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Brown Families of Mercer County, Illinois

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Contacts - Thomas Rorer, interested in those buried in McPherren Cemetery; James Brown webmaster of Keithsburg Chronicles above; Betty Welch, descendant of Welch family above, as well as a great contributor to this web site; Beth Golden, researching the Loammi Brown family (See Beth's Web Site).

This page has been put off for a long time though we have quite a bit of Brown Family information. The problem is how to organize it. Our site is devoted to New Boston and Eliza Townships in Mercer County but inevitably there are connections to other townships. And with so many Browns in the County it seems it would be well to include the primary Brown records we have obtained in looking up information for people in other Townships for the benefit of researchers. So for this page we will organize it by Township.

Eliza Township T15N Ranges 5 and 6 W

There are no Browns listed in the Eliza Creek Cemetery.

In 1860 in Eliza Township we find:
#2682 Mott Platt, 51, farmer, born New York
Rebecca Mott, 30, born Ohio
Loami Brown, 20, born Iowa
census reads Roenna Brown, age 20, but it has to be Loami
Franklin Brown, 17, Iowa
Susan Brown, 15, Iowa
Richard Brown, 12, Iowa
Lenore Mott, 2, Iowa
Joseph Mills, 20, laborer, born Ohio

Next door at #1683 we find Susan Melton, 43, born England, with daughter Amanda, 15, born Il. Loammi Brown would marry Amanda Melton 12 Nov 1865 after he completed service in Company G, 124th Illinois Infantry. There is a biography of Loami in the 1882 History of Mercer County:
"Loammi Brown, liveryman, is a son of Richard G. and Rebecca (Moore) Brown. Richard Brown was born in Ohio and his wife in Virginia. He became an early settler of Iowa. Loammi, the eldest of four children was born in Iowa Territory on February 22, 1840. He enlisted in the civil war August 11, 1862 in Company G, 124th regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Capt. Scudder and Col. Sloan. He took part in many skirmishes and in the engagements of Port Gibson, Champion Hill, Black River, Fort Jackson, He served til July 17, 1865 and was mustered out at Rock Island, Illinois. He resumed farming in Mercer County. He has also dealt heavily in stock raising and trading. In November, 1875, he purchased the John S. Moore Livery Stables and has since lived in Aledo where he has a good property. In politics he is decidedly democratic. Mr. Brown was married November 12, 1865 to Amanda J. Melton, daughter of R.G. and Susan Melton of Mercer County. She is a native of Rock Island County, Illinois. They have had five children: Susie, Loammi, Jennie, Minnie and Richard."

Rebecca Moore Brown is the one listed as Rebecca Mott in the census record above, having married Platt Mott 22 September 1854 in Mercer County. We are not sure if the history is accurate in listing Rebecca as mother of Loammi as she had married Richard G. Brown 12 January 1844 in Rock Island County . Since the Brown's lived early on in Iowa Territory we are not sure if Richard had a first wife who died or if Richard and Rebecca just had to wait (as many did in that early day) for an itinerant preacher to legalize their marriage. We also do not know for sure what happened to Richard Brown as he is not listed in Mercer County cemeteries, although at that early date he might have had only a wooden or field stone marker that did not survive.

Loami(sic) Brown received a Civil War Pension. He enlisted as a private on 11 August 1862 in Co G 124th Infantry and transferred to Regiment U. S. Veteran Reserve Corp on 15 September 1863. The date of his pension application is unreadable but it was application #273785 and granted certificate #315256. Loammi died 11 June 1912 and on June 24, 1912 Amanda applied for a widow's pension, application #988831 and received certificate #745868 in the state of Illinois. (Also see the Aledo Cemetery records at the bottom of the page.)

The History above skips a bit from his military service to his "resumed farming in Mercer County" as he is found in 1870 in Magnolia Township, Harrison County, Iowa: #99 Loammi Brown, 29, farmer, born Ia; Amanda, 25, Il; Susan B. , 8/12, Ia, November; Richard Brown, 21, Il (Loammi�s brother). Platt Mott and Rebecca Brown Mott are found at #103 in Magnolia Township and brother Benjamin Franklin Brown is at #100 Brown, Benj F, 26, farmer, Lucy A, 22, Il; Lenore G, 9/12, Ia, Sept. Curiously Platt Mott and Rebecca are also found in Eliza Township in Mercer County in 1870: #154 Platt Mott, 64, farmer, born NY, Rebecca, 440, Oh; Lenore, 11, Il; Izola (f), 5, Il.

By 1880 Loammi had returned to Mercer County and is found again in Eliza Township: #297 Loammi Brown, 40, keeps livery, born Ia, don�t know father�s birthplace, mother born Ohio; Amanda j, 35, born Il, don�t know parents birthplace; Susa R, 10, daughter; Lamo, 7, son; Susan Melton, 64, mother, born England, parents born England; Howard McMackin, 35, hired hand, Oh, don�t know parents birthplaces.

In 1900 Platt Mott was in Logan Township, Harrison County, Iowa: #172 Platt Mott, Feb 1806, age 94, married 41 yrs, NY, parents born NY; Rebecca, June 1822, 77, married 41 years, 8 children born, 4 children living, born Oh, parents Va; Richard G. Brown, stepson, 1848, 51, Il, Oh, Oh; Harry Brown, grandson, Dec 1878, 21, Ia, Il, Ia. The following burials are found in Silver Prairie Cemetery in Jefferson, Iowa: Platt Mott born 20 Feb 1806 died 11 Feb 1902; Rebecca Mott born 22 Jan 1821, died 27 March 1910; Harry G. Brown, born 8 December 1878, died 15 Sept 1909; Melissa O. Brown, born 8 June 1853, died Oct 8, 1881, wife of R. G. Brown.

By 1900 Loammi is found in Aledo as the History states, but may not be quite as prosperous as the History says (or perhaps he did not keep the livery?): #425 Loammi Brown, born Feb 1840, age 60,day laborer, married 30 years born Ia, father Pa, mother Oh; Amanda, born Apr 1847, 53, 5 children born, 2 living; born Ia, Pa, Oh (one or the other of the birthplaces for Loammi and Amanda is likely not correct), Jennie Nov 1887, Il, Ia, Il; L. P., son, Feb 1873, 27, Il, Ia, Il, day laborer.

Members of the family are buried in Aledo Cemetery (Vol 5,Page 64 ) Loami Brown Co C [should be G stone probably worn?] 124th Il Inf 1840-1912; Amanda J. Brown 1845-1919; Jennie Brown 1881-1937; Susie Brown 1869-1895; Loami B. Brown 1872-1945.

Other Browns in Eliza Township

In August 1859 in a newspaper record we find that Elias Willits purchased for back taxes, land in the name of David Brown NE/4 Sec 15N 5W.

In public land purchases we find William Brown, purchased the NENE Sec 12 15N 6W 40 acres on 9/24/1839.

In 1870 at #121 in Eliza Township we find Asa Brown, 31, farmer, In; Harriet C, 25, In; Charles Edgar Brown, 4, In; Alpha M Brown, 2, In; Edman C. Brown, 1, Il. At #127 working for the Daniel Noble family we find: Hezekiah Brown, 37, farm laborer, born In; and Ann Brown, 51, housekeeper, born In.

In 1900 in Eliza Township: #10 Charley Brown, Apr 1865, 35, farmer, born In, parents Il (error?); Ella C., June 1870, 29, married 3 years, two children born 2 living, Il, Oh, Oh; Harley Brown, Jan 1898, 2, Il, Il, Il; Clyde, Oct 1899, 7/12, Il, Il, Il. Charles E. Brown married Ella Minteer, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Minteer, on 2/24/1897 in Mercer County. Harley Brown was in Duncan Township in 1920 and is buried in Aledo Cemetery so may not have lived long in Eliza Township.

New Boston Township T 14 N Ranges 5 and 6 W

In 1850 we find two Brown Families in New Boston Township:
Town of New Boston #327 Joshua M. Brown, 28, laborer, born Oh; Rebecca, 22, born Va; Joshua Jr, 5/12, born Il; William Butler, 8, Iowa; John Green, 17, laborer, In; Levi Bottoms, 18, laborer, Va; Mrs. Mehler, 32, NY; Elizabeth Williams, 28, Va; Mary F. Williams, 7, Iowa; Unnamed Williams, 2, born Iowa. This record is a little puzzling as to why this group of people in one household and the head of the household a young laborer. They are living among a group of families where the bread winners were day laborers.

We also find in New Boston Township in 1850: #414 Isaiah Brown, 42, wagonmaker, 600, born Pa; Eliza A, 35, Md; John B., 18, Il; Lydia A, 15, Il; Mary, 13, Il; Albert, 7, Il; Susan A, 1/12 Il. This was probably the Isaiah Brown who received a promise to pay $30 from Isaac Willits July 1, 1843. There is no mention of what the $30 was for; perhaps just a loan. There is a bill in Isaac Willits estate records signed by Isaiah Brown showing amount of note of $30 and interest of $15.95 accrued for a total of $45.95 owed by 1847. The rate of interest was 10%.

On the Delinquent Tax List in the newspaper on March 29, 1864 we find in T14NR6W Thomas Brown whf lot 1 nw Sec 2 40 acres, 29 cents; and w hf lot 2 nw Sec 2 35.27 acres, .29 cents; Lot 7 new Sec 3, 27.08 acres, 29 cents; Lot 8 nw Sec 3, 34 acres, 29 cents; Lot 9 nw Sec 3 41.20 acres, 29 cents; and N. P. Brown sw of slough se sec 2 29.74 acres, 29 cents. There were many people with small tax delinquencies as there was no cash available because of the war; most did not actually lose their lands. Also in Twp 14N Range 6 W (delinquent amount missed on copy) N. P. Brown ne Sec 23, 40 acres, se Sec 23, 160 acres, w hf sw Sec 25 80 acres; n hf sec 26 320 acres; nw sw Sec 26 40 acres; se Sec 26 160 acres; nene Sec 34, 40 acres w hf ne 34 80 acres; w hf sec 34, 320 acres, w hf se sec 34 80 acres and se sw sec 36 40 acres.

In the 1860 census in New Boston Township we find George W. Brown, 41, farmer, born Delaware; Esther, 32, born Ohio; Nelson, age 11, born Ohio. They are not found in 1870 in Mercer County. They did however have a child who died in Mercer County and buried in New Boston Cemetery: Infant son of G. W. and Esther Brown died Sept 26, 1858. We did not find a marriage record for them in Mercer County.

In the 1880 census in New Boston we find Charles W. Brown, age 38, born about 1842 in Canada, with wife Martha, age 30, and no children.

In the 1900 census in New Boston we find: 1900 New Boston Sheet 7A (not indexed) Orlando Brown Dec 1864, age 35 married 15 yr, farmer, born Ohio, parents born Ohio; Elsie F., May 1863, 35, married 15 yr, 7 born 7 living Il, In, In; Willie W., Aug 1883, 16, Il; Orville Jan 1886, 14 Il; Fanny Dec 1886, 13, Il; Myrtle Mar 1890, 10, Il; Pearl B, Aug 1894, 5; Mabel A, Sept 1896, 3; Sylvester J, Oct 1898, 1. Orland Brown married Elsie Fleming, daughter of Sylvester and America Fleming on 2/24/1883 in Mercer County. We find burials for some of the family in New Boston Cemetery: Willie W. Brown 1882-1910; Mother Elsie D. Brown 1864-1957; Father Orlando Brown 1859-1932; Fannie Brown 1886-1903. Also Orville Brown 1885-1957 Myrtle E. Brown 1883-1944 (one stone). Note some of the tombstone dates do not match too closely with the 1900 census. The 1910 census is a better match and the tombstones are probably more correct (though there were errors in reading tombstones too.)

New Boston Cemetery Records for Browns

Additional records found though the individuals have not been identified by us.
Vol 2, Page 28
Donald Lyle Brown Ill Sgt Co A 42 Eng Cons BN WWII Mar 31m 1821-Oct 9, 1946
Jackie R. Brown no dates
Vol 2, Page 45
Elizabeth Brown 1891-________ date perhaps not filled in when 1960s cemetery walkdown was done?
William Brown 1900-1952

Abington Township T13N R4W

A James Brown family is found in Abington Township in 1870: #99 James M. Brown, 40, farmer, born Oh; Jerusha, 33, born In; Mary J, 14 Il; Martha, 12, Il; John H, 10, Il; Emma, 8, Il; Benjamin, 4, Il; Nettie, 2, Il; Frances M (male), 1, Il. On 7 February 1855 James Marion Brown married Jerusha Reed, daughter of Andrew and Sarah Carpenter Reed. Her marriage record is as Gerusha but census records show Jerusha.

Duncan Township T15N Range 4 West

Main Cemetery

James M. Brown died Aug 27, 1869 aged 55 years
F. M. J. M. B.
Ishamel, son of J. M. and N. Brown, died Sept 21, 1862, age 1 yr 10 ms 25 ds
F.M. I.B.

Green Township T14N R2W Mercer County

We have Brown connections to our own Welch Family (linked above) and the Brown information will be found on the James Welch page (linked above) on another part of our Rootsweb Site. This is the Brown family found in Green Township in 1900: #211 John M. Brown, 39, coal miner, born March 1861, married 16 years, born Il, parents born Scotland; Charlotte Brown, June 1864, 4 children born, 4 living, born Il, father born Scotland, mother born ?; Bertha B. Brown, March 1886, 14, born Il; Nellie E. Brown,June 1888,11, Il; David R. Brown, Oct 1891, 9, Il; Murl (son Merrill), Jan 1896, 4, Il. There is more on the Welch page including photos, courtesy of Betty Welch.

Ohio Grove Township T13N R3W

McPherren Cemetery, Ohio Grove Township, Southwest of Aledo Illinois

(Volume 3 Cemetery Records of Mercer County, Illinois {1964} William Dennison Chapter DAR, Aledo, Mercer County, Illinois)
Page 36)
Infant dau., of H. W. & S. E. Brown - Dec 20, 1871)
Joanna, dau., of J. & L. Brown, died Sept 16, 1867 aged 6 yr 8 mo 10 da)
Hugh T., son of A. & L. Brown, died Feb 24, 1867, age 3 yr 7 mo 13 da (the 3 is in a dark part of the copy so not sure))
Elmira M. J., dau of Josiah & Mary McCaw died Oct 7, 1866 aged 8 mo 13 days)
Infant child of J. F. & M. E. Brown)
(I included Elmira as she is buried among the Brown children and because of the name Josiah she might be a relative?))
The list of tombstones continues immediately on page 37 so they are all together)
Page 37)
Malissa J., dau of B. L. & H. L. Brown, died Aug 18, 1860 aged 2 yrs 1 mo 27 dy)
Hiram Lesly, son of Wm. & Drucilla Brown 1859 (broken stone))
Mary J., dau of John & Luvina Brown (broken stone) (is this the J & L Brown above?))
Frances A., dau of John & Luvina Brown, died Jan 1, 1854 aged 1 yr 5 mo 11 dy)
George Brown, died Dec 13, 1852 aged 29 yr 1 mo)
Francis M. Brown was killed in Battle at Kenesaw Mt. June 24, 1864, aged 20 yr 7 mo 20 d)
John H. Brown, died Aug 11, 1871, aged 73 yrs 8 mo 18 da)
Mary, wife of J. H. Brown, died June 2, 1886, aged 73 yrs 7 mo)
Two Calhoon stones)
Daniel Brown, son of j. H. & M. Brown, died Sept 19, 1847 aged 12 yr 1 mo)
Page 38)
Josiah F. Brown, born Aug 13, 1841, died Sept 4, 1902)
Henrietta, wife of Josiah F. Brown, born Jan 15, 1849 - no death date)
Mary E., wife of J. F. Brown, died Feb 9, 1872, aged 25 yrs 10 mo 27 dy)
Edgar, son of J. F. & M. E. Brown, died Feb 27, 1872 aged 22 dy)
Elmer M. Brown Aug 24, 1876-Aug. 11, 1903)
Florence, dau of J. F. & H. M. Brown May 23, 1886-Aug 7, 1914)
Nina E. Brown, wife of Wm. Higgins Apr 27, 1879-Jan 17, 1920)
Alonzo, son of E. & M. O. Brown, died Jan 23, 1871, aged 7 mo, 3 da)
Page 39)
Infant dau, of G. S. & S. Brown, died March 10, 1871)
Page 42
Sarah E. Brown 1876-1943 Ira M. Brown 1866-1950 (one stone)
Mary E., wife of Ira M. Brown July 22, 1871-July 26, 1896
Hugh W. Brown, member of Co H 84 Reg Ills Vol Feb 19,1837-July 3, 1915
Hugh Brown, died Oct 10, 1881, aged 65 yrs 4 mo 13 ds
Delmer, son of John and Ann Brown, born Dec 10, 1875, died Sept 1, 1902
Alexander Brown, June 23, 1821-Aug 22, 1906
Lucinda Saunders, wife of Alexander Brown, April 26, 1833-June 29, 1905
George B. Brown 1853-1927 Sophronia, his wife 1853-1935
Josias F. Brown 1860-1935 Minnie L. Brown 1865-1945
Nancy E., wife of G. A. Brown July 16, 1852-Jan 5, 1874

Pope Creek Area Ohio Grove Township

There are a group of Brown brothers listed together in the 1860 census in the Pope Creek Area of Mercer County. They include Hugh Brown, 44, born NY; a Sarah Poague married to John G. Poague, 29, born Ohio who is a Brown; John Brown, 34, born Oh; Alexander Brown, 39, born Ohio; and William Brown, 28, born Ohio, who is married to Drusilla. They all live next to each other and have large families. Nearby is James M. Brown, age 30, born Ohio and family.

John H. Brown, 61, born New York and wife Mary, age 53, born Pa are living in nearby Sunbeam. According the the 1882 History of Mercer County, John and Mary McPherren Brown are the parents of the group of Browns listed above.There is a fine history of John and Mary Brown in the book. According to this bit of history William Brown listed above was born in Muskingum County, Ohio, May 6, 1832. They have had ten children, nine of whom are living: Warren, George, Hiram L.(dead), Alva C., William F., Joseph F. S., Marion W., Josiah F., Fredie M.and Thomas J.. (Note: the 10 children were children of Drusilla Libby Brown. She was first married to William's brother George 25 Jan 1849 and he died in 1852. They had children Warren and George. She then married William 29 June 1854 and the rest of the children are theirs.)

Supporting Census Records:
1860 Pope Creek, Mercer County, Il
#186 James M. Brown, 30, farmer, born Ohio
Jerusha S. [Reed], 23, In
Mary J. Brown, 4, Il
Martha A., 2, Il
John H. 11/12, Il
William H. Smith, 20, laborer, Ohio
#182 William Brown, 28, farmer, Ohio
Druzilla [Libby] 28, Maine
Warren Brown, 9, Il (Note Warren and George were sons of Druzilla who was previously married to George Brown)
George Brown, 7, Il
Alvah C. Brown, 2, Il
William F. Brown, 3/12, Il
#178 Hugh Brown, 44, farmer, NY
Lydia A., 39, NY
Hiram, 27, laborer, NY (not son of Lydia; she would have been 12)
Walter, 17, Oh
Johanna, 15, Oh
Eliza, 13, Oh
John, 12, Il
Millard, 10, Il
Margaret, 8, Il

Mercer Township 14N3W

In the March 21, 1877 edition of the Aledo Weekly Record we find a notice: John Brown of Aledo - Mrs. Julia E. Brown died 2-12-1877 daughter of George W and Mary J. Gesney of Virginia (we assume she was wife of John Brown).They were not in Mercer in the 1870 census.

Aledo Cemetery

There are many Browns buried in the Aledo cemetery. As we do lookups on them will we add them here:
Vol 5, Page 10 of the Cemetery Records: Isaiah Brown, 1847-1909; Rachel Brown 1850-1887 with Arthur and Ira, no dates.
Vol 5 Page 64: Laomi Brown Co C 124 Ill Infantry 1840-1912; Amanda J. Brown 1845-1919; Jennie Brown 1881-1937; On one stone Susie Brown 1869-1895 Laomi Brown 1872-1945.
Vol 5 page 83: On one stone Grant A. Brown 1868-______ Anna B. Brown 1872-1951; Son of Alexander and Lucinda Brown (no dates).
Vol 5 page 136: On one stone: K. Pauline Brown 1908-____, Harley E. Brown, 1898 - ______. Both evidently died after the 1960s walkdown of the cemetery.