B., 2, Il; Elmer, 1, Il; William Albright, 17, Ia.

3/27/2011 Posted new information on the Walter and Carrie Beverlin Cox family with thanks to Delores Kennedy Hauger.