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Advertisement in Aledo Weekly Record by James Calhoun, new proprietor of the New Boston Hotel. His proprietorship was short lived as he died July 15, 1847. Note previous proprietor R. M. Patterson.

NEW BOSTON HOUSE Having moved into and occupied the house in New Boston, only recently occupied as a tavern, by R. M. Patterson, I am now prepared to administer to the wants of the traveler, and hope, by strict attention to business, to render all who may favor me with their business, the most entire satisfaction. In a few days I shall have completed a commodious and comfortable STABLE, furnished with the best species ... of western hay and grains. My Table will at all times be found blessed with the best our market affords served by an experienced cook and attentive waiters. The beds of the establishment having undergone a thorough overhauling under my own supervision, I can confidently recommend them to the seeker after comfortable lodgings. A few more boarders can be accomodated. Charges moderate. JAMES CALHOUN New Boston, Ill, Nov. 11, 1846.

Alternate Spellings - Calhoun, Calhoon

Links - World Tree Project "Ancestors of Judith Connors Lubinski". This site seems very well researched and includes primary data such as obituaries, cemetery records, etc.; Carnahan, Emerson.

Contacts - We have heard from Nancy Blake, a descendant of the Thomas Calhoun family of Keithsburg who furnished us with information on ancestor David Calhoun's Revolutionary War service.

There were two major Calhoun families connected to Mercer County: Thomas Calhoun of Keithsburg, and James Calhoun, proprietor of the above mentioned New Boston Hotel. The two were apparently brothers since they both came from Muskingum County, Ohio, and the names of the children of both families were very similar. In fact, it seems their father's name was David Calhoun, as both named their oldest sons David. World Family Tree Projects carry them as sons of David and Eleanor King Calhoun. Both the Thomas Calhoun and the James Calhoun families are noticed in the History of Mercer County 1882. Please be aware that there may be errors in attributing children to the two families due to the similarity of names.

Although the subject of this Web Site is New Boston and Eliza Townships we will include information on the Keithsburg Calhouns in order to facilitate the sorting out of the two families.

James and Elizabeth Carnahan Calhoun Family

The History of Mercer County 1882, page 462 contains a biography of James Calhoun. We have been able to support most of the data in the biography with other records. A copy of the biography has been posted online at World Tree Project "Ancestors of Judith Connors Lubinski," (see link above).

The Mercer County History contains a statement about James Calhoun: "His father having been in the revolutionary war, he was not afraid of the frontier." Nancy Blake tells us that Orpha Calhoun Lorimer, granddaughter of Thomas Calhoun, was a member of the DAR. She has copies of the DAR papers which indicate that David Calhoun served in Captain James Rogers company out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, according to Pa Archives Vol 13, 2nd series, p 322-323. David Calhoun and Eleanor King were married in Dauphin County, Pa on 11 April 1786 according to "Records of Paxtang and Derry Churches, Dauphin Co, Pa Marriages 1744-1800." Dauphin County was set off from Lancaster County in 1785. The family migrated west to Muskingum County, Ohio, and eventually the two sons moved on to Mercer County, Illinois.

According to the Mercer County History there were 9 children born to James and Elizabeth Calhoun: David, William, John K., James H., Joseph C., Samuel C., Elizabeth, Franklin and Alexander T. We have been able to find records supporting the list of children except for Franklin who may have died young. The Lubinski World Tree Project (linked above) documents them in more detail than we are able to do from the records readily available to us (as mentioned on our updates page, time does not permit us doing in depth genealogical research on other than our own families.)

The History documents how the family arrived at Mercer County: "In 1843 the family emigrated via the Muskingum, Ohio and Mississippi rivers to Oquawka and thence to Mercer county, where he [James] farmed a short time in Suez township, then removed to New Boston, where he kept a hotel for a number of years." We know from the above advertisement from the Aledo Weekly Record that Mr. Calhoun did indeed keep hotel in New Boston, but the "number of years" is off base as James Calhoun died July 15, 1847, so he kept hotel for something less than a year.

Elizabeth Carnahan Calhoun lived for several more years. Her tombstone in McPherren (aka McClure) Cemetery gives "Elizabeth, wife of James Calhoun, died November 22, 1878, age 80 yr, 6 mo, 13 da." A birthday calculator makes her birthdate May 9, 1798. If James is buried there he had no readable tombstone surviving when the cemetery walkdowns were done in the early 1960's. James and Elizabeth were likely married in James's home area of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. There were several Carnahan families in Mercer County and we will be putting up a Carnahan page. Some of these may have been related to Elizabeth.

After the death of James Calhoun some of the children remained in Mercer County and some returned to Muskingum County with Elizabeth. In 1850 in Muskingum County, Ohio, Union Township we find the following: #1188 Elizabeth Calhoon, 52, no occupation, born Pa; John K. Calhoon, farmer, 26, Ohio; James H. Calhoon, farmer, 23, Ohio; Samuel C. Calhoon, farmer, 16, Ohio; Elizabeth Calhoon, 14, Ohio; Alexander T. Calhoon, 9, Ohio. Before 1860 they had all returned to Mercer County.

Children of James and Elizabeth Carnahan Calhoun

David Calhoun

David Calhoun married Mariah Roach 1/22/1846 in Mercer County. We do not know her parentage. In 1850 they are found in Township 13N R2W (Suez): David Calhoun, 33, Carpenter, Ohio; Mariah, 25, NY; Sarah A., 3, Il; Mary E., 2, Il. With him are brother William, laborer, 29, Oh, and Joseph, 20, laborer, Ohio.

In 1860 they are in Sunbeam: #481 David Calhoun, 43, farmer, born Ohio; Mariah, 34, NY; Sallie A., 13, Il; William G., 9, Il; James F., 7, Il; D. H. [David], 5, Il; Mary T., 1, Il. apparently the Mary born about 1848 was deceased.

By 1870 they had moved to Osage, Crawford County, Kansas: #40 David Calhoun, 53, farmer, Ohio; Mariah, 44, NY; William G., 19, Il; David H., 14, Il; Louisa M., 12, Il; Noble [Cochran], 5, Il. Daughter Sarah A. had married William Boyer on 9/13/1866 in Mercer County. They are found at #48 in Crawford County: William Boyer, 29, farmer, born Ohio; Sarah A., 23, Il; Margaret C., 3, Ks.

In 1880 they are still in Osage, Crawford County, Kansas: #295 David Calhoun, farmer, 62, Ohio, Pa, Pa; Maria, 53, NY, father Ireland, mother Vt; D. H. [David], 23, at home, spinal....; Il; Cochran, 15, Il; #296 Isaac Remington, 25, son-in-law, Indiana; M. L.[Mary Louisa], 21, Il, Oh, NY. Daughter Sarah and family have moved to Ross Township, Cherokee Co, Ks: #187 Wm. Boyer, 43, farmer, born Ohio, parents born NY; Sarah, 31, Il, father Oh, mother NY; Maggie, 13, Ks; Grant Bird, 14, nephew, Oh, parents born Pa; James Bird, 22, nephew, Oh, parents Pa; Parker Bird, 52, father-in-law [actually brother-in-law], farmer, born Pa, parents born Pa. We have not followed this family further.

William Calhoun

William Calhoun was living with his brother David in the 1850 census in Suez Township: William Calhoun, 29, laborer, born Ohio. He married sometime before 1853 but we do not find the record, either in Illinois or Iowa. He and his family are found in Sunbeam in 1860: #499 William Calhoun, farmer, 38, born Ohio; Harriett, 29, born New York; Mary J., 7, Il; James W., 5, Il; John F., 3, Il; Lucy M., 9/12, Il. His brother Samuel C. Calhoun, 26, laborer, born Ohio, is living with him. There is also another laborer, William Bohear, 23, born Ohio, with them.

William and family are living in Osage, Crawford County, Kansas in 1870, not far from brother David: #34 William Calhoun, 48, farmer, born Ohio; Harriett, 39, NY; James W., 15, Il; Fremont, 13, Il; Lucy, 10, Il; Chauncy S., 8, Il. Mary J. may have married but if so, not in Mercer County.

By 1880 William is deceased as mentioned in the Mercer County History. Harriet and family are still in Osage, Crawford County: #280 Harriet Calhoon, 49, born NY, father born NY, mother unknown; John F., 22, works on farm, Il; Lucy M., 20, at home, Il; Canncy S., 18, works on farm, Il; William Morris, servant, 24, Il, works on farm. We have not followed this family further.

John K. Calhoun

The History of Mercer County tells us that John K. Calhoun came to Mercer County in 1843 with his family. He returned to Ohio in 1846 and married in the fall of 1854 and next day started again for Mercer County. We think it is much more likely that John K. returned in 1847 or 1848 after the death of his father and that he took Elizabeth and family with him. They are found in 1850 in Springfield, Muskingum County, Ohio (see record under Elizabeth above). John did marry in the fall of 1854 and his marriage to Martha McClelland is found in Muskingum County marriage records on 10/10/1854.

In 1860 John and family are found in Mercer County in Pope Creek: #350 John K. Calhoun, 36, farmer, born Ohio; Martha, 36, Oh; Elizabeth, 5, Il; James W., 2, Il; Martha A., 3/12 Il. Son William died January 1, 1862, age 4 yr 3 mo 22 dy and is buried in the McPherren Cemetery. In 1870 the family is in Suez Township: #148 John K. Calhoun, 46, farmer, Oh; Martha, 46, Oh; Elizabeth, 14, Il; Martha A., 10, Il; Mary, 8, Il; Jerinock Mahoney, 18, farmer, England.

John's wife Martha died August 20, 1872 and is buried in McPherren Cemetery, age 48 yr 8 mo 20 dy, next to son William. John is found as a widower in Suez Township in 1880: #129 John K. Calhoun, 58, farmer, Ohio, parents born Pa; Elizabeth, 24, Il; Martha A., 20, Il; Mary B., 18, Il; Isaac Butterfield, 18, farm laborer, Il, parents born Pa. Daughter Martha A. married Robert Huddleston on 3/9/1882 in Mercer County. John K. Calhoun died October 28, 1901 age 77 yr 8 mo and is buried beside his wife and son in McPherren Cemetery (aka McClure cemetery).

James H. Calhoun, Samuel C. Calhoun, and Elizabeth Calhoun

: James, Samuel, and Elizabeth Calhoun also returned to Mercer County from Muskingum County, Ohio. James is found in 1860 in Pope Creek: #211 James H. Calhoun,33, farmer, born Ohio; Elizabeth, 24, born Ohio [sister]; Alexander I. Calhoun, 19, born Ohio [brother]; Elizabeth Calhoun, 62, born Pa [mother]. Samuel is living with brother William in 1860 as listed above. We do not believe that James, Samuel and Elizabeth ever married. They are buried together in Aledo Cemetery: James H. Calhoun 1826-1925; Betsy Calhoun 1835-1916; Samuel C. Calhoun 1833-1904 Co H 84th Ill Infantry. Samuel served in the 84th Infantry along with his brother Alexander. They enlisted from Ohio Grove on July 24, 1862, mustered in September 1, 1862 and mustered out June 8, 1865. Their regiment was entitled to inscribe upon its battle flag: Perryville, Stone River, Woodbury, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Ringold, Dalton, Buzzard Roost, Resaca, Burnt Hickory, Kenesaw Mountain, Smyrna, Atlanta, Jonesburo, Lovejoy Station, Franklin and Nashville. The two brothers were there for it all.

Joseph C. Calhoun

Joseph C. Calhoun married Cynthia E. Rose, daughter of Daniel and Mary Rose, on 11/19/1857 in Mercer County. They are found in Sunbeam in 1860: #468 Joseph C. Calhoun, 29, born Ohio; Cynthia E. Calhoun, 21, Ohio; Cassius C. Calhoun, 10/12, Il.

By 1870 they are in Freedom Township, Lafayette County, Missouri: #243 Joseph Calhoun, farmer, 39, born Ohio; Cynthia, 31, Oh; Clay, 11, Il; Mary, 9, Il; Nellie, 4, Il; Amy, 2, Mo; Esther 5/12, Mo.

By 1880 they have moved to Clayton, Taylor County, Iowa: J. C. Calhoun, 49, farmer, Ohio, parents born Pa; C. E., 41, Oh, father born Oh, mother Md; C. C., 20, son, clerks in store, Il; N. B., 14, daughter, Il; A. R., 12, daughter, Mo; E., 10, daughter, Mo. We have not followed this family further.

Alexander T. Calhoun

Alexander T. Calhoun married Elizabeth Emerson, daughter of Oliver and Sarah Kelley Emerson, on 9/17/1868 in Mercer County. Alexander had served in Co H, 84th Illinois Infantry along with his brother Samuel (see details under Samuel above).

Alexander and Elizabeth and Alexander's brother Samuel, are found in Ohio Grove Township in 1870: #184 Alexander F. Calhoon, 39, farmer, born Ohio; Elizabeth H. Calhoon, 22, born Indiana; Samuel C. Calhoon, 35, born Ohio.

Alexander and Elizabeth moved to Clayton, Taylor County, Iowa, in the 1870's, probably about the same time as brother Joseph above. They are found there in 1880: A. T. Calhoun, 39, farmer/teacher, born Ohio, parents born Pa; E. H., 32, In, father born In, mother Oh; George S. Calhoun, 9, Il, at home, cripple, defect of the spine; Agness B., 8, Il; Orr C., 5, Ia; Lou R., 1, Ia. Note that the spinal defect is the second instance in the family - see David and Maria's son David above.

The family returned to Mercer County at some point in time as several of them are buried in Mercer County. Alexander T. and Elizabeth H. Calhoun are buried in Peniel Cemetery (1840-1913 and 1847-1898). Next to them is Bell (Agness B.?) 1872-1946; Lee K (Lou R?) 1878-1892; Hultz (1880-1889) (named for brother Alexander's brother James Hultz Calhoun?). In Aledo Cemetery we find Orr C. Calhoun (1875-1952) and Myrtle Love Calhoun (1878-_____). Myrtle may not be buried there or may have died after the cemetery walkdown in the mid 1960's. Orr and Myrtle have a daughter Marjorie and a son Hayes in the 1920 census and they are buried beside them: Hayes L. Calhoun (1908-1930); Marjorie Calhoun Owens (1902-1953) and Neil D. Owens (1903-1943).

Thomas and Jane Gray Calhoun Family of Keithsburg

We have about seven pages of information on this family and intend to include it here even though they lived in Keithsburg as it will help researchers sort out the two families in Mercer County.

Also of great historical interest is information on the husband of Thomas and Jane's granddaughter, Orpha J. Calhoun.

Orpha Calhoun Lorimer

Orpha married William A. Lorimer on 5/4/1868 in Henderson County, next door to Mercer County. William A. Lorimer was born in Perth Scotland, August 13, 1840 and came with his family to America when he was eight years old. He left school at age 12 to work in a newspaper office in Hudson, Summit County, Ohio, and in 1853 came to Keithsburg where he clerked in the general stores of James A. Noble and B. P. Frick and Company. In 1861 he volunteered in the Union Army and was eventually promoted to Captain of Company I, Seventeenth Regiment Illinois Infantry. After the war he returned to Keithsburg and was elected Clerk of the Circuit Court and Recorder for Mercer County for two terms.

William and Orpha had five children of whom one, Mrs. James W. Blake of Chicago, survived. She is the ancestor of Nancy Blake who has sent us some fine information on the family. William A. Lorimer was editor of the History of Mercer County that is part of the 1903 Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois. Since he wrote his own biography in the history we have faith in the accuracy of the information and it includes a fine photo of him.