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Robert and Elizabeth Leach Beverlin of Eliza Township

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Alternate Spellings - Beverlin - no other found

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Contacts - Brenda Humphrey is researching Millard and Pearl Cooley Beverlin who married in 1909. Mike Reed shared information on the Estelle Beverlin family. Marsha Graham follows relatives of the Mercer Beverlins in other locations. Rod Rood has a web site at which includes Beverlin information.

We learn about the Robert and Elizabeth Beverlin family from a biography of their son Thomas in the History of Mercer County, 1882, page 293 under Eliza Township: "Thomas Beverlin was born in Wayne County, Indiana, November 10, 1843. His father was born in Hamilton County, Indiana, and his mother in Virginia. They were married in Indiana, and moved to this state in 1846. Thomas Beverlin received a common school education in this state, having come with his parents while young. His occupation is that of farming. He enlisted in the three years' service in the late war in 1862, in company K, 102nd Ill Vol Inf, commanded by Capt J. Y. Merritt, and after serving for nearly three years was mustered out of the service in 1865 having been engaged in all the battles with his regiment. On arriving in Illinois Mr. Beverlin's father first settled in Rock Island county and afterward in Eliza, Mercer county, on the place where Henry Brockett now lives, at which place he died August 8, 1878. His family consisted of eight children of whom only two are now living. Thomas Beverlin was married July 16, 1866, to Miss Mary I. Denison. Four children born to them are all living: Emaranda, Fannie E., Estel, and Carrie. Mr. Beverlin is a member of the republican party, and also a member of the Masonic fraternity, Illinois City Lodge, Rock Island County." (We post this with the usual caveat about inaccuracies in County Histories.)

Thomasís father, Robert Beverlin, was not born in Hamilton County, Indiana, as it did not exist in 1809 when he was born. From the Wayne County Indiana History, 1872 we learn that William Beverlin of Virginia settled as early as probably 1812 on land now owned by his son Thomas (note in SE part of Green Township per page 222). This Thomas was brother of Robert Beverlin who was born about 1809 and whose birthplace is given as Ohio in some census records. This Thomas would have been uncle and probably namesake of the Thomas of Eliza Township, Mercer County. William Beverlin is found in 1830 in Green Township, Wayne County, Indiana: William Beverlin 1 male 50-60, 1 male 20-30 (Robert?), 1 male 15-20 (Wm, Jr.?), 2 males 10-15 (Thomas? And?), 1 female 50-60, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 10-15.

On 13 June 1833 Robert Beverlin married Elizabeth Leach, daughter of Chichester and Margaret Humphreys Leach, in Wayne County, Indiana (see the Leach family page for more on Elizabethís ancestry.)

Robert Beverlin evidently migrated to Rock Island County sometime before 1850 and then on to Eliza as he is found in Eliza Township in 1850: 1850 15N5W (future Eliza Township) #665 Robert Beverlin, 41, farmer, Ohio; Elizabeth, 42, Va; William, 14, Il; Margaret, 12, Il; Francis (m), 11, Il; Mary, 9, Il; Thomas, 7, Il Martha, 5, Il; Elizabeth, 4, Il; Robert A, 1, Il. All children born in Illinois appears to be an error as the 1860 census is: Eliza Township #2723 Robert Beverlin, 52, farmer, born Ohio; Elizabeth, 53, born VA; Mary E., 19, In; Francis, 21, In; Thomas J., 17, In; Martha J., 15, In; Elizabeth C., 13, Il; Samuel, 10, Il. (Son Robert A. had died 29 Oct 1850 age 1 yr 10 ms 22 ds and is buried in Leech Cemetery.) Son Francis is also recorded as a laborer in Hamlet working for the Hand family. This record would indicate the Beverlins came to Illinois in about 1846. The children were out of the house by 1870: Eliza Township #41, Robert Beverlin, 62, farmer, Oh; Elizabeth, 63, Va.

More on the Children of Robert and Elizabeth Leach Beverlin

William and Rachel Cloke Beverlin

William H. Beverlin was born September 1835 in Indiana and died 10 October 1856 in Mercer County, Illinois and is buried in Leech Cemetery. William Beverlin married Rachel Cloke, daughter of John and Lucinda Fisher Cloke, on 15 May 1856 in Mercer County and she was born about 1839 in Illinois. There is a bit of a mystery about Rachelís parents. They are found in Mercer County in 1840: John Cloke, 1 male 20-30; 1 female 15-20; 1 female under 5 (Rachel). The parents are gone from Mercer County in 1850 and Rachel is listed as Rachel Clark, age 11, with her aunt Catharine Fisher Boyd Smith in Eliza Township. We find no cemetery listings in Mercer County for the parents nor do we find them elsewhere in the census. In the 1880 census (below) Rachel gives her fatherís birthplace as Virginia and does not list her motherís birthplace (it was Indiana.)

Widow Rachel Cloke Beverlin married Robert Simms on 23 September 1858 in Mercer County. We find them in Eliza Township in 1860: #2705 Robert Sims, 29, farmer, born In; Rachel, 21, Il; William B., 3, Il; Mimietta, 11/12, Il. Again in 1870: Eliza #39 Robert Sims, 37, farmer, In; Rachel, 34, Il; William, 13, Il; Minnie, 12, Il; Mary, 9, Il; James, 7, Il; Martha, 5, Il; Jessie, 3, Il; Edward, 1, Il. Given the age of William B., he was probably actually son of William Beverlin and the census takers listed him as Sims. He is found in the 1900 Census in Eliza Township: William Beverlin, 42, born May 1858, Il, parents born Il, farmer; Jennie, Sept 1867, 32, 2 children born, 1 living, Il, parents Il; Harry, Oct 1892, 7, Il; Lute Beverlin, Mar 1868, 32, Il, farm laborer, cousin. A bit of mystery on the dates but William apparently knew he was son of William Sr. Robert and Rachel had moved to Sumner, Iowa, by 1880: Robert Sims, laborer, 49, born In, father born In, mother born Unknown; Rachel, 40, Il, father born Va, mother born Unknonw; Mattie, 15, Il; Jessie, 13, Il; Edward, 11, Il; John, 9, Il; Homer, 5, Il, all at school.

We have not researched the Sims family further but wanted to mention that son William Beverlin, Jr. married Jennie Reed, born Illinois, September 1867, per the 1900 census. They married 4 March 1891 and she was daughter of James D. and Rebecca Barber Reed of Warren County (not likely connected to the Mercer County Reeds.) Jennie is found with her parents in 1870 in Berwick, Warren County, Illinois: #127 James D. Reed, 31, farmer, born Il; Rebecca J, 27, Oh; John W, 11, Il; Katura M, 7, Il; Jennie B, 2, il.

Margaret Beverlin Franklin

Margaret A. Beverlin married Robert W. Franklin 31 August 1857 in Mercer County. He was born about 1830 in Pennsylvania. Robert and Margaret Beverlin Franklin had children: Elizabeth, about 1859; Effie, about 1868, and Robert, about 1869. Daughter Elizabeth Franklin married John Glancey, son of James and Sara Glancey, on 19 January 1879 in Mercer County. He was born about 1858 in Ohio. They had a child Rena Glancey who was age six months in the 1880 census.

Francis M. and Sarah Jane Smithes Beverlin

Francis Beverlin served in Co K of the 102nd Illinois Infantry per a marker on his tombstone in Leech Cemetery.

Francis Beverlin married Sarah Jane Smithes 17 August 1864 in Muscatine County, Iowa. She was born about 1846 in Indiana. In 1870 they were living in Eliza Township in Mercer County: Francis Beverlin, 30,, farmer, born In; Sarah Jane, 21, In; William Sherman, 5, Il; Amanda E, 2, Il. By 1880 they had added son Charles born in Missouri and son Alfred born in Iowa, and daughter Elvira born in Illinois when they returned to Mercer County. In the 1910 census widow Sarah has an additional son Levi Beverlin, 34, born Il. To summarize the children: William Sherman, born abt 1865, Il; Amanda, born abt 1868, Il; Louedda (m), born about 1871 Il (married Floy French 22 Feb 1905 Muscatine, Ia); Charles, born about 1874, Mo; Alfred born about 1876, Ia; Alvira, born about 1878, Il; Millard, born Sep 1880, Il (married Minnie Pearl Cooley 9 Nov 1909 Mercer County); Minnie, born Mar 1889, Mo; Levi, born about 1886, Il (married Rosa about 1920).

Francis received a pension for his Civil War service on June 4, 1890, certificate #600494. Sarah received a pension as a widow after 1900, certificate #571365.

Mary Ellen Beverlin Reed

Mary Ellen Beverlin was born April 1841 in Indiana and died 1928 in Mercer County. She married Thomas Reed, son of Hardin and Mary Smith Reed, on 7 March 1861 in Mercer County. They had children: Thomas Nelson Reed; Lenora Bertha Reed; Charles Hardin Reed; William Clinton Reed; S. Kelsey Reed; Edward Reed; Elsie Reed; Allie Reed; and Bula Reed. If time permits this family will be included on a Reed page.

Thomas Jefferson Beverlin

Thomas Jefferson Beverlin was born 10 Nov 1843 in Wayne County, Indiana, and died 2 December 1912 in Mercer County and is buried in Eliza Cemetery. He married (1)Mary Lucinda Denison, daughter of Minor and Lucinda Reed Denison, on 16 July 1866 in Mercer County. She was born 10 Dec 1846 in Mercer County and died 16 Jun 1901 in Mercer County and is buried in Eliza Cemetery. Thomas then married Adda Crapnell 24 September 1902 in Warren County, Illinois.

Thomas Jefferson Reed served nearly three years in Co K, 102nd Il Vol Inf and engaged in all the battles with his regiment. He received a pension May 2, 1872.

Thomas and Mary Beverlin had children: Emaranda Beverlin; Fannie E. Beverlin; Estelle Beverlin; and Carrie Beverlin.

Martha J. Beverlin

Martha was born about 1845 in Indiana and died before 1882. She married Landu A. Brown on 17 August 1864 in Muscatine County, Iowa. They had a double wedding with Martha's brother Francis above. We have no further information on them.

Elizabeth Catherine Beverlin Fisher

Elizabeth Catherine was born 1846 in Mercer County and died 1934 in Mercer County. She is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery. She married Harvey James Fisher, son of John and Rachel Seybert Fisher, on 26 September 1867 in Mercer County. Harvey J. Fisher served in the same Co K 102nd Regiment as Elizabeth's brother Thomas. He was wounded at Averysborough North Caroline and was absent, wounded, at mustering out of the regiment on June 6, 1865. He too is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Harvey and Elizabeth had children: Edward M. Fisher; Charlie Fisher; and Blanche Fisher.

Robert A. Beverlin

Robert was born 7 December 1848 in Mercer County, died 29 October 1850, and is buried in Leech Cemetery.

Samuel F. Beverlin

Samuel was born September 1850 in Mercer County and died about 1933. He married (1)Mary Everheart about 1872 probably in Missouri. She died 1931 in Grundy County, Missouri. He married (2)Caroline Noble, daughter of Ira and Caroline Reed Noble. She was born Dec 1878 in Illinois and died 28 July 1964 in Mercer County.

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