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What Love Means To Me

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What Love Means To Me


To smell, to taste, to see, to hear,

And to feel, are all senses we share,

Just like our love

These are gifts giving to us

From far up above


For love, it is a feeling hard to explain,

But not so hard to share or to show


Some say it is not real, for they are not sincere

Or truly do not know the meaning of love

Some say it is only a fantasy,

For they will never know what true love really is

And for some, they say, love is just a word

I believe and know love is more then just this


I believe love holds true value and meaning

And for that I believe, Love is,

An emotion that only ones heart can see,

A passion when held in ones arms,

The warmth of ones kiss that is not missed,

The beating of two hearts in a melody

To me, all this is what love means


Hearing the words of, I love you,

Are far to often misused

And the words, I love you, being misused,

Is like your heart is being abused


For if you believe in love, you will have

No doubt for someone you care about


Love too, works in many special ways

For if you have patience for someone

You care about; things will work its self out

And if you push or test your patience with love,

Then, there is no love that was met to be


Now, as I leave you with this to think about,

I only pray, you will figure out,

What true love means and what is met to be

Then feel it with another, whom you love


2001 by Michelle Korgis-Fitzpatrick