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Alternate Spellings - Child, Childes, Chiles

Links - Reynolds , Willits (temp link to Orphan Willits families), Johnson, Muhlenburg, Bear, Beard, Bradrick, Church, Tieman, a wonderful Childs Family Genealogy Web Site

Contacts - James Brown is a descendant of William Perry Tieman and his second wife (first wife was Viella Childs) and he has information on the Childs family that he has shared with us.

Query - Jason Childs is a probable descendant of Remus Childs . It is believed that Remus had a fourth wife, Sarah Scotten, and we would appreciate hearing from anyone who can shed light on this - see more below under Remus. Email us on the About Us Page.

In the 1790 Census there were 226 heads of household with the surname Childs. There were 123 families in New York which was the origin of one of the Mercer County Childs families.

Augustine Childs Family

Augustine B. Childs, born 10/31/1816 in Oneida County, New York was the son of Horace E. and Lucy M. Barker Childs. Augustine Childs married Catherine Reynolds 6/28/1840 in Morgan County, Indiana (we have a Reynolds page up but as yet have no information on Catherine). He married second, Emily Lucy Willits, daughter of Isaiah and Elizabeth Reynolds Willits, on 11/12/1879 in Mercer County, Illinois (Isaiah and Elizabeth are currently on our Orphan Willits page as we do not have proof of how they fit into the main Willits family.)

Augustine Childs came to Mercer County in about 1838. There were land purchases in Mercer County by one Ebenezer Childs, Jr., in 1837 in Mercer County. We believe he might have been brother of Augustine. The purchases were made on 1/14/1837 in Section 5 and 6 of Township 15N Range 4 West and totalled 410 acres in the northwest corner of future Duncan Township, just across the line from future Eliza Township. The land was still in his name in 1853 when it was on a delinquent tax list. We have no further information on Ebenezer in Mercer County but have not researched Rock Island County for him. Perhaps he returned to Indiana and his descriptions of the area led Augustine to Mercer County. Augustine B. Childs purchased E2SE Sec 8 15N 5W on 5/13/1839. In 1851 he purchased the NWSE and NESW of Section 8 15N5W. None of this land is found in the Childs family on the 1875 Eliza Township plat map. On 2/28/1854 Augustine purchased the SENW of Section 35 15N5W at no cost, indicating a military warrant and that someone in his or his wife's ancestry did military service. This land is still in the name of A. B. Childs on the 1875 plat map along with a large portion of Section 34 that he purchased from someone in addition to his public land purchases. He and his son, Remus, also own land in New Boston Township in Section 3 on the 1875 New Boston Township plat map. Augustine's land in New Boston Township was part of the Section 34 parcel in Eliza Township.

We do not find A. B. Childs in the 1840 census in either Eliza or New Boston Township but his marriage date in Morgan County, Indiana, coincides with census timing. He evidently came to Mercer County and then returned to Indiana for a bride. He is found in the 1850 Census in Township 15N Range 5W: A. B. Childs, 33, blacksmith, land valued $1200, born NY; Catharine, 29, In; Lansing, 9, Il; Remus, 6; Worthington, 4; Horace E., 2, Lucy Ann, 7/12. They are found in the 1860 cenus in Eliza Township: Augustine B. Childs, 44, farmer, NY; Catharine, 38, In; Lansing B., 19, Il; Remus F., 17, Il; Worthington M., 14, Il; Horace, 12, Il; Lucy, 10, Il; Jane, 8, Il; Freeman (actually Truman, a mistranscription), 4, Il; Ellen, 7/12, Il. They are found in the 1870 Census in Eliza Township: A. B. Childs, 53, farmer, born NY; Catharine, 46, In; Truman, 13, Il; Ella, 10, Il; Herman, 7, Il. A John Waddams of Sweden, age 21, is working for them as a farm laborer. We have nothing further on daughter Ella.

In 1870 son Worthington is living nearby in Eliza Township: W. H. Childs, 24, farmer, Il; Joanna, 22, Il. Worthington married Joanna Johnson 4/17/1870 in Rock Island County, Illinois.

Daughter Lucy Ann Childs married Roland Bear, son of Jacob and Jemima Carson Bear, on 12/28/1868 in Mercer County. They had an infant son who died 10/15/1869 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Roland died 1/14/1871 and Lucy next married Nathan Beard 28 June 1873 in Muscatine, Iowa. Nathan was a son of Abraham and Elizabeth Crull Beard and there is a good deal about him on the Beard page. Lucy apparently left Nathan before 1880 as Nathan and daughter Retta are living with Abraham and Elizabeth Beard in 1880. Lucy is living with brother Remus in New Boston in 1900 and both are listed as divorced. Lucy is buried in Eliza Cemetery, and her tombstone reads "Lucy A. Childs, wife of Roland Bear." (1849-1918).

Daughter Jane Childs married Thomas Church, son of Thomas and Rachel Beard Church, on 4/24/1870 in Mercer County. Jane had two children, William, born about 1870 and Friend, born about 1878. She evidently died at the birth of Friend as she died 5/20/1878 and is buried in Mannon Cemetery.

There is an interesting history of A. B. Childs in the History of Mercer County, 1882. It states he is a descendant of one of three brothers who came from Wales to America [careful here - three brother immigrant stories are rampant in the 1800's and usually are not true! They were promulgated by unscrupulous companies offering bogus family histories - the tipoff is usually "three brothers"]. His youth until age 15 was spent on a farm in Connecticut. When he came to Mercer County he rode a borrowed horse, not being able to buy. On his return eastward he left the horse with its owner, and walked a long distance to Indianapolis, where he stopped to work sufficient to pay for a horse. He then rode to Sandusky, Ohio [then must have returned to Morgan County for his bride]. Like many poor boys he came to be in good circumstances and at one time owned 1,300 acres of land. Not only industry, but temperance and good habits have aided him in his financial success. He was a grand juryman of Mercer County at the first settling of the court at Aledo. Mr. Childs has traveled considerably, in his career visiting California. Late years he visited Florida, where he purchased a large estate, intending to plant an orange grove, but soon sold.

A. B. Childs did prosper - in the 1865 Manufactures and Agricultural Census, the value of his livestock was $3625, value of grain products, $2870, and value of all other agricultural products, $490. The valuation of his produce was a great deal more than most of his neighbors. Son Remus Childs was living with A. B. and family, with wife and child, and had livestock valued at $280.

A. B. Childs did visit California (and other points West). On March 21, 1877 a letter was published in the Aledo Weekly Record (note the speedy arrival of this letter!): "Have taken the old County paper ever since its first publication in "the old house that Jack built" in New Boston. Have called on many of the former residents of Mercer County now living on the coast and all ask to be remembered to their friends. Rode stage over 100 miles from Jackson to Roseburg; then 200 miles more to Portland. Albany is down that road and where the Millers from Millersburg settled. Phillip Miller has moved to the coast but many of the younger members of the family remain. Called on Mr. Andrew Pullen who can make more ships masts than they can use. From Portland to Victoria, thus by vessel to San Francisco where we arrived on February 14 after a rough and stormy voyage/ Took the cars to LA where we met Judge Griffin, John S. Thompson and other of our friends. Returned to San Francisco by rail and steamer. My P. O. Address until further notice will be Acampo, San Joaquim County, California. A. B. Childs, San Francisco Ca March 6."

Wife Catherine Reynolds Childs died the next year on June 9, 1878 and was buried in Aledo Cemetery. A. B. then married L. E. [Emma Lucy] Willits on 11/12/1879. They are living with in-laws Isaiah and Elizabeth Willits in Keithsburg in 1880. Emma was born November 11, 1841 in Henderson County, Illinois. They had three children: Benny, born November 1880; Elizabeth M. born April 1883 and Calvin B, born November 1885. We believe Benny was A. B. Childs, Jr. who is buried between A. B., Sr., and wife Catharine in Aledo Cemetery. His inscription reads: A. B. Childs, MD, 1880-1933, MCUSA, 1918. Augustine B. Childs died in 1897 and is buried next to A. B., Jr., and Catherine in the Aledo Cemetery. Son Ben A. Childs is found as a physician in Keithsburg City in 1920. He owns his home free and clear and is unmarried.

Wife Emma L. Willits died February 1, 1919 and is buried with other Willits families in Greenmound Cemetery. She was a widow in 1900 living with her sister, Minerva Willits, in Keithsburg and there we find the information on the three children.

Lansing Childs Family

Son Lansing B. Childs married Harriett Bear, daughter of Martin and Catherine Dodson Bear, on 6/2/1861 in Mercer County. They are found in 1870 in Miller Township: Lansing B. Childs, 29, farmer (?), Il; Harriet, 27, Il; Norman, 7, Il; Eva, 5, Il; and Stephen, 4, Il. We find no evidence that Lansing served in the Civil War but have not checked outside Mercer County. Lansing was appointed [tax?] collector in Millersburg Township in 1874 so they were still in Mercer County at that time. In 1880 we find them in Tompkins, Warren Co, Il: #53 L. B. Childs, 39, farmer, born Il, father Ma, mother In; Harriet, 38, Il, parents Ohio; Norman, 18, Il; Eva, 15, Il; Stephen, 14, Il. Son Norman married Bessie Lamphere 9/19/1883 in Warren County.

Remus Childs Family

Son Remus Childs married (1) Mary Beard, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Crull Beard, on 9/29/1864 in Mercer County. We find no evidence that Remus served during the Civil War but have not checked outside Mercer County.

Remus and Mary Beard Childs are found in the 1870 Census in New Boston Township: Remus F. Childs, 25, farmer, born Il; Mary, 24, Il; Monroe G., 5, Il; Vie E., 3, Il; Omer, 1, Il. They were living just two doors from Abraham and Elizabeth Crull Beard. They had another child Minnie, born 1871, died 1885, and buried in the Mannon Cemetery next to her mother (died 12/24/1874, age 28y 8m 26d). In the 1880 census, the Childs children are living with Abraham and Betsy Crull Beard, their grandparents.

Son Monroe G. Childs married Fannie D. Humbert on 12/11/1889 in Mercer County. Curiously they married again 16 November 1898 in Muscatine, Iowa, perhaps a renewal of vows (it is possible that the record in Muscatine has been transposed and was 16 November 1889. Since both records are license dates, they may have simply changed their minds and married in Mercer County.

Daughter Viella E. Childs married William Perry Tieman, son of Henry and Mary Tieman, on 10/5/1886 in Adams County, Illinois. James Brown, A descendant of William Tieman, tells us that Viella soon left him. This seems to be the case as there is an unnamed infant daughter Tieman, died 6/6/1887, buried beside Viella in Mannon Cemetery. William Tieman brought Viella home and according to James Brown they had a daughter Zella. Viella died 5/18/1901 and is buried in Mannon Cemetery.

Son Omer Childs married Birdie Bustard on 1/3/1892 in Mercer County. We have nothing further on them.

Remus married second to Candes Bradrick on 6/18/1875 in Mercer County. A Bradrick family lived next door to Abraham Beard's mother in 1870 and perhaps Candes was a visitor to that family. Candes soon died, perhaps in childbirth. They had no living children.

Remus Childs married third, Nettie Williams, daughter of Lewis and Esther Williams, on 4/1/1877. Remus's father missed this wedding as he was in California. We do not find Remus in the 1880 census.

Jason Childs believes he is a descendant of Remus Childs and his evidence looks good. There is a baby book passed down in his family listing his great grandfather as Bert L. Childs, born 26 September 1882 in Quincy, Mercer County, Illinois; married Elizabeth M. Hahn born 23 November 1875 in Muscatine Iowa. Father of Bert is given as Remus F. Childs, born September 1843 in Petersville, Mercer County, Illinois. His wife is Sarah E. Scotten born in Illinois. We have searched Illinois and Iowa marriage records without success, but this information certainly matches our Remus Childs. The only information we have uncovered on Bert L. Childs is that he died 10 May 1962 in Sonoma, California. His social security record matches the birthdate as given by Jason Childs. The birthplace for Bert as Quincy, Mercer County, Illinois is curious as Quincy was downriver from Mercer County in Adams County, Illinois. If the birthplace should have been Adams County it is possible that Sarah and Remus married on the Missouri side of the River.

In 1900 Remus Childs was living with his sister Lucy Bear in New Boston and both are listed as divorced.

Horace E. Childs Family

Son Horace E. Childs enlisted from Eliza Township in the 58th Illinois Infantry. We do not have information on this regiment but do have verification of the enlistment. James Brown tells us Horace enlisted 10 March 1865 and was mustered out 6 July 1865. On 10/14/1869 he married Julia Hollenback in Mercer County. James Brown tells us a widow, Mary E. Childs, filed application for pension in Iowa on 29 May 1890 and in Missouri in 1916, so he apparently married a second time.

Truman Childs Family

Son Truman Childs married Vie Blue on 2/3/1879 and Agnes Michaels on 11/13/1889. Truman and Vie had a child Gracie who was born 1884 and died 1885. Vi also died in 1885 so they perhaps died of disease. They are buried together in Mannon Cemetery. We have not yet researched other children of Truman.

In September 2011 David Lord sent us a brief family outline as follows: "Truman Childs married Vie Blue had a son, Frank S. Childs b. 1879, Aledo, married Caroline Marquis, 1905. Frank had three sons, Blee Marquis, 1907-1969. Frank S. Jr. and Lorrell Marquis, 1915-1994. Lorrell's sons are James and Ben of Aledo. Frank Jr's children are Frank, Marquis and Julie Ann Stohl. Blee's children are Sarah Vie Blue, Nancy and Samuel Blee Childs. Sarah Vie Blue Childs married Richard L. Lord in Muscatine, Ia. Their children are, Richard A. Lord, David A. Lord, Sarah Beall."

If you would like to contact David Lord about this family email us on the Email us on the About Us Page and we will forward your email to David.

Herman W. Childs Family

Son Herman Childs married Lydia A. Willits, daughter of Isaiah and Elizabeth Reynolds Willits, on 11/16/1881 in Mercer County. We have not yet researched their children except for a daughter Katie who was born 7/30/1883 and died 12/14/1883 and is buried in Greenmound Cemetery. Herman Childs died in 1936 and is buried with the Childs family in Aledo Cemetery (1862-1936). Lydia Willits Childs died in 1947 and is buried with the Willits families in Greenmound Cemetery (1859-1947).

A Childs Family in Rivoli Township

Another Childs family appears in Rivoli Township in the 1870 Census, probably with no connection to the families above. The family consists of a widow and four children: Dicy Childs, 43, keeping house, born Indiana; George W., 19, born Ia; Sarah N., 18, Ia; James F., 10, Texas; Mary H., 8, Texas. Nearby an Elizabeth Childs, age 23, born Ia, was working as a domestic and probably belongs with this family. She married Robert M. Powell on 2/20/1873 in Mercer County. We have not followed this family further as they are not in our area of interest.

6/10/2007 Added 1880 census record for Lansing Childs family.