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Alternate Spellings - Albee, Allbee, Alby

Links - Strickland (Maine Families), Blaisdell, Fuller, Hersom (temp Maine Families), O'Dell (see Culick), Halstead, Mercer County Almshouse

Contacts - Judy Stenerson, a descendant of Vernon Allbee, has helped us a great deal with these families. She sent us a curiosity received from relatives - a Coat of Arms for the Allbee family. Larry McNeal is a descendant of David Allbee and has information and photos posted at Findagrave Duncan Cemetery. We have heard from Jeff Blakely who is doing a study of Mercer County people who migrated to Freemont County, Iowa in the 1870's. His study includes Gustavus and Mary Clark Albee. He also sent us obituaries for Otis and Lydia Allbee and gave permission to send them to the Mercer County Rootsweb Board for posting (Watch for them there.)

Photo courtesy Larry McNeal and Judy Stenerson - Leech Cemetery - Eliza Township (Also see photo on Cemeteries Page.)

James and Jane Strickland Albee

James and Jane Strickland Albee are first found in Mercer County in 1860 in Millersburg Township: #2575 James Albee, 59, laborer, born Maine; Jane Albee, 46, born Maine; Otis Albee, 14, born Maine; Sarah, 10, Maine; Vernon, 6, Maine; David, 4, Maine. (Actually Vernon and David were born Illinois.) Judy tells us that Albee/Albee researchers have a marriage date of January 2, 1831 for James and Jane so there were probably older children. We know of some of them but perhaps not all. James Allbee died Dec. 25, 1871. Notice discrepancy between his age on the tombstone and census information.

Sarah Alby

There is a Sarah A. Alby, age 51, admitted to the Mercer County Almshouse in 1869. She would have been born about 1818. We do not know her identity, or if she is related to James Allbee. She is not there in the 1880 census but according to the History of Mercer County [1882] she is listed as Sarah Albee, admitted to the Almshouse, August 15, 1869. We have a copy of the original Almshouse Register but her record is not very readable. She was the 12th person listed in the register; her health is listed as good, habits temperate (non-drinker), read and write, no. We will try to recheck the record on the original microfilm for any other information. It is not readily apparent why she was there.

Children of James and Jane Strickland Allbee

These are the known children and the information we have as evidence (not necessarily proof!) that they are children of James and Jane.

Elias H. Albee, age 28, born Maine is found in Hamlet in 1860 in Mercer County and James Albee was living with him in 1870, thus seeming to prove the relationship.
[Mary] Jane Albee married Augustus M. Herson [Hersom] on 4/16/1852. They are living next to James Albee in 1860.
Salome Albee married Joseph Fuller 11/5/1857 in Mercer County. Her children are with Jane Alley [Albee] in 1880. Jane is listed as their grandmother.
Gustavus Albee married Mary E. Clark 3/1/1868. Gustavas was living with probable brother Elias H. Alby in 1860 and working as a laborer.
Otis Albee With James and Jane in the 1860 census
Sarah Albee With James and Jane in the 1860 census
Vernon Albee With James and Jane in the 1860 census
David Albee With James and Jane in the 1860 census

All the above children were born in Maine according to the 1860 census. However, according to later censuses, Vernon and David were born in Illinois. We believe the Illinois birthplace is correct because of Mary Jane's marriage in 1852 in Mercer County, indicating the family was in Mercer County by that date. More on the family of each below.

Elias H. Albee Family

Elias Albee and family are found in Hamlet in the 1860 census: #2366 Elias H. Alby, farmer, 28, born Maine; Sarah A. Alby, 27, born Il; Letha Alby, 6, born Mo; Mary O. Alby, 4, Il; Frederick Alby, 1, Il; Gustavus Alby, 18, laborer, born Maine. Elias H. Albee married Mrs. Sarah A. Crump on 8/19/1856 in Mercer County. Letha, the oldest child, is then actually Letha Crump, daughter of Sarah A. Crump. We do not know the given name of Sarah's first husband.

Elias and family are found in Perryton Township in the 1870 census: #52 Elias H. Alby, 39, farmer, born Maine; Sarah A. Alby, 40, born Mo; Aletha A. Alby [Crump], 15, born Mo; Mary A. Alby, 13, Il; Thomas [Frederick] Alby, 11, Il; William W. Alby, 9, Il; John Alby, 6, Il; Josephine Alby, 4, Il; Sarah E. Alby, 1, Il. With them is father James Alby, 68, farmer, born Maine. It is not known where mother Jane was in 1870.

Stepdaughter Aletha A. Crump married Erastus Babbitt on 8/23/1874 in Mercer County. They are found in Perryton in 1880: Erastus Babbitt, farmer, 26, born Il; A. Letha Babbitt, wife, 25, born Mo, parents born Mo; Thomas Babbitt, 2, born Il.

Elias and family are found in Perryton in 1880: H. Elias Allbee, farmer, 50, born Me, parents born Me; A. Sarah Allbee, wife, 50, born Mo, father born Kentucky, mother born North Carolina; [William] Walker Allbee, farm laborer, 19, born Il; John Allbee, farm laborer, 15, Il; Josephine Allbee, 14, Il; Sarah Allbee, at school, 11, Il. There is a Fred Albee working as a farm laborer for a Miller family in Perryton Township in 1880. We are not sure this is Elias's son, Thomas Frederick, as he is age 23, born Il, and gives parents born Tennessee.

Daughter Mary A. Allbee is likely married by 1880 but we do not find a record in Illinois or in Iowa.

Mary Jane Allbee Hersom Family

Mary Jane Albee was born November 1838 in Maine (1900 census - Poweshiek Co, Iowa). She married Augustus Madison Hersom on 4/16/1852 in Mercer County, Illinois. He was born March 1827 in Maine. Judy Stenerson tells us that Augustus Madison Hersom was born 3/22/1829 in Lebanon Maine (our date is from the 1900 census). He died 11/21/1904 in Searsboro, Iowa. He was the son of Samuel and Margaret [Blaisdell] Hersom. James Albee signed for Mary Jane to marry when she was not quite 14.

Augustus and Mary are in Mercer County in the 1860 census next door to the James Allbee family: #2574 Augustus Hersom, 30, laborer, born Me; Mary Hersom, 21, Me; Sabrina, 4, Il; Emily, 3, Il. Augustus and Mary are in Duncan Township in 1870: #123 A. M. Hersom, 40, farmer, born Me; Mary, 32, Me; Sabina, 14, Il; Emily I., 12, Il; Amanda E., 9, Il; Diana, 8, Il; Elsey, 5, Il; Sanford, 3, Il; Unnamed infant son, 1, Il; David H. Albee, 14, farm laborer, Il. By 1880 Augustus and Mary had moved to Sugar Creek in Poweshiek County, Iowa, where they are found in the census: Augustus Hersom, farm laborer, 50, born Maine, parents born Maine; Mary J. Hersome, 41, born Maine, parents born Maine; Amanda J. Hersome, 19, Il; Diana Hersome, 17, Il; Ida Elsie Hersome, 15, Il; Richard L. Hersome, 10, Il.

Salome Allbee Fuller Family

Salome Allbee was born about 1840 in Maine and died 5/19/1880 in Mercer County, Illinois. She married widower Joseph Fuller on 11/5/1857 in Mercer County. He was born 6/16/1818 in Maine and died 8/20/1879 in Mercer County. He was son of Joseph and Dorcas Blaisdell Fuller.

Joseph and Salome are found as a blended family in the 1860 census in Eliza Township: #2696 Joseph Fuller, 35, farmer, born Maine; Saline [Salome], 20, born Maine; Israel Fuller, 10, born Pa; Walter Fuller, 1, Il; Cordelius Fuller, laborer, 18, born Me; Almeda Fuller, 7, born Il. Assuming the census taker followed rules when listing the family (a pretty big assumption!) Israel is probably a son of Joseph by a prior marriage and Cordelius and Almeda are probably other relatives. Salome, at age 17, had taken on quite a task in caring for a ready made family.

In 1870 Joseph and Salome are living next door to Joseph's widowed sister, Olive Pomery, and his mother, Dorcas Fuller in Eliza Township: #31 Joseph Fuller, 51, farmer, born Me; Salome, 28, born Maine; Walter Fuller, 11, Il; John Fuller, 8, Il.

By the 1880 census, both Salome and Joseph Fuller were deceased. Son Walter Fuller is listed as head of household in New Boston. With him is his brother John, his grandmother Jane Alley (Allbee) and a cousin Mary Fuller: Walter S. Fuller, farmer, 21, born Il, parents born Maine; John B. Fuller, brother, working on farm, 19, Il, parents born Maine; Jane Alley, keeping house, 66, born Maine, parents born Maine; Mary E. Fuller, Cousin, 14, born Il; father born Il, mother born NY. It is Jane being listed as grandmother that proves the relationship of Salome as a daughter of James and Jane. Walter Fuller is also censused as working for Richard Shields in 1880.

Son Walter Fuller entered the Mercer County Almshouse (above under Links) on March 16th 1882 in bad health and with bad habits. The index that is linked on the Almshouse page lists the date as 1892 but we have a copy of the original records and the date was actually 1882. He was soon discharged but later lived there for about 33 years.

Walter Fuller married Esther Emily Halstead, daughter of Levi and Anna M. Halstead in Mercer County on 2/17/1889. Emily was working as a dressmaker in 1880 in Mercer County. Walter and Emily had one child, Bessie Margaret, born about 1891. We will not include records beyond 1900 because of the scope of this web site but suffice it to say that Emily lived with her daughter and family and was censused as widowed, while Walter listed himself as divorced in the later Almshouse records. His obituary was posted by Marna Wilson and tells us he died April 18, 1925 at the Almshouse and was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Gustavus Allbee Family

Gustavus Allbee was born about 1842 in Maine. In 1860 he is in the household of brother Elias Allbee as a laborer, age 18, born Maine. He married Mary E. Clark on 3/2/1868 in Mercer County. Mary E. Clark was daughter of Caleb and Clarissa Moore Clark who are found in 1860 in Edgington, Rock Island County, just north of Mercer: #629 Caleb M. Clark, 46, farmer, born S Car; Clarissa, 33(wrong) born Ohio; David G, 22, farm laborer, born Mich; Mary E., 13, Mich; John, 10, Mich; and Eldridge, 3, Il. Caleb Clark had married Clarissa Moore 25 June 1837 in Berrien County, Michigan. Clarissa Moore was daughter of David and Mary Moore of Virginia.

Gustavus and Mary are not in Mercer County in 1870 but are found in Riverside, Fremont County, Iowa in 1880: Gustavus W. Allbee, farmer, 39, born NY, parents born MO; Mary E. Allbee, 32, born Michigan, father NC, mother Oh; John Allbee, 11, born Il; Cynthia Allbee, 10, Il; Clarisa Allbee, 8, Il; Laura Allbee, 7, Il; Allen, 4, Il; Jennie, 1, Missouri. Jeff Blakely tells us they moved on to Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa, as did brother Otis below. They moved to Superior, Nuckolls County, Nebraska, around 1900 and both Gustavus and Mary are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Superior, Nebraska.

Otis Allbee Family

Otis Allbee was born May 21, 1846 in Portland, Maine. He served in the Civil War, enlisting at Eliza in Mercer County January 30, 1864, in Company K, 102nd Infantry. He was mustered in on February 1, 1864 and was discharged March 29, 1865 with wounds. A letter was published in the Aledo Weekly Record on June 7, 1864 telling of the desperate battle at Resaca, Georgia and with a list of those killed and wounded. Under Company K, Otis Alby is listed as "leg broken." According to descendants Otis was taken to a nearby house and his leg was amputated. Photo of the house and sign about the house (taken by Lisa Platt, gr-gr-granddaughter of Otis). Otis is listed in the 1914 Past and Present of Mercer County as receiving an $18 pension in 1884 in New Boston Township.

Otis returned safely to Mercer County and on June 9, 1875 he married Lydia Babbitt in Rock Island County, just north of Mercer County. They are found in Andalusia, Rock Island County in the 1880 census with two children: James E. Albee, born about 1877 and Lizzie Albee, born about 1879. By 1900 they had moved to Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa: #486 Otis S. Allbee, born May 1845, age 55, retired farmer, born Maine, parents born Maine, married 25 years; Lydia, Nov 1854, 45, 5 children born, 4 living, Il, Oh, Me; Lizzie J, daughter, Aug 1878, Il; Benjamin F, Nov 1880, Il; William, March 1883, Il; Earl, May 1889, Il. Son James had died at the age of 18.

Otis died and is buried in Eldora Cemetery, Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa (photo of tombstone taken by Lisa Platt). Lydia died in Omaha, Nebraska, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Roy, May 3, 1928, and her body was returned for burial to Mills County, Iowa.

With the additional information sent by Jeffrey Blakely we were able to learn more about Lydia Babbit Allbee. She was the daughter of Joseph and Lydia Harson Babbitt who lived in Rock Island County. Lydia's mother died when she was 5 and Joseph remarried to a woman named Margaret (probably Westlake). Joseph Babbitt's father was Erastus Babbitt and his mother was also a Lydia. They were living in Rock Island in 1850 where Erastus was a carpenter and young Joseph was a blacksmith. Lydia Babbit Albee's brother, Franklin Horace Babbit, was a furniture dealer in New Boston City in 1900.

Sarah Allbee Fuller Family

Sarah Allbee was born about 1850 in Maine and died before 1872 in Mercer County. She married Harrison P. Fuller on 3/15/1867 in Mercer County, Illinois. Harrison was son of Albion and Sevilla Bean Fuller.

Harrison was first cousin, once removed, of Joseph Fuller who married Sarah's sister Salome. Harrison Fuller had served in Co G of the 124th Infantry during the Civil War and married Sarah just after. They apparently had one child, Mary E. Fuller, born about 1867. We do not find Mary in Mercer in 1870 and she was probably living in Rock Island County.

Sarah probably died in childbirth with either Mary or the next child, as Harrison Fuller married Sophia Ellen Tuttle on 5/24/1872 in Rock Island County. Probable daughter Mary E. Fuller is living with Jane Allbee and orphans Walter and John Fuller in 1880 and is listed as a cousin. Harrison Fuller had several children with his second wife so Mary had several half brothers and sisters.

Vernon Allbee Family

Vernon Albee was born about 1854 in Maine and died about 1921 in Newton, Iowa. We understand from Judy Stenerson that his tombstone gives 1851 as his birthdate. Vernon was in Mercer County working for Isaac LaRue in 1870. He married Jeanette Hooker 9/7/1877 in Rock Island County, Illinois. Judy lists children as Gertrude, Etta, Charles Vernon (born 7/1888), Arthur, Ben, Kathryn, Sadie, and Carrie (died age 3), and another infant who died.

David Henry Allbee Family

Larry McNeal has posted a photo and biography of David Henry Allbee on Findagrave Duncan Cemetery. David H. Allbee married Rachel O'Dell, daughter of Elisha Jordan and Hannah Williams O'Dell, on 11/19/1887 in Mercer County. There is a link to a web site with a great deal of information on Elisha Jordan O'Dell on our Culick page. Both David and Rachel died before 1900 and are buried in the Duncan Cemetery. They had two daughters, Lela Arta Allbee and Jesse Pearl Allbee who were raised by relatives. Lela is found with Rev. Elisha Odell in the 1900 census.

7/29/2007 Added additional information on the Gustavus and Mary Clark Albee family.
9/2/2007 Added more information on Otis and Lydia Babbit Albee.