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Anderson Families of New Boston and Eliza Townships

Alternate Spellings - Anderson, Andersen

Links - Johnson, James Willits, Isaac Willits, Wilson, Kile, Burleigh

Contacts - Lynn Kirkpatrick has helped us with the John Adolf Anderson family. Scott Anderson helped with the Milton Anderson family. Millie Champeau furnished a photo of Celeste Willits Anderson (wife of William A. Anderson) (Photo) and has helped immeasurably with information on the family. Jan Ramos furnished a photo including George V. Anderson (son of Anders and Augusta Anderson) which is linked on the Burleigh page.

There were many, many Anderson families in Mercer County in the 19th century. To give you an idea there are references to 84 Charles Andersons, 28 Isaac Andersons, 6 Milton Andersons, and 119 Andrew Andersons to name just a few. If you have questions, email Nadine on the About Us Page).

Anders (Andrew) P. and Augusta Anderson

Anders Anderson is given as Andrew in the 1860 census and as Anders in the 1870 census in New Boston Township. 1860: Andrew P. Anderson, 29, laborer, born Sweden; Gusta, 28, born Sweden; George V. Anderson, 2, born Illinois.

By 1870 Anders Anderson is a wagon maker in New Boston City and has two other wagon makers working for him: Anders P. Anderson, 35, wagon maker, born Sweden; Augusta Anderson, 34, Sweden; George V. Anderson, 13, Illinois; John Soderstrand, 26, wagon maker, Sweden; Frederick Susans, 26, wagon maker, Prussia; Anna Tylfor, 22, housekeeper, Sweden.

By 1880 Anders Anderson was operating a lumberyard in New Boston. His is a great success story. 1880: Anders Anderson, 50, born Sweden, parents born Sweden, keeps lumberyard; Augusta Anderson, 49, born Sweden, parents born Sweden; George V. Anderson, son, 21, born Il, works in lumberyard. Notice the variations in age in the census records which is not unusual because it is unknown who actually gave the information; since the ages in 1860 and 1880 most closely agree they are probably nearly correct.

There is also a record in New Boston in 1880: Carl Carlstrom, wood dealer, 35, born Sweden, parents born Sweden; Clara Carlstrom, wife, 37, SWE,SWE,SWE; Effie Carlstrom, dau, 9, Il; Ida Carlstrom, 6, Il; Oscar, 1, Il. With them is an Andrew Anderson, chopping wood, age 28, born Sweden, parents born Sweden. We wonder if this Andrew Anderson is related to Anders Anderson, such as another son, and if the Carlstroms are related?

On 5/9/1884, son George V. Anderson married Irene Burleigh Willits, widow of Walter D. Willits, son of William and Chariah Drury Willits. Irene was daughter of James and Emily Spry Burleigh. In 1880 Irene was already widowed and was teaching school to support her widowed mother and her two daughters: Ada Blanche, and Zella Vic Willits (for details and a photo see the Burleigh page). At some point George and Irene moved to Harvey, Cook County, Illinois, where in 1900 George owned a home free and clear at 15534 Lexington Street. He was working as a bookkeeper. George and Irene had no children together but remained close to Irene's daughter as Zella and husband Edwin Gamble lived at 15414 Lexington in Harvey, Illinois in 1900. Both George and Irene died in 1936 in Harvey and are buried at Hazelwood Cemetery, Thornton Township, Cook County.

John Adolf and Minnie Carolina Johnson Anderson

Lynn Kirkpatrick would very much appreciate help on this family. If you can help email Nadine Holder at the email given at the beginning of the page and we will try to contact Lynn.

This family came late to Eliza Township and are found there in the 1900 census: #130 John Anderson, born July 1862, age 37, immigrated 1882, farmer, born Sweden, parents born Sweden, married 9 years; Minnie, Sept 1868, 31, 5 children born, 4 living, immigrated 1888; Herbert, Feb 1892, 8; Mable Oct 1893, 6; Harrie, Oct 1897, 2; (unnamed female) April 1900, 1/12. We would guess the child not living was born about 1895 and as we go through Anderson cemetery records we will be on the lookout for one. The unnamed female was Lillian.

Lynn tells us that John Adolf Anderson and Minnie Johnson were married in Moline Illinois and this is born out in the Illinois marriage index where they obtained a license on 3/12/1891 in Rock Island County. To help in identifying the family we will include information from records beyond the scope of this Web Site (which is 1800-1900).

John Adolf and Minnie Caroline are buried in Aledo Cemetery next to two brothers of Minnie: Carl A. Johnson 1871-1942; Alfred Johnson 1866-1949; Minnie C. Anderson 1868-1949; John A. Anderson 1862-1907. Minnie was living with the two brothers in the 1920 census verifying the relationship. The exact dates of death for Carl, Alfred, and Minnie are found in the Illinois Death Index.

Lynn tells us that John and Minnie had children: Herbert, Mabel, John Harry; Lillian, Ella, and Martha. In the 1920 census Ella and Martha are living with Minnie and her two Johnson brothers so the list of children appears correct. Son Herbert Anderson is listed as nephew with another brother of Minnie's in 1920 in Perryton Township: Earl J. A. Johnson, 61, and wife Telede M. Johnson, 59.

In 1930 Minnie is living with a widowed Olof Johnson in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are not certain this is the correct Minnie, but her age and number of years married match this Minnie. Her son John Harry is married and living in Sheridan, Wyoming. Daughter Lillian is married to Dwayne Lundgren and living in North Henderson Township in Mercer County. Daughter Martha is a school teacher in North Henderson Township and living with Dwayne and Lillian.

William A. and Milton Anderson

From the World Family Tree Project of Wendy Anderson (not found now) we learned that the parents of William and Milton Anderson were William and Jane Evans Anderson. And we do find a marriage for William Anderson and Jane Evans on 6/23/1833 in Franklin County, Indiana. Jane Anderson is found in Laurel, Franklin County, Indiana in 1850 living with a John Duwees family: Jane Anderson, 39, born In; Milton, 13, born In; Mary N., born In. William, Jr. was old enough to be working out or may have gone somewhere with this father. William and Milton Anderson were together in New Boston in the 1870 census and were both dealers in tinware, hence the assumption that they were brothers.

William A. and Celeste Willits Anderson

William A. Anderson was born about 1834 in Indiana. He married Celeste Willits, daughter of Thomas and Catharine Willits, on 9/14/1859 in Mercer County. The History of Mercer County, 1882 tells us that William and Celeste were "of Chicago."

The newlyweds are found in New Boston in 1860: #1912 William A. Anderson, 24, tinner, born Indiana; Celeste, 21, Il.

William and Celeste are found in the 1870 census in New Boston City and brother Milton has joined them: #151 William Anderson, 35, dealer in tinware, born Indiana; Celeste, 31, born Il; Tom W., 9, born Il; Kate, 5, born Il; Flo, 3, Il; Milton Anderson, 33, dealer in stove and tinware, In; Elizabeth Miller, 48, housekeeper, In; Carrie Anderson, 21, Sweden. (Carrie Anderson shows no occupation and might be a relative of William, though born Sweden and Anderson a common name in Mercer County, not likely) William and Celeste had another daughter Maude , born 1861, died 2/13/1861, and buried in New Boston Cemetery. Her tombstone inscription is "Little Gem Maude, 1 month, infant daughter W. A. and C. A. Anderson." Millie Champeau tells us there was another daughter Lelia born 1863 and died Nov 11, 1869.

William and Celeste are given as "of Chicago" in the 1882 History and they are living in Chicago in the 1880 census: William Anderson, 42, tinner, born Il, parents born Ireland; Selest, wife, 39, born In, parents born Ireland; Tom, son, 19, Il, tinner, Floe, daughter, 12, at school, Il; Sarah Shults, boarder, 29, In; Viola Willets, boarder, 18, Il; Freddie Frederica, 17, boarder, born Il. Though this record has some obvious problems it seems to be the same family and ties in with the History stating they had gone to Chicago. The parents born Ireland for the two of them is definitely an error and probably resulted from others at the same address (which appeared to be some sort of boarding house) having parents born Ireland and the census taker simply carrying down the information. There may be another error as Freddie Frederica is probably Frederica Willits, a niece of Celeste's who married in Cook County in 1888. Viola may be another niece, daughter of Celeste's brother Leroy Willits.

In 1910 son Thomas Anderson is living at 3022 Princeton Avenue Family #111 (several families at that address so may have been an apartment building?) 4thWard, Chicago, Cook County: Thomas W. Anderson, 48, married 21 yrs born Il, father In, mother Il, soderer[solderer] in a canning factory; Georgina, 48, m. 21 yr 1 child born, 1 liv, born NY, parents born NJ; Leila, 20, born Il, machine operator canning factory; Celeste, mother-in-law, 70 widow, 1 born, 1 living, Il, parents born Ohio. The Illinois marriage index shows a license for Thomas Anderson and Georgie Peeney on 5/5/1887 in Cook County. We know from this census record that William Anderson had died before 1910.

Scott Anderson located Milton Anderson in Laurel, Franklin County, Indiana in 1850 with his mother Jane Anderson and sister Mary. William is not with them nor is he found in Franklin County. Jane Evans married William Anderson on 6/23/1833 in Franklin County and Wendy Anderson's World Family Tree (linked above) includes their 1840 census record which seems to verify the whole family. Scott tells us that Milton's pension papers verify the Franklin County, Indiana birthplace.

Milly Champeau's mother has a vivid recollection that Thomas Anderson was a high wire performer for the Barnum and Bailey circus and that Georgia Peeney Anderson was in charge of costumes for the circus. We have checked Barnum and Bailey related web sites but information on performers is sparse so we are unable to verify the information though the time frame seems appropriate. If anyone has information or a source of information please email Nadine (email at top of page). It would be fascinating to find a poster showing Thomas as a performer for Milly!

In 1920 son Thomas Anderson is living with daughter Leila and her family in the 4th Ward ED#197 Chicago, Cook County: Henry Fayer [Foyer], 28, Il, parents born Sweden, packer, Western Electric; Lelia, 29, born Il, father Il, mother NY; Thomas, 3 10/12, Il; May Ruth, 1 7/12, Il; Thomas Anderson, father-in-law, 52, Il, elevator operator, warehouse; Georgia, mother-in-law, 50, NY. We know from this record that Celeste probably died before 1920. We do not usually take records into the 1900s but Andersons are difficult to research and this should help. In 1930 Leila and Henry Fayer owned a home at 3243 Normal Avenue and had three children: Thomas, Ruth, and Florence. Since Thomas and Georgia are no longer with them we assume they were deceased by 1930 since they are not found elsewhere in the census records.

Milton and Lucy Kile Anderson

Milton Anderson married Lucinda Kile, daughter of Archibald and Lucinda Wickheiser Kile on 7/2/1875 in Mercer County. They are found in Keithsburg in Mercer County in 1880: Milton Anderson, 40, tinsmith, born In, father born Oh, mother born In; Lucy Anderson, 21, born Il; parents born Oh; Louis Anderson, son, 4, Il; Fay Anderson, daughter (actually a son), 2, Il; Ethel Anderson, daughter, 1, Il. Fay Anderson died Sept 30, 1882, age 5 yr 12 dy and he is listed as a son on his tombstone in Greenmound Cemetery. With him is another son Boyd Anderson born about 1881 and died 3/19/1884.

Scott Anderson tells us of another son Earl George Anderson, born 10/22/1884, who is his ancestor. Scott tells us that Earl George Anderson married Rose Warner on 5 August 1907. They are found in the 1910 census in Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska: #239 H Street Earl Anderson, 25, married two years, born Il, parents born Illinois, cook in restaurant; Rosa, 21, born Mi, father born NY, mother born In; Gernell, 2, born Nebraska. In 1920 Earl was a widower living at 247 W. Washington Street in Platte, Dodge County, Nebraska. He was working as 1st chef for a restaurant (the name of the restaurant is unreadable but Scott tells us it was Brunswick). Earl is given as 35, born Il, father born In and mother born Il. With him are a daughter Gernell L., age 11 5/12, Ne, father, Il, mother Michigan; Ivan M., son, 3 5/12, born Michigan, father Il, mother Michigan; Tusconia Nichols, aunt, 63, widow, housekeeper for nephew, born Il, parents born Ohio. Scott tells us the aunt is probably Lucenia, Lucinda's sister, who married first to George Searle and next to a Nichols.

In 1930 Earl G. Anderson owns a home in Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska, value $2000, and he is working as a cook in a restaurant. He is 44, first married at age 22, born Il, parents born US; wife Florence, 29, married first at age 19, born Iowa, father Iowa, mother Minnesota; Ivan M., 13, Mich, father Il, mother Mich; Verlin, 9, Ne, father Il, mother Ia; Katherine, 7, Ne; David, 5, Ne; R. Robert 3 6/12, Ne; Norma, 7/12, Ne. Scott tells us Earl married second to Florence Matilda Wilson. We have not usually followed families into the 1900's on these pages but the Andersons are difficult because of the proliferation of the name and perhaps the additional data will help researchers.

Scott Anderson also tells us of another son for Milton and Lucy: Benjamin Harrison Anderson b. 2 July 1888. We have nothing further on him other than Scott's notation that he died in Long Beach, California in 1957. Scott also tells us that Milton Anderson and Lucy Kile had one more daughter, Alice Edna Anderson b. 4 Dec 1882, d. 21 Jun 1938. He has no more data on her. Also see comments on the parentage of Milton Anderson given under William and Celeste Anderson above.