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Ballard Families

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Alternate Spellings - Ballerd, Ballord

Links - Ives, Gibson, Crittendon, Wheeler, Mattson, Martin, Watson, Drury

Contacts - Lolla Ballard is a descendant of the Courtney Willits family and has also furnished information on the Ballard family. She also has much information on the Jay and Eliza Martin family.

John Ballard has information on Robertson Ballard's ancestry and siblings.

There were 168 heads of families with the surname Ballard in America by 1790 so it is a fairly common name. The families were scattered throughout the colonies except in New York. There were 26 Ballard families in Virginia which is the birthplace of Robertson Ballard, progenitor of the Mercer County families.

Robertson and Sarah Ann Griffith Ballard

Robertson S. Ballard was born in Virginia, and died 1/7/1900, in Mercer County, Illinois, age 88 years, 2 months, 5 days. He married Sarah Ann Griffith, daughter of John Griffith (?), on 3/14/1839 in Henry County, Indiana. Sarah Ann was born in Kentucky and died 2/19/1869 in Mercer County, Illinois, age 48 years 11 months, 8 days. Both are buried in the Griffith Cemetery, Millersburg Township, Mercer County. We speculate that John Griffith was parent of Sarah Ann. He is buried in the Griffith Cemetery and is of the right age to be her parent. His tombstone reads "John Griffith, father of Charles Griffith, died November 27, 1857, age 67 years, 7 days." Charles Griffith had a daughter Sarah Ann who was probably named after this Sarah Ann, his probable sister. Sarah Ann Griffith Ballard named a son Charles, after her probable brother. There were a number of other Ballard marriages in Henry County, Indiana in the same time period, so researchers looking for relatives of Robertson Ballard would do well to check there.

Robertson and Sarah Ann Griffith Ballard had children: Cyrus A. Ballard, born about 1841 (tombstone 3/4/1887, age 46); Mary J. Ballard, born about 1842; Thomas G. Ballard, born 1848 (tombstone 1848-1911); Charles H. Ballard, born 1854 (tombstone 5/6/1884, age 30 ys, 2m); and William R. Ballard, born about 1859 (tombstone 9/13/1869, age 9 yr, 10m, 27d). All the children were born in Indiana, except William who was born in Illinois.

According to the children's birth records, the family apparently came to Mercer County between 1854 and 1859. They are enumerated in the 1860 Census in New Boston Township: Robertson S. Ballard, 49, farmer, born Va; Sarah A., 40, Ky; Cyrus A., 20, In; Mary J., 18, In; Thomas G., 11, In; Charles H., 6, In; William R., 8/12, Il.

Mary Ballard Watson

Daughter Mary J. Ballard married Samuel Watson 8/15/1865 in Mercer County. Samuel and Mary are living with Robertson Ballard in New Boston Township in the 1870 Census: Robertson Ballard, farmer, 57, born Va; Thomas, farmer, 22, In; Charles, 15, In; Samuel Watson, farmer 32, Il; Mary, 28, Il; Rettie, 4, Il. Mary's birthplace is definitely wrong. Sometime between 1875 and 1880, Samuel and Mary moved to Buffalo County, Nebraska (as did other Mercer County families). They are found there in the 1880 census: Samuel Watson, farmer, 42, Il, parents born Ireland; Mary, 38, In, father born Va, mother born In; Reta Watson, 14, Il; Floy Watson (daughter), 5, born Il.

Cyrus and Martha Wheeler Ballard

Son Cyrus A. Ballard married Martha J. Wheeler, daughter of Nelson and Eliza Crittendon Wheeler (link above), on 10/1/1867 in Mercer County. In the History of Mercer County, 1882 Cyrus is mentioned as a teacher in Perryton, Township (probably before his marriage), as a member of the Mercer County Scientific and Historical Society, and as editor of the New Boston Herald, publishing the last edition in 1872. He also served for three years as the Town Clerk of New Boston.

Cyrus and Martha Ballard had children: Minnie, born about 1870; Tomzen (son), died 8/1/1871, age 2 mo 23 dy; Grace Pearl, died 3/26/1875, age 1 yr 11m 18d; Hortense, born 1879, and John B., born about 1884. The family is found in the 1880 census: Cyrus A. Ballard, dry goods merchant, age 40, born In; Mattie, 36, In; Minnie, 10, Il; Hortie [Hortense], 7m, Il. There is a John Crittendon, age 25, born In, parents born In, working in the store. Since Mattie Ballard's mother was a Crittendon, we assume John was a relative of hers. They also had a servant, Mary Bagnell, age 39, born In. Cyrus Ballard died 3/4/1887 and Martha Wheeler Ballard died 5/31/1907; both are buried in New Boston Cemetery, as are Tomzen and Grace.

The 1900 census for widow Martha is given on the Wheeler page as it contains information pertinent to her father's obituary on that page.

Lolla Ballard tells us that Hortense Ballard married Harry O. Baner and had two children, Martha and Austin, both deceased. Harry O. Baner is found in the 1880 census in New Boston with his family: Joseph Baner, fisherman, 33, born Ia, parents born Bavaria; Emma M. Baner, 27, born NY, father born Sweden, mother born Denmark; Willie G. Baner, 7, born Il; Harry O. Baner, 5, born Il; Fred E. Baner, 4, born Il; Charles E. Baner, 1, born Il. Joseph Baner had married Emma M. Patterson on 1/8/1872 but we have no information on her parents.

Hortense Ballard Baner is buried with her parents in New Boston Cemetery: Hortense, wife of H. O. Baner, 1879-1906. Harry Baner is buried with his family in a different section of New Boston Cemetery: Harry O. Baner (Nov 17, 1874-Aug 6, 1957); Fred E. Baner (Nov. 5, 1876-Sept 1958); Mary B. Baner (March 30, 1882-?); Maun F. Baner (Sept 7, 1886-?).

Lolla tells us that Maun F. Baner was daughter of Albert and Alice Mattson [link above] Martin and was wife of Fred Baner. Maun and Fred had three children and ran the Abe Lincoln Hotel in New Boston for many years. Mary B. Baner was second wife of Harry O. Baner.

Lolla tells us that John B. (possibly Blaine?) Ballard married Sue Parkman and had four children (not named here as too close to living persons).

Thomas and Almyra Gibson Ballard

Son Thomas G. Ballard married Almyra Gibson, daughter of Martin and Ann Gibson, on 11/25/1873 in Mercer County. Martin Gibson ran a saw mill in New Boston Township. Thomas and Almyra are found in the 1880 census: Thomas Ballard, farmer, 32, born In; Almira A. Ballard, 28, In; Glen Ballard, 4, Il. "Robinson" Ballard, Thomas's father is living with them, farmer, age 69, born Virginia. Unfortunately Robertson does not give the birthplace of his parents. We have yet to check 1900 census records for more children. Thomas Ballard died in 1911 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. We do not find a tombstone listed for his wife, Almyra. Buried beside Thomas is Mable M. Ballard, wife of G. A. Ballard, 1881-1907. We speculate this was the wife of his son Glen, though we do not find a marriage record before 1900 for him.

Charles and Jennie Ives Ballard

Son Charles H. Ballard married Jennie Ives, daughter of Gideon and Rachel Drury [link above] Ives, on 5/25/1880. They are found in the 1880 Census in New Boston: Charly Ballard, bookkeeper, age 26, born Va; Jenni Ballard, 22, born Illinois. Charly was no doubt working for Gideon Ives as bookkeeper.

In 1881 Gideon Ives formed a partnership with Frank Ives, his son, and Charles H. Ballard, his son-in-law, styled as Ives, Ballard, and Company. Charles H. Ballard died May 6, 1889 age 30 yr 2m and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. We do not find a burial record for Jennie Ives. We have yet to check for children of this marriage. Alicia Ives has a Web Page up on the Ives family and there is a link on the surname page to it.