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Barlett/Bartlett and Terrill Families

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Alternate Spellings - Barlet, Barlett, Bartlet, Bartlett, Bartlit, possibly Barrett; Terrill, Terrell, Terrel, Terril, Terel, Teril

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Contacts - Jan Dunlap is a descendant of Isaac and Anna Mary Barlett DeGraff. We are grateful to Jan for a great deal of help with this family.

Daniel and Anna Mary Barlett

Daniel and Anna Mary Barlett of Pennsylvania were the progenitors of the Mercer County Barletts who lived in Eliza Township. According to son Daniel, they came to Mercer County about 1852 or 1853. The family generally used the spelling Barlett, but many of the early Mercer County records are found as Bartlett. The origin of the name was no doubt Bartlett as there were 422 Bartlett families in America by 1790 scattered over all the colonies. Only 4 were found in Pennsylvania which may aid in researching this family. Other Bartlett families found in Richland Grove and Aledo in Mercer County were from New York, not connected to this family, and not in our area of study.

The ancestors of Daniel Barlett of Pennsylvania have not been discovered. We have a theory put forth at the bottom of the page of a possible early relative in Mercer County; this is strictly from land records and not anything we have received from Barlett researchers. The maiden name of Anna Mary Barlett is not known for certain. Son James Barlett's death certificate gives her name as Ana May Gruner. Another researcher discovered a possible christening record for daughter Helena in Berks County, Pennsylvania, listing parents as Daniel Barlet and Polly Cowgill (Polly is a nickname for Mary).

The Daniel Barlett family is found in Eliza Township in the 1860 census as follows: David (sic) Bartlett, age 54, shoemaker, born Pennsylvania; Mary A. Bartlett, 52, born Pennsylvania; George W., 21, Pa; James M.(sic), 17, Pa; Daniel W., 14, Pa; William M., 12, Pa. Daniel and Anna Mary had at least ten known children. The additional were: Helena (married John Terrill); Leah (married Eliphalet De Camp Terrill, brother of John); Hannah (married Thomas Harper); Harriett (married Samuel Graff); Mary Ann (married Isaac DeGraff); and Rebecca (twin of William) who died before they left Pennsylvania.

Daniel and Anna Mary Barlett are found in Eliza Township in the 1870 census: Daniel Barlett, 63, farmer, born Pa; Mary A., 62, Pa, William, 22, assisting on farm, Pa; Daniel Terrell (grandson), 13, Pa. The record was a puzzle as the Leech Cemetery has a tombstone for Anna Mary Bartlett, wife of D., died 3/2/1868, age 69 ys 1m 18dy. Jan Dunlap tells us her death certificate has the correct date of 3/2/1878. Daniel was living as a widower and retired farmer with his son James in 1880. Daniel's tombstone in the Leech Cemetery reads Daniel Bartlett, died Oct. 7, 1883, age 77yr, 1mo, 20 dy.

Helena Barlett Terrill

Daughter Helena Barlett married John Terrill in Pennsylvania. They are both buried in Union Cemetery, Pomeroy, Butler Township, Calhoun County, Iowa (Helena 1830-1906, John 1825-1902). They may be the couple found in the 1860 census in Eliza Township: John Terrel, 36, laborer, born NY; Aurilla, 20, Pa; Aurilla, 9, Pa; Alma, 6, Pa; Emma, 3, Pa. Jan Dunlap tells us that Helena's oldest child was Arvilla Terrill. We suspect that the wife's name and age are in error and it should be Helena, age 30.

They are not found in the 1870 census, but are found in Whiteside County, Illinois in 1880. Whiteside County is just up the Mississippi River from Mercer, past Rock Island County, so John probably went up the River to look for work. They are found in the 1880 Census in Sterling, Whiteside County: John Terrell, House Joiner, age 55, born NJ, parents born NJ; Helena, age 50, born Pa, parents born Pa; George W. Terrell, age 13, born Il; Edna L., age 10, born Il. We did not find marriages for daughters Arvilla, and Emma, but Alma married Wm. Vrooman 7/1/1872 in Whiteside County.

Leah Barlett Terrill Mallett

Daughter Leah Barlett married Eliphalet De Camp Terrill in Pennsylvania. He died in 1859 in Pennsylvania and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Harmonsburg, Summit Township, Crawford County. Leah quickly joined her family in Mercer County. She is found next door to Daniel and Anna Mary in the 1860 census as a widow: Leah Terrill, 28, domestic, born Pennsylvania; Hamilton (probably Emaline), 8, Pa; Julia Ann (Julius in later censuses), 5, Pa; Daniel, 3, Pa.

E.D.C. Terrill wrote his will 22 February 1859, giving to his sons Julius and Daniel his farm when they came of age and by paying his daughter Emaline two hundred dollars. His will was proven 20 March 1859 but his estate was not finally settled until 1874 in Mercer County. Since there is no mention of a son Hamilton, we feel the 1860 record is in error and that "Hamilton" was really daughter Emaline. Emaline returned to Pennsylvania in 1863 (perhaps in connection with the settlement of her father's estate?). She married William Upham there and remained in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, where they are found in the 1880 and 1900 census. They had no children. The two boys, Daniel and Julius, received a settlement of $319.95 on 22 April 1874 due to the efforts of guardian Daniel Barlett. .

Daughter Leah Barlett Terrill married second to Abram Mallett on 7/15/1862 in Muscatine County, Iowa. We have a brief section on the Mallett family on our Miscellaneous Families page (link above), but nothing that would yet connect to Abram. Abram Mallett was from Rock Island County, where he married Nancy Hayes 4/7/1859. She apparently soon died, probably in childbirth, but no child survived. There were several other Malletts in Rock Island County and we may eventually find they were connected with the Mercer County orphans given on the Miscellaneous Families page.

Leah Mallett died 30 April 1868 and is buried in Prairie View Cemetery at Gilman, Marshall County, Iowa, age 32 yr, 11 mo, 2 dy. There is family lore of a son who died as a newborn, so probably Leah died in childbirth. Abram Mallett and his third wife are found in Jefferson, Poweshiek County, Iowa, in the 1880 census: Abram Mallett, farmer, born NY; Eliza A.,25, In; Perry, 17, Il; Harriet R., 14, Il; Charles A., 7, Ia; Marcus E., 4, Ia; Mattie E.,2, Ia. Perry and Harriet are children of Leah Barlett Terrill Mallett as indicated by their ages and the birthplaces of their parents as New York and Pennsylvania. The other children belong to Abram and Eliza Mallett, as parent's birthplaces are given as New York and Indiana.

After Leah Barlett Terrill Mallett's death, sons Daniel Webster Terrill and Julius Terrill returned to Mercer County and are living with Barlett families in 1870; Daniel with his grandparents, and Julius with his uncle Daniel Webster Barlett. Julius went to Kansas with his aunt and uncle Graff, and is shown with them as age 25, born Pa, parents born Pa, in the 1880 census (more below).

Jan Dunlap tells us that Daniel Webster Terrill went to New Providence, Iowa, and married a Quaker girl, Almeda Jessup, on 9/8/1875. They are found in 1880 in Providence, Hardin County, Iowa: Daniel W. Terrell, laborer, 22, born Pa, father born NJ, mother born Pa; Almeda, 20, born In, father born In, mother born NC; Ethel, 3, born Ia; Leighton, 2, born Ia; and Leah, 1, born Ia. Daniel attended the New Providence Friends Academy and proved to be a good student. He eventually taught school for ten years in the Hardin County, Iowa.

Other Terrill Families in Eliza Township: Daniel M. Terrell, age 52, born Pa, and wife Margaret J. Terrell, age 35 are found in the 1870 census in Eliza Township. Daniel is a farmer and has farm laborers, James Achison, 55, Pa; Wm. McKelvy, 32, Pa; and Jacob McKelvy, 28, Pa, working for him. Also in Eliza Township in 1870 we find: Israel Terrill, 51, farmer, born New Jersey, and wife Catharine, 39, born Pa. Neither of these Terrill families had children living with them in 1870 and we have no further information on them.

Hannah Barlett Harper

Daughter Hannah Barlett married Thomas N. Harper 6/22/1854 in Mercer County, Illinois (not found in Ill marriage index but was license #720).

They left Mercer County before 1860 and lived in New Providence, Hardin County, Iowa. Jan Dunlap provided the 1870 census record in Providence Township, Hardin County, Iowa: T. N. Harper, 37, born Pa; Hannah, 35, born Pa; Evangiline, 14, born Pa (?); Emma, 12, Ia; Alda(m), 8, Ia; William E., 6, Ia; George, 4, Ia (d. 2/3/1878); Walter, 2, Ia. The relationship is proven when Thomas Harper put forth a claim as guardian of children when Daniel Barlett's estate was settled in 1885.

Hannah Barlett Harper died 5 September 1876 in Iowa. Thomas N. Harper is found in the 1880 census in Providence, Hardin County, Iowa, with a new wife: Thomas N. Harper, 48, farmer, born Pa; Elizabeth B. Harper, 48, born In; Alda Harper (f), 19, born Iowa; William E. Harper, 17, Ia; Walter Harper, 12, Ia; Lettie Harper(f), 9, Ia; Lydia Johnson, mother-in-law, 73, born Oh. All four children were children of Thomas and Hannah Barlett Harper as indicated by their ages and the birthplaces given for their parents.

Harriett Barlett Graff

Daughter Harriett Barlett married Samuel Graff on 1/10/1855 in Mercer County. The 1900 census indicates Harriett was born February 1835. Samuel and Harriett Barlett Graff probably lived across the county line in Drury Township, Rock Island County, as census records indicate all their children were born in Illinois, but they are not found in the Mercer County records in 1860 or 1870.

The entire family is found in Harvey, Smith County, Kansas, in the 1880 census: Samuel Graff, age 50, farmer, born Pa; Harriett, age 45, Pa; James, 19, Il; Dora, 16, Il; Eva, 23, Il; Cera Bell, 9, Il; George, 5, Il; Leroy, 2, Il. Next door to them is daughter Mary E. Graff McNall (Mary E. Barlett married George A. McNall on 8/19/1876 in Muscatine County, Iowa): G. A. McNall,laborer, 25, born NY; M. E., 23, Il; H. B.,son,3, Il;Minie B., 6 mo, born Nebraska. The Nebraska birth place may or may not be significant, as Smith County adjoins the Nebraska County line. Next door is son David (or Daniel?): David Graff, farmer, 25, born Il; Sarah, 26, born Pa; Leander, 3, Il. We did not find a marriage for David and Sarah in Illinois or Iowa so do not know her surname. Living next to David is Julius Tyrell, farmer, age 25, born Pa. This is son of Leah Barlett Terrill and nephew of Harriett Barlett Graff.

Mary Ann Barlett DeGraff

Daughter Mary Ann Barlett married Isaac DeGraff, son of Major Daniel and Ann Eliza Richardson DeGraff, on 7/4/1859 in Muscatine County, Iowa. They lived in Drury Township, Rock Island County, just across the Mercer County line, where they are found in the 1880 census: Isaac DeGraffe, farmer, 53, born NY; Mary, 39, Pa; Ida, 19, seamstress, Il; Ella, 16, Il; William, 12, Il; Daniel E., 9, Il, Annie E., 9, Il.

Mary Ann Barlett DeGraff was born July 1841 in Hartstown, Crawford County, Pennsylvania and died 24 February 1923 in Rice, Cloud County, Kansas. Isaac DeGraff died 27 December 1884 in Cloud County, Kansas, aged 60. Both are buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery, between Rice and Ames in Cloud County, Kansas.

Daughter Mary Ellen Degraff (Ella in the census) was born 30 October 1864 and died 29 November 1932. She married Thomas Henry Seright, son of William and Harriet West Seright of Ireland, on 19 April 1886 in Muscatine, Iowa. Thomas Seright was born October 1855 and died 31 July in 1944 in Illinois City, Illinois. They are buried at Island Cemetery in Muscatine, Iowa. We have not included a list of their children as that is getting too close to living relatives.

George Washington Barlett

Son George W. Barlett married Elizabeth J. Gibbs on 2/20/1862 in Muscatine, Iowa. On 8/10/1862 George and his brother James enlisted in Co K, 102nd Illinois Infantry. George died 5/17/1864 of wounds received at Resaca, Georgia (see our Battle of Resaca Page). His name is inscribed as George W. Bartlett on the Soldier’s Monument at Aledo, Mercer County. Captain Wilson of the 102nd writes "George Bartlett was mortally wounded and I learned has since died. He was shot in three different places and the doctor taken three "bulls" out of him." (See Wilson Civil War Letters.)

George's widow Elizabeth Gibbs Barlett married Franklin Shirkey on 7/31/1866 in Mercer County. Jan Dunlap tells us there was a child Evaline Barlett. Franklin and Elizabeth Jane Gibbs Barlett Shirkey are found in Richland, Carroll County, Iowa, in 1880.

James Nelson Barlett

Son James Nelson Barlett was born 9/15/1843 and died 6/28/1933 according to his tombstone in the Leech Cemetery in Eliza Township. He too served in Company K, 102nd Illinois Infantry, but he was safely mustered out on June 6, 1865. Family lore tells us he witnessed the shooting of his brother George at Resaca, Georgia.

James married Elizabeth Catherine Mardock, daughter of Michael and Mary Mardock, on 10/17/1868 in Mercer County. Elizabeth Catherine was born 1/3/1844 in Mercer County,Illinois, as the Mardocks were very early settlers. She died on 5/14/1918 and is buried beside her husband in the Leech Cemetery. They lived out their lives in Mercer County and had children: Michael Elmore Barlett, born 10/1869 (died 1950 unmarried); and Louis Everett Barlett, born 5/1886. Everett Barlett married Myrtle F. Leech, daughter of Ulysses Grant and Hattie Reynolds Leech, on 20 September, 1911. Everett and Myrtle provided information about the Bartletts buried in Leech Cemetery in 1964 when the DAR was preparing the cemetery records. In the 1900 census Elmore and Louis Everett were still at home. Elizabeth Catharine's father, Michael, widower, was living with them in Eliza Township in 1900.

Daniel Webster Barlett

Son Daniel Webster Barlett married Mary Hannah Mardock on 9/26/1867 in Mercer County. She was daughter of Michael and Mary Mardock and sister of Elizabeth Catherine, wife of James Barlett. Mary was born 1/27/1847 in Illinois and died 9/24/1886. Daniel and Mary had children: Charles Edwin Barlett, born 7/1869 and Nellie V. Barlett, born about 1872.

Daniel and Mary's son, Charles Edwin Barlett, married Mary Carolina Ruthenberg, daughter of Christ & Minnie Ruthenburg of Prussia, on 11/25/1891 in Rock Island County. They had children, Della R., born 11/1892, Ralph R., born 3/1896, Jessie M., born 12/1899, and Vera Minnie born 1906. Charles died in 1950 in Mercer County and is buried in Leech Cemetery - Mary's death date is not filled in on the tombstone and we do not know if she is buried there or not.

Curiously daughter Nellie V. Barlett and William P. Shirkey took out a marriage license 8/18/1886 in Muscatine, Iowa, but apparently the marriage never took place or ended soon, as she married as Nellie Barlett to William Ruthenberg on 12/28/1893 in Rock Island County. Nellie would have only been about 14 in 1886 and perhaps her parent's permission for the marriage was not forthcoming. William Ruthenberg was older brother of Mary Carolina Ruthenberg, and son of Christ and Minnie Ruthenburg of Prussia. Nellie and William Ruthenberg farmed in Iowa and North Dakota and then settled in 1929 in Garwin, Iowa.

Daniel Webster Barlett married second to Anna Krueger, daughter of Carl (Charles) and Ricka Krueger of Prussia, on 7/23/1877 in Muscatine, Iowa. Anna was born 7/4/1868 in Germany, came to America in 1870, and died 7/28/1921 in Mercer County. Daniel and Anna had children: Edna, born 4/1888; Clara M., born 6/8/1890, died 12/31/1893 (Leech Cemetery); Ella, born 1/1894; and Hilma, born 5/1898. Daniel died in 1945 and is buried with his two wives in the Leech Cemetery.

William Barlett

Son William Barlett is found in the 1880 census, age 32, born Pa, parents born Pa, in Drury Township, Rock Island County, Illinois. He is working for a widow Hannah E. Buckley, also born Pa. As far as we know there is no family relationship.

The obituary of William Barlett's niece, Ida DeGraff Hadley says that she came to Cloud County, Kansas, in 1880 to keep house for her uncle, William Barlett, so William apparently went to Kansas in 1880 after the census.

William married Laura A. Cook, daughter of John and Ruth A. Cook, on 22 February 1882 at Cloud County, Kansas. Jan Dunlap located them in the 1900 census in Center Township, Cloud County, Kansas: William Barlett, born May 1851; Laura Alice Barlett, born February 1860; married 18 years; Alberta Barlett, born September 1888; Audrey Barlett, born April 1890. By the 1910 census Laura Alice Barlett was a widow and supporting the household as a dress maker at home. Daughter Audrey was still at home. Alberta had married Ben Blackburn and lived nearby. Old records in Cloud County indicate that William Barlett died sometime in 1906 and is buried in Rice Cemetery.


Richard F. Barrett

One Richard F. Barrett bought a large parcel of land in Eliza Township on 4/4/1836. We find it interesting that portions of this land are found in the posession of Barletts in 1875. Maybe just a coincidence, maybe Richard was a relative actually by the name of Barlett. The purchases were as follows:
Township 15 North, Range 5 West (future Eliza Township)
W2SE Sec 1 97.14 acres 4/4/1836 (portion owned by D. Barlett in 1875)
SW and N/2 Sec 1 94.28 acres 4/4/1836
W/1 Sec 12, 80 acres 4/4/1836 (portion owned by D. W. and W. V. Barlett in 1875, and adjoining owned by J. N. Barlett)
For the land location see the 1875 Eliza Township Map.