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Benedict Families of Mercer County

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The heads of Benedict families found in Mercer County in 1860 and 1870 appear to be children of William C. Benedict of Massachusetts who is found in 1850 in Andes, Delaware County, New York: #245 William C. Benedict, 47, farmer, born Massachusetts; Electa, New York; Ezra, 17, laborer, New York; William, 15, New York; Sarah, 11, New York; Fordyce, 9, NY; Marcena, 7, NY; Clara, 3, NY; Sarah Benedict, 69, born Massachusetts. It is interesting that Ezra is found as a physician in Mercer County in 1860 when he was a common laborer at age 17 in New York. We would be interested in learning of his education to be a physician. It is likely that William is related to Ezra Benedict who was born May 1746 in New Canaan, Fairfield County, Connecticut and died 11 September 1832 in Walton Delaware County, New York and that Ezra of Mercer County is a namesake. Note: the Ezra information comes from an file and is thus subject to error. That Ezra is a DAR patriot, and if the connection can be made, the Mercer County Benedict family descendants would be eligible for DAR membership.

In 1830 in Walton, Delaware County, New York we find an Ezra Benedict, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 40-50, 1 male 80-90; 1 female under 5, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 30-40, 1 female 50-60, 1 female 60-70. In 1840 we find in Andes, Delaware County, New York William C. Benedict, 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 30-40 and 1 male 60-70; 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 50-60. Since only the name of head of household is given in each of these it is really impossible to reconstruct how they might relate to the 1850 census of William C. Benedict.

Ezra and Maria Scudder Benedict of Mercer County, Illinois

Ezra Benedict married Maria Scudder, daughter of Enos and Irene McDowell Scudder, on June 16, 1859 in Mercer County. Maria was sister of Lyman H. Scudder. Ezra and Maria are found in the 1860 census in New Boston Township: #1902 Ezra S. Benedict, 27, physician, born NY; Maria, 20, born Ohio; William 5/12, born Illinois.

The History of Mercer County, Illinois 1882, page 856 gives a history of the 124th Regiment, Company G of Illinois Infantry: "This was sworn into the United States service at Camp Butler, September 10, 1962, with Col. Thomas J. Sloan in command. Company G was raised at New Boston by Lyman H. Scudder and Ezra S. Benedict, of that place, in the last half of July and the first part of August. The members were principally from New Boston township, some were residents of Eliza and Millersburg, and a very few of adjoining townships. The organization took place August 15, and the company was offered as follows: L. H. Scudder, captain; E. S. Benedict, first lieutenant; and Benton Pratt, second lieutenant. ..." Additionally from the Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Mercer County," 1903, page 683, we find "Roll of Co G 124th Illinois Infantry, Resigned Captain Lyman H. Scudder June 19, 1864, 1st Lietuenant Ezra C. [sic] Benedict Feb 16, 1863. ..."

In 1870 Ezra and Maria are found in New Boston: #54 Ezra Benedict, 36, physician, New York; Maria, 30, Ohio; George, 7, Il. Apparently William of 1860 did not survive. Next door at #55 we find William Benedict's family; he was brother of Ezra (see family information below).

Ezra Benedict apparently died in the 1870's as on August 20, 1879 Maria E. Benedict married George R. Rorabach. In 1880 we find Ezra and Maria's son George living with the Gilbert Ives family in New Boston: #168 Gilbert H. Ives, 52, farmer, born Ct, parents Ct; Mary Ann, 42, Oh, Ny, NY; Albert 20, son Il, Ct, Oh; Charlie, 12, Il, Ct, Oh; George Benedict, 17, works on farm, nephew, Il, NY, Oh. Gilbert Ives' wife Mary Ann was sister to Maria E. Scudder Benedict, hence the nephew designation.

George and Maria Scudder Benedict Rorabach are found in 1880 in District 280, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa: #376 George Roraback, 50, carpenter, born NY, parents born NY; Maria E., 40, Oh, NY, NY; Herbert Roraback, 11, Mo, NY, NY; Roy, 5, Mo, NY, NY. George and previous wife Margaret were in Valle, Jefferson County, Missouri in 1870 with additional children Eddie, 12, born In and Kate, 7, born In. We found no burial records or marriage records for the Roraback children in Mercer County so perhaps the first wife had died in Missouri.

In 1900 George and Maria are found in the City of Davenport, Scott County, Iowa: George Roraback, Oct 1829, age 70, married 20 yrs, NY, NY, NY; Maria, Mar 1840, 3 children born, 2 living, Oh, NY, Pa; Margery, dau, July 1882, 17, Ia, NY Oh; George B. Benedict, stepson, Aug 1867, 38, single, Il, NY, OH, laborer in box factory.

William and Anna Warner Benedict of Mercer County

William Benedict married Anna Warner on October 25, 1863 in Mercer County. Anna Warner is found with a probable relative in the 1860 census in New Boston Township: #1915 George W. Warner, 33, justice of the peace, born New York; Louise A. Warner, 29, born Ohio; Anna Warner, 19, born In; Agnes E. Warner, 10, born Il; Lisa A. Warner, 6, born Il; Charles, Warner, 1, born Il. In 1850 Anna is found with her parents in Township 14N R5W, Mercer: Peleg Warner, 47, born Ma; Silance Warner, 44, born Vt; Anna, 9, born In.

William Benedict also died in the 1870's as Anna is found as a widow in District 180, New Boston: #133 Anna Benedict, 39, keeping house, born In, parents birthplaces unknown; Bessy, 14, Il, NY, In; Ford, 15, works on farm, Il, NY, In; Bertha, 10, Il, NY, In. Curiously William and Ezra Benedict died at very nearly the same age - see cemetery records below. On April 20, 1881 Mrs. Annie Benedict married John H. Miller. We do not find them in Mercer County in 1900 and the names are too common to trace them further.

Benedict and Related Cemetery Records in Mercer County

New Boston Cemetery
Peleg G. Warner died Oct 3, 1853 age 50 yr 5 mo 22 d
Morris, son of P A & S Warner died Nov 26, 1845 age 13 yrs 9 mo 4 ds
Levi L. Warner, son of P A & S Warner died August 19 1845 age 9 ms
Kate, dau of G. W. & L. A. Warner died Sept 7, 1856 aged 2 mo

William C. Benedict died February 2 1874 age 38 yrs 5 mo
Lottie, daughter of W. C. and Annie Benedict died Dec 4, 1878
Edith, daughter of W. C. and Annie Benedict died Dec 12, 1860
E. S. Benedict MD died Nov 22, 1871 age 38 yrs 4 m9o 15 ds
William L. Benedict son of Dr. E. E. and Maria E. Benedict died Aug 9, 1861 age 1 yr 1 mo 28 ds (next to the Scudders)

Lyman H. Scudder Co G 124th Ill Inf 1829-1915
Helen L. Scudder, his wife 1837-1922
Edmund H. Scudder Feb 1, 1862-Apr 23,1918