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Edwin and Sarah Meeker Bishop

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1892 Map of Bishop's Corner in Eliza Township

There is a nice biography of Edwin Bishop and family in the Eliza Township Chapter of the 1882 History of Mercer County. It tells us that Edwin was born in New Jersey October 29, 1815, and moved with his parents to this state November 13, 1850. They made the journey through by canal and steamboat up the Mississippi river, landing first at Muscatine, Iowa, where he stayed until December 2, 1850, when he settled in Eliza. He was married in Pennsylvania August 31, 1837 to Miss Sallie Meeker, who was born in Crawford Co, Pa in 1819. The information is verified by the 1850 census in Summerhill, Crawford County, Pa: #87 Edwin Bishop, 35, Blacksmith, born NJ; Sarah, 31, Pa; S. E. (f), 11, Pa; Delila, 9, Pa; Isaiah, 6, Pa; Harrison, 3, Pa; B. A. (f) 1/3?, Pa. We also find possible parents of Edwin in Pine, Crawford County, Pa in 1850: #62 Moses Bishop, 66, farmer, born NJ; Jane, 66, NJ; Perina, 30, Pa; John Wyatt, 14, Pa.

The 1882 History gives us a sense of the lay of Edwin Bishop's land: The land on the bluff and in the vicinity of the river seems to have been the favorite abode of the ancient mound builders...All along below and on the summit of these bluffs can be seen these mounds. It then mentions among others that the Martin Bear place, on section 16, now occupied by Edwin Bishop's place, is one place the mounds can be seen. The History tells us the only town of importance in Eliza Township was started by Edwin Bishop, who settled there in 1850. Being a blacksmith by trade, he there started a shop on the corners, the place was then called Bishop's Corners (see map link above on Section 16). Harrison, son of Edward Bishop, built a large house on the place a few years ago, on the opposite corner from his father's where he resides and follows the carpenter trade. The next, a building sixteen feet square was built for a store by Isaiah Bishop in 1876, which was stocked and opened up for the first time on the morning of the annual town meeting of that year. His stock consisted of a barrel of kerosene and a few other light goods which he had carried on his back from Muscatine the day before (interesting, considering Muscatine was across the River - surely he put the barrel down while on the boat?). Not having a large stock, his business at first was slow and perplexing; some of his customers greatly annoyed him by calling for such goods as they knew he did not have on hand. After a careful survey of his stock, one of his customers remarked that his was the only store he ever saw which he felt able to buy out. Isaiah eventually added a store room and became well stocked with merchandise usually needed by farmers.

The 1882 History continues that Mr.Edwin Bishop from time to time filled all the various offices in Eliza Township, and had served as justice of the peace for twenty-four years, and was postmaster in 1882. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. His family of children consisted of Delilah, Isaiah, Harrison, Barbara A., Levi A., and Sarah (deceased). This list matches well with the 1850 census.

In 1860 we find Edwin and family at #2733 in Eliza Township: Edwin Bishop, 44, laborer, born NJ; Sarah, 41, Pa; Isaiah, 17, Pa; Harrison, 14, Pa; Barbara, 10, Pa; Henry F. Fary, 65, laborer, Vt.

In 1870 the family is #57 in Eliza Township: Edwin Bishop, 53, blacksmith, born NJ; Sally, 51, Pa; Isaiah, 25, Pa; Harrison, 24, blacksmith, Pa; Adalaide, 19, Pa, and Levi A., 8, Il.

In 1880 in the town of Eliza: #21 Edwin Bishop, 64, blacksmith, born New Jersey, parents born NJ; Sally, 61, Pa, father NJ, mother Pa; Isaiah, 36, son, general merchant, Pa, NJ, Pa; Levi, 18, works in shop, Pa, NJ, Pa.

Edwin Bishop is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery: Oct. 29, 1815-Dec 18, 1890. Next to him: Sally, wife of E. Bishop May 16, 1819-Feb.12, 1892.

Children of Edwin and Sally Meeker Bishop

Sarah Bishop Hadlock

Daughter Sarah married Amasa Hadlock, son of Peter and Sarah Alexander Hadlock, on 4 May 1856 and they are found next door to Edwin and family in 1860: #2732 Amos Hadlock, 37, farmer, born NY; Sarah, 22, born Pa; Frank, 13, Oh; Harriett, 12, Pa (children of Amasa from a previous marriage). In 1870 daughter Sarah is at #66: Amasa Hadlock, 46, farmer, NY; Sarah E., 30, Pa; Almira A. Hadlock, 8, Il. (Note that Almira married Lowell Morse 27 March 1876 in Mercer County - see the Morse family next.)

Daughter Sarah Bishop Hadlock died April 13, 1874 and is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Her tombstone gives a birthdate of July 20, 1838.

Delilah Bishop Morse

Daughter Delilah married Abel Morse, son of Horace and Lydia Stanton Morse, on 10 May 1858 in Mercer County. They are found at #2616 in Eliza Township in 1860: Abel Morse, 33, farmer, Pa; Delilah, 20, Pa; Lowell L. Morse, 6, Pa (from a previous marriage of Abel?); Sarah 3/12, born Il. In 1870 daughter Delilah is found at #71: Abel Morse, 43, farmer, born Oh; Delilah, 39 (30?), Pa; Esquire, 8, Il; Lydia A., 4, Il; Albert, 1, Il; Lowell L. Morse, 16, assisting on farm, born Pa. Lowell married Almira Hadlock, Delilah's niece in 1876 - see above.)

In 1880: #98 in Eliza Township: Abel Morse, 53, farmer, Pa, Mass, Pa; Delilah, 39, Pa, NJ, Pa; Esquire S., 18, works on farm, Il; Lydia A., 14, Il; Albert A., 11, Il; Nathan E. (Edwin), 9, Il; Sally M., 6, Il. Son Albert married Gertrude Noble, daughter of Ira and Caroline Reed Noble. Son Edwin married Laura M. Mason, daughter of John and Mary Swan Mason, 28 November 1895 in Mercer County.

Delilah Morse is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery: Nov. 8, 1840-Feb 24, 1897. Next to her: Abel Morse Aug 4, 1826-1895.

Isaiah Bishop

We know from Isaiah's tombstone that he served in Company A of the 7th Iowa Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War in the 1860's. From we learn that he enlisted as a Private on 26 February 1864 at the age of 20 and mustered out on 12 July 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. He was back home with his parents in 1870, no occupation listed. Isaiah apparently never married. He is shown in 1900 as single, born 1843, age 56, born Pa, father NJ, mother Pa, occupation merchant, at #96 in Eliza Township, between his brother Levi and brother Harrison. With him is his sister Adalade (Seeney or Ceeny?) born Aug 1850, age 49, widow. By 1910 he is listed as a druggist, operating a retail drug store in Eliza.

Isaiah is buried next to his parents in Eliza Creek Cemetery: Co A, 7 IA Vol Inf 1843-1923.

Harrison and Mary Edwards Bishop

The 1914 Past and Present history of Mercer County lists Harrison as a pensioner in Eliza Township receiving $6 a month. We learn that he also enlisted in Co A, Iowa 7th Infantry Regiment on 26 February 1864 and that he mustered out on 19 July 1865 at Keokuk, Iowa. He is back home with his parents in 1870, working as a blacksmith. He married Mary M. Edwards on 12 September 1876 in Muscatine, Iowa.

In 1880 they are living in Eliza Township: Harrison, 33, carpenter, born Pa, parents born NJ; Mary M., 28, born Il, father Wales, mother Pa; William H. Bishop, son, age 3, born Il; Nora Bell, 1, born Il. By 1900 he is a merchant in Eliza, born August 1846, married 24 years, born Pa, father NJ, mother Pa; Mary M., born April 1852, 5 children born, 5 living, born Il, father born Wales, mother born Pa; Nora B., May 1880, 20, Il; Jennie A, Jan 1881, Il; John M., Mar 1883, Il; Anna M., May 1890, Il. With them is servant Benton Reed, born April 1885, Ia, parents born Iowa.

Harrison Bishop is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery: Aug 3, 1846-Feb 19, 1924. Next to him: Mary M., wife of Harrison Bishop, Apr. 15, 1858-Feb 16, 1911.

Son William H. Bishop married Clara Sheese on September 1, 1897 in Mercer County. In 1900 he is working as a barber in Eliza, born July 1877, age 22, married 2 years, Il, parents born Il; Clara M., born 1876, 21, 2 children born, 2 living, Il, father born Ky, mother born Il; Emma F., born April 1898, Il; Earl, born Jan 1900 4/12, Il.

William Bishop is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery: 1877-1944; next to him: Clara N. Bishop 1878-1918. Michael Bishop tells us Clara's middle initial was actually "L." With them are three additional children who died young: Paul Bishop Feb 9, 1901-Feb 10, 1901; Doris Bishop Aug 8, 1903-Jan 7, 1904; Harold Bishop Sept 13, 1906-Dec 29, 1908. Michael tells us they also had three other sons - George 1902, Arthur 1905 and Robert 1914.

Barbara Adelaide Bishop

Barbara is at home in the 1870 census as Adalaide, age 19, born Pa. We find two marriages listed for her in Muscatine, Iowa: first to George F. Mitchell on 11 May 1872 and second to Nelson F. Cheeney on 15 August 1878. She is with brother Isaiah as a widow in 1900 as Barbara Cheeny. She is listed with one child born, one living.

Additional research in January 2010 found the following: Nelson F. Cheeney died 11 Nov 1880, deceased Union Civil War Veteran, Sgt Co B 2nd US Cavalry, headstone provided by the government in Greenwood Cemetery, Muscatine, Iowa. He is in a hospital in the 1880 census. In 1880 District 247, Muscatine, Iowa we find Addie Cheeney, 29, born Il (incorrect) about 1851 (also incorrect). She has no occupation. With her is daughter Florence [Mitchell], age 6, born Il. An obituary for daughter Florence Mitchell Warman Stalder can be found at

In 1910 and 1920 Barbary A. Cheeney is found as a widow in Muscatine, Iowa. We generally do not include 1900 information on these pages but the 1915 Iowa State Census in Muscatine is interesting: Mrs. Barbara Cheeney, age 65, 106 E. 2nd St, 1914 earnings $500, keeper of rooming house, born Pa, read and write yes, doesn't own her home, Church - Christian Science.

Levi A. and Ella Freise Bishop

Son Levi married Ella Freise, daughter of Charles and Julia Kemp Freise, on 26 September 1889 in Mercer County. They are found at #95 in Eliza in 1900: Levi A. Bishop, May 1862, 38, Il, married 10 years, farmer, Il, NJ, Pa; Ella E., Sept 1866, 33, 2 children born, 2 living, Il, parents born Germany; Ralph E., March 1891, Il; Ruth, September 1898, Il. They are living next to brothers Isaiah and Harrison Bishop.

Levi Bishop is buried next to his parents in Eliza Creek Cemetery: 1862-1915. Next to him: Ella E. Bishop 1866-1957.

Other Bishop Families

There are other Bishop families in Eliza township in 1860 that may be related to Edwin Bishop but we have not yet researched a possible relationship: #2628 George G. Bishop, 31, laborer, Pa; Lucy M., 35, NY; Emily, 9 Il; Susan, 6, Il. #2629 Thomas Bishop, 40, farmer, Pa; Elizabeth, 30, Pa; Mary M, 14, Il; Martha, 12, Il; Ruby, 10, Il; Martin, 8, Il; Julia 2/12 Il. There was also an Emma Bishop, age 12, born Pa, with a William Shafer family of NY at #2598.

Julia Ann Bishop who was married to William Whaley may also be related to Edwin. The progression of birth dates and birth places seem to indicate that these were perhaps all brothers and sisters of Edwin Bishop.

Information on Barbara Adelaide Bishop was updated in January 2010.