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Chapter VI – The Lowthorp Family leave New Bern

Francis Lowthorp Jr. married Delaney Braswell in March 22, 1803 and they had 7 children and they are, Mary b: 1804; Jane Lowthorp b: 1806; Matilda b: 1806 (twins); Churchwell Lowthorp b: 1810; Joseph Irvin Lowthorp b: January 10, 1812; Bryant Whitfield Lowthorp b: 1814: Burwell S. Lowthorp b: 1820.

When Francis Jr. married Delaney Braswell of Johnston County in 1803 and they were listed in the 1810 census living in Johnston County. Francis Jr. and family left there and moved to Anson County. There he was listed in the 1820 census as “Norton” F. Lowthorpe, also noted in the census is five children and his wife and  two other white persons, female living in the home. At this time it not known who the two other females were in his household. They could have been Francis’ stepmother and half-sister, Catherine and Sarah (Sally) Lowthorp.

An article was found in the Norfolk Herald Newspaper of 1802. If this is our Francis Lowthorp Jr. then it appears that he was enlisted as a private soldier in the Merchant Marines Regiment of Artillery and Engineers and then deserted from Fort Norfolk in January 19, 1802. He is described as being about 5’ 5” tall, 27 years old and moves with a undulated body motion when he walks. He was born in New Bern, N.C. and has brown hair, gray eyes. He has a formal speech and affected manners of a gentleman.

 Francis Lowthorp Jr. and his wife, Delaney Braswell moved to Anson County and was listed in the 1820 census, Francis’ name appears as “Norton F. Lowthorp”. They had 7 children, three girls and four boys. Mary Lowthorp, born in 1804. The twins girls, Jane Lowthorp and Matilda Lowthorp, born in 1806; Churchwell Lowthorp, born in 1810; Joseph Irvin Lowthorp, born in 1812; Bryant W. Lowthorp, born in 1814; Burwell S. Lowthorp, born in 1820. The 1840’s census listed two children in the household as being over 10 years of age and under fifteen years of age.  Most likely these were their grandchildren. The census of 1820, when Francis Jr. was about 46 years of age and Delaney was about 39 years old, they had four boys and 2 girls listed. Mary by then had already married and is listed in the Census with her husband Randall Threadgill. Still at home were Jane and Matilda, age 14 yrs. Old (twins).

Four boys were Churchwell, age 11; Joseph age, 8; Bryant age, 6 and Burwell, age less than six months old. There were also listed as being two other persons in the household. These could have been other family or just domestic help or farm labor. In the 1830 census there were five boys and Francis Jr. and Delaney listed in the household. The four listed before, two were under 20 yrs.; two under 15 yrs. and one under five years of age. Francis Jr. was about 56 years old then and Delaney was about 49 years old. The girls were married and starting their families. Mary and Randall Threadgill had one boy and four girls of their own. Jane married, Thomas Griffin Curlee about 1829. Their first born in 1830 was Mary Jane Curlee. Matilda was married to Thomas R. Griffin, they had 6 children.

Francis Lowthorp Jr., in the 1840 census there were two children listed as being over 10 yrs. and under 15. This could have been maybe grandchildren of Francis Jr. who was about 66 years old then and Delaney was about 59 years old. Francis Jr. must have died sometime later in that following decade because I found no other reference to him or his wife in later census records.

Churchwell Lowthorp born in 1810 in Johnston Co., he grew up in the western part of Anson Co., which later became Union Co. by the time of the 1850’s census. He married Nancy (Allen ?), last name unknown. When the 1840 census was taken Churchwell is shown to have two children along with his wife and they were living in Anson Co. He would have been about 29 years old and his wife Nancy is shown to be between 16 and 20 years of age.

By the 1850 census, which was not taken in Union County until November 15, 1850, they were listed individually by name and age. Churchwell is 39 years old and Nancy is 28 years old. Their children are Thomas B. age 12; Louisa E. age 10; Sarah M. age 5; and James F. age 7/12 years old.

The 1860 census listed another person as Churchwell’s wife. Her name was Lucy (Allen ?), age 55. Churchwell was 49 years old by then. It’s not known what happened to Nancy A., she could have died from child birth or other sickness. It has been said that Sarah M. married early in life to escape living with her stepmother, but there is no proof of that except through family tales. She married William Baker on January 8, 1863. They lived in Anson County, N.C., listed in the Slave Schedules for 1860, Churchwell was listed as having three Slaves.

Churchwell must have pasted away sometime after 1860 and before the 1870 census. He was not involved in the administration of his son’s estate in the State of North Carolina, Union County, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, July Term, 1867. Lucy Lowthorp, age 68 is listed in the 1870 census as living in the household of William Allen, age 73 and his wife Nancy age 65, and two young adults it is assumed thy are his son, Robert Allen, age 26 and Margaret, age 21, she was Robert’s wife. I don’t know what the family connection is between William Allen and Lucy Lowthorp unless she was his sister. She was listed as “living at home.” William Allen was the administrator of Thomas B. Lowthorp, killed during the Civil War in 1864.                                                                                                                                                         

There is a difference in the age of Lucy in 1860 census listed as age 55 and this census of 1870 where she was listed as being 68 years of age. Her age should have been 65 years old, but as usual it depends on when the census enumerator came around and what time of the year was the cut off date. Her birthday could have come after the census was taken one decade and before her birthday the other time.

William Allen (63) was a Farmer and with his wife Nancy(55), they had 7 children listed in the 1860 census Anson County. Other persons working for him and living on the farm, were the “Overseer” Wilson Phifer, age 21 and Malachi Adcock, age 50, who was the “Miller” and his son, Malachi jr., age 9.

It is a possibility that Churchwell’s first wife, was “Nancy Allen” and that it is also possible that his second wife was “Lucy Allen”. Of course it is not known for sure, but the possibility is strong in my opinion. Another possibility is that the “A.” in Nancy’s name was for “Austin”, which is another Family name that appears in the Lowthorp’s Family Tree. Churchwell’s brother, Joseph I. married Elizabeth L. Austin and lived in Anson/ Union County. Than again the “A” could be her middle name of “Anne”?

Thomas B. Lowthorp married Mary Ann Baker in April 8, 1857 and  later joined the confederacy and he was injured in the Washington, D.C. area about 1864, during the Civil War. He was shot in the knee and later they had to remove his leg and he died from that operation. His death was reported as being on July 13, 1864. So far the only children found was Bennett F. Lowthorp, who was born in 1858  William F. born 1859 and Nancy Jane Lowthorp was born in 1863 and James T. Lowthorp, born about Sept., 1964. Mary was found living in Tennessee in 1870 under the name of “Sharp” with her children Bennett, Nancy Jane, and James Thomas. Also, living with them was her brother in law, James Francis Lowthorp. William Baker married Sarah Minerva Lowthorp; they had 7 children and later moved to Tennessee after The Civil War and died in 1920's.                                                                                                  


Thomas Beamon Lowthorp, (Sarah Minerva's brother) He died in Washington DC in Federal Hospital from wounds received in action near Washington ~1864, had three sons and a daughter. The oldest son Bennett moved to Tennessee with William and Sarah Baker and later to East Texas; via Lee Co., MS., where his descendents are today.                                                                                                                          


J. T. LOWTHORP who may be JAMES THOMAS LOWTHORP married DELIA HOLDER in Tupelo, Lee Co., Ms. in 1887 and at some point after 1900 migrated to Grand Saline, Texas and may have died in Texas. In his marriage license applications is an affidavit that certifies that he is of the age of 21 years and legally free to marry. Delia died in 1959 and was buried in Tupelo, Lee Co., Ms.

Louisa E. married Henry Sinclair Traywick in Aug. 1, 1854 and he is thought to be of kin to the country singer Randy Travis. She was only about fourteen years of age when they got married. She was recorded in the 1850 census as being only 10 years old

Martha Lowthorp married Thomas R. Griffin about 1828 and as of the 1850 census of Anson Co. their children were; Eliza A., Adeline, Elizabeth, James F., Martha A. and Lavinia Griffin.                                                   


State of North Carolina, Union County

Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions

July Term, 1867. 

William ALLEN, Administrator of Thomas B. LOTHORP, deceased, vs. Bennett F. LOTHORP and others.  Petition to Subject Real Estate as Assets, It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the defendants Bennett F. LOTHORP and Nancy Jane LOTHORP, reside beyond the limits of this State, it is ordered by the Court that publication be made for six weeks in the North Carolina Argus, a paper published in the town of Wadesboro’, notifying said absent defendants to be and appear at our next Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for the county of Union, at the Court House in Monroe, on the first Monday in October next, then and there to answer the allegation of the aforesaid petition, or judgment pro confesso will be taken and the land ordered to be sold.  Witness, J. E. IRBY, Clerk of our said Court at office, the first Monday in July, A.D., 1867.  J. E. IRBY, Clerk.                                                                     


The Tennessee Lowthorps – These are the descendants of Thomas B. & Mary Ann Baker Lowthorp. Thomas B. and Mary Ann's children were Bennett F., William F., Nancy J. and James Thomas Lowthorp. Their son, Bennett F. Lowthorp married Mary W. and their children were Marcus B. (Mark) who married Minnie Lee.  Ben’s other children are daughters, Ellen, Bennie; Janice and son, William Thomas.  

Sec Blk Row Pos Buried at Sunnylane Cemetery, Del City, Oklahoma.

 2    12         13 LOWTHORP, Minnie Lee:  Jan 27, 1889 Oct 25, 1927  (same grave marker)
 2    12    4     14 LOWTHORP, Marcus B.:   
Aug 28, 1880 Jul 15, 1939  (same grave marker)                                                                                             

Bryant Whitfield Lowthorp married a Miss Lee in 1838 in Union Co. I found this copy of a Will by James Lee that mentioned his granddaughter, Elizabeth W. Lowthorp. She most likely was the wife of Bryant Whitfield Lowthorp.




Anson Co, NC

 I, James Lee Sr. of the County of Anson and State of North Carolina being of Sound mind and memory but considering the  uncertainty of my earthly existence do make and declare this my last  will and testament in manner and form following that is to say       

Item 1st That my executor and executrix (hereafter named) shall provide for my body a decent burial suitable to the wishes of my relations and friends and pay all funeral expenses together with all my just debts howsoever and to whomsoever owing, out of the moneys that may first come into their hands as a part or parcel of my  estate.       

Item 2nd  I give and devise to my beloved wife Mary B. Lee two beds  and furniture her choice, five Negroes (viz.) Orange ,Cherry , Ruth ,Washington  and Harry . Two hundred and fifty acres of land including my dwelling house all the out houses and other improvements, to have and to hold the said negroes and land for and during her natural life and widowhood in satisfaction for and in lieu of her dower and thirds of and in all my real estate, I also give my wife Mary the  following property as above mentioned all my household and kitchen furniture, one sorrel Mare Saddle and bridle, one bay mare, two colts, all of my stock of cattle, cart and steers, all my stock of hogs, ten head of sheep her choice, all my flock of geese, all my farming and plantation tools, Sixty barrels of Corn, Two Thousand weight of pork and bacon, forty bushels of wheat, Seventy five pounds of sugar, and seventy five pounds of Coffee, & Two sacks of salt.      

Item 3rd   I give and devise my Grandchildren Roena, Sarah Ann and John Children of James B. Lee Dec'd the following property Two Hundred and fifty Acres of Land adjoining Uriah Staton, & Richmond Lee, on the west side of the Wadesboro Road, one negro woman & two  children, Hager and her Two children Hubbard and Hampton, to be equally divided when they become of age or either of them marries.       

Item 4th  I give to my Daughter Pheriby Brantly (wife of William Brantly), and her heirs the following Negroes, All of Pat’s children (names not known), and a girl named Jane, her and hers forever.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Item 5th  I give and devise to my son Richmond Lee the tract of land whereto he now resides containing Two Hundred and fifty acres, one Negro boy named Anthony Sr.       

Item 6th  I give an devise my Daughter Annie Thomas (wife of John Thomas) the following negroes, Clarissa, Lucy, and old Green and all heir increase.      

Item 7th  I give and devise my son William M. Lee, The tract of Land I now live on at his Mothers death or Marriage, three Negroes, Marry, Lucinda, and Anthony Jr. one bed and furniture, one colt  called Bet.       

Item 8th  I give and devise my daughter Maniza Davis three Negroes,, Washington Charlotte and Hardy and my smallest Colt called Nancy, and one bed and furniture, Also a tract of Land called the Pond  field containing Two Hundred and fifty acres adjoining Joseph B. Ingram and Richmond Lee on the East side of the Wadesboro Road.       

Item 9th  I give and devise my Granddaughter Elizabeth Williams Lowtharp Fifty Dollars in Money, to her and her lawful heirs  forever.    


Item 10th   I give unto my wife, Mary the following negroes besides the property named in item 2nd (viz) an old negro woman named Ally, one boy named Thomas and one boy named Ralph during her life time or widowhood, and at her death or marriage all the property willed to her to go to my two youngest children William M. Lee and Maniza Davis Lee.      

Item 11th  For and in consideration of the above property I have willed my wife Mary B. Lee, she is to support and educate my two Youngest Children William and Maniza until they become of age or marry, free of all expense.      

Item 12th  I request and will my two negroes Dick and young Green and all other property not willed of to be sold and out of the  proceeds to pay my debts and the articles to be bought for my wife, and the balance to be divided between my five children, Richmond Lee , Pheriby Brantly, , Annie Thomas,, William Lee, and Maniza D. Lee.       

 Lastly- I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend David C. Lily my lawful executor and my wife Mary B. Lee my executrix to all  intents and purposes to execute this my last will and testament  according to the true intent and meaning of the same and every part and clause therof, hereby revoking and declaring utterly void all  other wills and testaments by me heretofore made.      

In Witness Whereof I the said James Lee Sr. do hereunto set my hand and Seal, this 17th day of October 1846.       

 Signed sealed published and declared by the said James Lee Sr. to be his last will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request and in his presence do subscribe our names as witnesses thereto.       

 J. F. Crump      

Uriah  Staton                                                                                                                              James (X) Lee (Seal)      

 State of North Carolina      

 Anson County       

                                                                                                           October 1847                                                                                                     



Bryant W. Lowthorp married Elizabeth W. Lee  in 1838 and their children were John Ed C., Robert C., these first two children were born in North Carolina and the following were listed as being born in Alabama from around 1849; Thomas P., Sarah A., Mary E., Joseph W., Eliza Jane, Frances L., Louanner Lowthorp. They lived in North Carolina until about 1847 and then they moved to Alabama. They were listed in the 1860 census records as living in Pike County, Alabama. Their son, Thomas P. Lowthorp was living in Limestone Co., Alabama in 1870 with his new wife, but by the 1880 census he was listed as living with Bryant and stepmother Francies, his second wife, they lived in Limestone County, Alabama. It appears that Thomas P.’s wife, Cynthia, had died before 1880, because he was listed as a widower in that census year.  

I think Elizabeth probably died giving birth to their last child, Louanner born in 1860. Bryant, married Francies around 1863? After Bryant died in the mid to late 1880’s, Francies, who had by 1900, was remarried to a Mr. Beasley and was living with her stepdaughter Elizabeth and her 3 children in the 1900’s. Later in Arkansas, Francies “Fanny” was living with Elizabeth and her son in 1910 census records. Bryant’s son, Robert C. Lowthorp, during the war served in Hilliard’s Legion of the Alabama Volunteers as a private in Co. E., during the Civil War. His son Ed Lowthorp was located in the 1870 census working in Illinois.  Thomas P. was using the name of "Lathorp" and the family was listed in the 1860 census also by that spelling of the family name.  There is a grave marker in Alabama at the Old Church Section, Oakland Cemetery, Ensley, Jefferson, AL. showing a T.P. Lathrop b: 02 Jun 1849 in Alabama, d: 15 Jun 1900.  The family now goes by "Lathrop" according to a descendant of that family.  Thomas P. Lowthorp/Lathrop remarried around 1882 to Caroline "Cally" McElyea and they had 6 children.  Cally was about 16 years old when they were married.  Their children were Whitfield F., Joseph E., Mamie, Ida May, Mabel L., and Myrtle K. Lowthorp/ Lathrop.   *(Notice that their first child is named after the grandfather and the second child is named after their great uncle Joseph I. Lowthorp)


Daniel Redmond recently contacted me with this information about the family as it turns out he was a descendant by way of Thomas P., Whitfield F., Mary Lucille Lathrop Redmond Allen, Franklin J. Redmond, Daniel L. Redmond.  He had recently made the connect and is trying to verify it. Thomas is found living with Bryant and Elizabeth in the 1860 census (Pike Co, AL), then living with his first wife (didn't know he had another wife) Cythia during the 1870 census (Limestone Co, AL), and then he was living with Bryant and step-mother during 1880 Census. He is listed as a Widower.  He has not been able to locate the Bryant family in the 1850 census, nor has he found any marriage records for Thomas. 3/09-DLR

There was a note written by my Grandmother, Lola B. Lowthorp to Ader Blanche Lowthorp in Arkansas. She writes that Mrs. Sarah Margaret Beam Lowthorpe died Feb. 12 and was buried at Carter’s Church (Abilene Church of Christ) on Feb. 14, 1943. Also lists the names of Grandpa Irvin’s brothers and sisters. They were Whitfield, Burwell (Burl), Churchwell, Jane Curlee and Polly (Mary)Treadgill.  -GAC – 9/06

Burwell S. Lowthorp, married Frances (?????) about 1841 and their children were; Rosean, Ellen, Sarah M., Stacy Jane Lowthorp. Frances was 12 years older than Burwell (Burb) Lowthorp. He enlisted in the Confederate Army February 25, 1862 and served in Company “I” of the 43 rd. Regiment known as “ANSON REGULATORS” It is not known what happened to Frances, she may have died in the late 1870’s. In the 1880 census he was living in Iredell County, Cools Spring Township with a young girl named Nancy High and her child Lorina. She was listed as his Housekeeper, 35 years old. Also a young male, Robert Smith age 9 and bound to Burwell. 


THE LANDMARK - Friday, March 31, 1899  

Monday, April 3rd. 1899

The Following described tract or tracts of land in Cool Spring township,Iredell County:    

"Defendant L.M. Little land or the interest,right and title he had on the 7th.of January,

1895 (the day of docketing these judgments in Iredell County), in a tract or two

adjacent tracts in Iredell County, on the waters of Fifth Creek, adjoining the lands of

J.M. Rickets, Thomas B. Swann, J.L. Abernathy and others, containing eighty three (83)

acres, more or less, known as the land formerly used and occupied by Burwell Lowtharp, and

more recently owned and controlled by Defendant L.M. Little.”

                                                               J.W. WYCOFF,

                                                            Sheriff Iredell Co.

March 8, 1899


The Greensboro Patriot, (Guilford Co, NC), Wednesday, January 21, 1903 - Tar Heel Member of Jesse James' Gang. At his home, in Lanesboro township, Mr. Merrimon LITTLE, after a short illness of pneumonia, died last Saturday [10th]. Mr. LITTLE, who was 76 years of age, was well known in upper Anson and Union Counties. The Messenger-Intelligencer is informed by several reliable parties that Mr. LITTLE was, at one time, a member of the famous Jesse JAMES Gang, the history of which is well known to every one. Just how long he followed the daring James boys, or why he left them, is not known, as Mr. LITTLE, of course, was always reticent in regard to the matter.

LITTLE, Hester C., b:1842 , d-Nov 5, 1925 w/o L. Marmun Little [husbands name was Lorenzo Merriman Little, buried at Edmund Davis Cemetery, Olive Branch. d/o Thomas Griffin Curlee]-Hester E. Curlee - She is buried at the Harmony Community Church Cemetery,  just over the Anson Co. line.  She was the daughter of Thomas Griffin “Grif” Curlee (1808-1877) and wife Jane Lotharp of Union County, NC.                              


Sarah Minerva Lowthorp married Joseph M. Davis about 1866 and they had a son named Burril Andrew age 3 years old, listed in the 1870 census, but only Joseph and Burril were listed, so it is assumed that Sarah probably died earlier due to sickness or childbirth. Joseph had wrote a letter to his in laws and a second letter to his sister in law, Ellen Lowthorp Horn.

In the letters Joseph mentions for them to send any return mail to him in care of D. W. Ross of Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee and Mr. Ross is listed in the 1870 census records as living nearby the Davis Farm. Also, living in the same neighborhood are several other Davis families including his father, Andrew J., along with Hampton, Isaac and Rosean Davis. All were born in North Carolina except for some of the younger children. Rosean, I believe is Sarah’s sister who married Isaac the brother of Joseph M. Davis. Their children’s names are Sarah, Clementine and Frances L. Davis. Notice the names are the same as those used by other members of the Lowthorp Family. In the 1860 census records I found Andrew J. Davis living in Taylorsville, Alexander Co., N.C. with his family including an 18 year old Joseph M. Davis.

 Martin McDaniel Bowers (b:1849/ d:1936). He inherited some land to farm and helped build the first bridges in Anson County. He married Stacy Jane Lowthorp (b:1849/ d:1902). Jane was the daughter of Burwell Lowthorp. Burwell was considered a land king in Anson County. He did most of his business transactions in Union County. Martin and Jane had nine children. They were: Ella Mary Frances married Frank Kiker, Maggie married Bud Carpenter, Ila married Fred Sweatt, Risdo married Bertha Thomas, Fulton married Ann Caudle, Millard married Ellar Faulkner, Tyier married Alice Kelly, James Wiley married Virdie Maness, Joseph Cleveland  married Lu Genor Maness.

Union Co., NC Estate Records, April 1862:
Estate of Wiley Jackson, a report of property sold by executor, J.A. Horne, on Nov 1, 1861 and credit of 6 months. Purchasers at sale: Mary Jackson, widow, William T. Hubbard, Berry Traywick, Patrick Horne, Thos. Lawthorp, Andrew Jackson, I.L. James, A.W. Manes, John M. Davis, G.W. Little, H. Mullis, Alex Phifer, W.W. Duncan, I.M. Jackson, Gaston Jackson, D.L. Hornback, L.M. Little, J.W. Phifer, _.C. Horne (52 acres), P.M. Little (122 acres), Henry Traywick, D.S. Hornback, Isham Carpenter.

Churchwell was listed as a farmer in the 1860 census of Anson County, N.C. and living with him was his new wife Lucy along with his daughter Sarah Minerva, 15 yrs. old and his youngest son James Francis, 10 yrs. old. His wife’s occupation was shown as a spinster and his daughter was shown as a weaver. In the early years as with all families they had to make their own clothing and fabrics used in everyday living.

In the mid 1800's when the country was being settled, this was not nearly as unusual as it would seem today. When a man lost his wife, he had to find a new one. The work that women did on the farm was so essential, that a family could hardly manage without her. So, when a woman died or was killed, her husband needed to search for a new wife quickly. If no one was available where he lived, he may have advertised for a bride from farther away. Sometimes these wives were called mail order brides. .                                   

Sarah Minerva Lowthorp Baker, later married William Baker and began their family in North Carolina, they later moving to Tennessee and then to Alabama, where their off springs are today. Their son, Thomas Wilson was the grandfather of our cousin, Col. Douglas Baker, who lives in the Huntsville, Al. area today. Doug’s father was Elmer Wilson Baker. Doug has been very helpful in gathering some of the information about the Lowthorp Families of Alabama and Tennessee .                                                                            


Chapter VII - The Family of James Francis Lowthorp                                                                                                            

James Francis Lowthorp was born in Nov. 11, 1849, married Ophelia Lafayette Moore on February 5, 1873. He was married twice, his first family settled in Giles Co., Tennessee. The children from his first marriage were, Charles Simpson, Marcus W., Lelia M., V. W., James Wilson; and Myrtle Annie Lowthorp. James Francis Lowthorp married Ophilia Moore on the 5th.February 1873. This was his first family; he had two families the first family lived mostly in Tennessee; Alabama; Mississippi; Texas; Georgia and Arkansas. His second family lived mostly in Durham, N. C. Where he had married Flora Belle May in 1900 and their children lived in N.C.: NYC; D.C. and California area.

James Francis Lowthorp married again without a divorce from his first wife and started another family. Charles Simpson Lowthorp was so bitter that he refused to even have his father’s name spoken in his house. The next several years after their father abandoned them, they nearly starved.

Charles Simpson Lowthorp and his wife Clara’s youngest son was Frank Gorin Lowthorp. Franklin “Frank” Gorin Lowthorp, was married to Jewell and their son James Gorin, married Marianne and their daughter was Dianne Lowthorp Masciovecchio. Jewell Lowthorp, pasted away in February 15, 2005. 

James Gorin Lowthorp and Marianne Theresa Hochstrasser had three children. They were Dianne, Kenneth J., and Shirley Lowthorp. He died in Oct 24, 1986 and is buried in Ft. Benning, GA.

Frank’s second marriage was to Grace L. Hamilton and their son was Mark Bryan Lowthorp. Frank’s third marriage was to Tita Wallace; they were divorced and then remarried. Later, Frank was married to Gladys Lupton; she was his fourth wife, before his death in 1981.

Mark B. Lowthorp born 1948; He is a long distant 18 wheel Truck Driver. I just recently met him and talked with him over the phone. He was visiting a friend in Charlotte, N.C. and wanted to meet me, so I arranged for us to meet in Statesville, N.C. and have lunch together and discuss the family tree. Mark, being a truck driver that travels all over the U.S. has visited many of our “cousins” over the years. He lives in Clinton, AR. 

Mark graduated from High School in 1966 later joined the US Navy and graduated from Boot Camp in San Diego, CA. While in the Navy, he attended a school to learn Diesel engine repair as well as repair of small boilers and gas turbines that are used for power generation on ships. He went to several other schools during his career in the Navy and they are: Machinery Repair class "A" and "C" Schools, Basic Locksmith School, Nuclear Accident Site Safety Supervisor School. Basic and advanced firefighting and aircraft crew rescue Schools. Military Police Basic School including High speed and defensive driving for the patrol police officer.  Military Firearms Safety and Usage School and graduated with a rating of expert. Later after leaving the Navy, He began driving for Marten Transportation and in April 1998 received Honors for 1,000,000 safe miles with Marten Transportation. In May, 2004 received honors for 2,000,000 safe miles with Marten Trans. He was married to Verita “Rita” Easterling for 22 years, until her death in Nov. 1996.

Charles Simpson Lowthorp, b: Nov. 18, 1874; d: Oct. 31, 1957.  He was born in Tennessee, but was married in Arkansas and lived there until his death. Charles married Clara Wylie April 25, 1898. They had five children of which one died in 1910 and another that died sometime prior to the census of 1910. Of the three that lived the oldest was Charles Sandefur, b: Feb. 6, 1902; d: Jun. 18, 1972. Charles S. JR. married Dorothy Jessen on Jan. 10, 1935. They had two daughters Patricia and Charlene Lowthorp.  Charles Simpson Lowthorp had a prosperous business in Hope, Hempstead, AR., until the Crash of the New York Stock Market in 1929. He lost his business due to the hardships created by the fall of the market.            

Their children were: Charles Sandefur, Jo Karner; William W.; John A.; Frank Gorin Lowthorp. Two children of Charles and Clara died very young, William Weller Lowthorp and John A. Lowthorp, both buried along side of their parents at Rose Hill Cemetery in Hope AR. They lived in Hope, Hempstead County, AR.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Charles Sandefur and Dorothy Lowthorp had two children. They are Patricia Mae, born 1935 and Charlene “Charlie” Marie Lowthorp, born 1938, Charlene has a daughter, Cynthia from her first marriage and Theresa from her second marriage to Glenn Mitchell.

Patricia Mae Lowthorp is married to Jimmy W. Cole, the last of four marriages. She has three children from her first marriage to Sidney D. Morrison and they are; Deborah; Richard; and Sidney J. Morrison.                                        

Charlene “Charlie” Mitchell was my contact who sent me the pictures of her Grandfather, Charles Simpson and his brothers along with several other photos including the photo of James F. Lowthorp. Charlie has been married twice with one daughter from each marriage. She was married to the late Glenn Mitchell of Dallas, TX. After his death in early 2008 she remarried her first husband Earl "Skippy" Crochet.


Jo Karner Lowthorp, b: November 7, 1904 Hope, AR. (Hempstead County). Married Ruby Lockamy of Murfreesboro, AR., December 24, 1937. This was his 2nd wife, no children by either.

Marcus “Mark” William Lowthorp, b: Aug. 2, 1875; d: Nov. 21, 1954. He was born in Tennessee and lived there his whole life and died in Summertown, TN.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

James Wilson Lowthorp, Sr., b: Aug. 16, 1881; d: Mar. 21, 1954. He was born in Tennessee, married May 10, 1914 to Viola Hardcastle in Devine, Texas. He lived in San Antonio, Texas until his death. Their children were Ophelia A., James W. Jr., Paul G. and Marcus M. Lowthorp. James Wilson Lowthorp Sr., b: Aug. 16, 1881; d: Mar. 21, 1954. He was born in Tennessee, married May 10, 1914 to Viola Hardcastle in Devine, Texas. He lived in San Antonio, Texas until his death.

Paul Gregston Lowthorp married Janet Nancy Wallace in 1943, their children are, Paul Earl Jr., Glenn Wallace, Bruce Wilson, David M. and Laurie Lowthorp. Paul Grageston was born on 04/03/23 and died on July 6, 2006.  Janet Nancy Wallace Lowthorp was born in 1926 and will be 80 this year. They were married in 1943, She worked at the Navy base, and finished her career by working at the licensing department at the County Courthouse.

Marcus “Marc” Merrow Lowthorp, born in 1932. He was the fourth child of James W. and Viola H. Lowthorp. He now lives in Mansfield, Texas and is a Baptist preacher. Marcus and his wife, Pat have three sons and they are Marc and his wife Florence, live in Mansfield about three miles away.  Michael “Mike” and his wife Kathy live in Arlington. His third son and his wife, Matthew and Stacey, live in Edmonds, Washington                                                                                                                                                                                      


Ophelia Anna Myrtle Leal Lowthorp Trent, (she had four given names, but was called "Granny Bob" by everyone in the family) she had three brothers and two sisters Virgie and Lelia. One married a Green and the other married a Bledsoe. They both lived in Birmingham, Alabama and their Mother lived with them in her later years. Myrtle Anna Leal Lowthorp, b: Dec. 24, 1883 / d: Jan. 21, 1962; married Emory Trent, Nov. 10, 1899. They had 8 children. William Cody Trent – b: 1901 TN.; Lillian Trent - b: 1903 TN.; Sarah M. – b: 1905 TX. (Mac Trent ?? could be short for Margaret or Matilda); Herman Trent – b: 1907 TX.; James C. Trent – b: 1907 TX.; Eunice Lilia Trent – b: 1912 TX.; Raymond Trent – b: 1916 TX.; and Julian Trent – b: Dec.1918

Glenn W. Lowthorp lives and works in Corpus Christi in Helicopter repair at the Corpus Christi Army Depot. He is in control of the wire room.  Glenn received a leg injury while he served in the Viet Nam conflict.  Glenn was retired in 2008.

Laurie and her husband Walt Roussel live with her dad and mom in Corpus Christi,TX.

Dave M. Lowthorp, Editor of the Dell Executive Support Unit in Killeen, TX.  His wife, Jessica work with him. Dave and Jessica live in Killeen, Texas. David had two children from his first marriage to Mary A. Ulbrich, daughter, Wendy Michelle her son is Dalton Ray Duncan. Their son, David Thomas Alan (T.A.) married Pam, their children are Kaitlan Elizabeth and Ty Austin Lowthorp.

Paul Earle Lowthorp and his family visited the Village of Lowthorpe while he was stationed there while serving in the Air Force in England in 1977. Paul Earl Lowthorp Jr. lives in Gary, Indiana.

Bruce Wilson Lowthorp lives in the Houston area. Paul and Earl  were both married in a double wedding at the home of Uncle Marcus M. Lowthorp, who united them in marriage.                                                                                                                                                                 


James Francis Lowthorp's Second Family


Sometime later, he abandoned his first family and came back to North Carolina around 1900 in Durham Co, where he married Flora Belle May and had a second family. The story of how James Francis and Flora Bell met is that he roomed at her Mothers Boarding house.  When they married James Francis was around 50 years of age and Flora Belle 25 yrs.

Flora did not know that James Francis had been married before and had another family. James F., being a traveling salesman, thought his previous Family had died of typhoid. Ophilia's cousin and James had run off together, but after about a month, his guilt caught up with him and he wanted to return to his family.   

Ophilia's cousin told James that she would return home and ask for the family’s forgiveness. The cousin wrote back to James telling him Ophilia and the younger children had all died of typhoid and the older children had moved away. So, James Francis remained in North Carolina and married Flora Belle May. His children from his second marriage were: Ina Pearl, Norman S., Earnest C., Carl Francis, William Frederick and James S. Lowthorp. James F. was employed as a dry goods salesman. James Francis, Ina Pearl, William and Flora Belle are buried in the Maplewood Cemetery in Durham, N.C.

Ina Pearl Lowthorp was the Daughter of James Francis Lowthorp and Flora Belle May. She was born on Dec. 18, 1900 in Durham, Durham Co., N.C. In the 1920 census, I found her listed as “Pearl Lothrup”,  living in Washington, D.C. in a boarding house on ”L” Street with other young girls. She was working for a Bank Equipment Store as a salesgirl at 19 years of age. By 1925, she was living in New York City, working in her mother’s store or using her name as the name of the business, selling office supplies as demonstrated in the above letters. Ina Pearl continued her business in office supplies and died in Florida on April 6, 1967 of heart failure and is buried in her home town of Durham, N.C.

Ina Pearl Lowthorp has been married three times, first to Harry Christ in 1917 and later married Joe S. Kraft in 1927 and they had one son named Leopold (Leo) born around 1928. Her last marriage was to Q. Ten (???? not sure of the name) in 1933.  She died in 1967 in Florida of heart failure.  Nothing is known of her son at this time. I was told she always reverted back to her maiden name after each divorce, probably because of the business she owned and operated in New York City, NY. 

Carl Francis Lowthorp born in 1910 married Ruth Angela Levy. Carl and Ruth are the parents of Carl Francis Jr., Norman S. and James Emmitt Lowthorp. Carl Jr., Jim and Norman were in the orphanage in Elon College. They were in there for about six years,  Jim was around 6 years of age and stayed there until he was around 13 years of age.

Jim and Joy were married Aug. 1, 1966. They lived in Redondo Beach, California at the time, but went to Las Vegas, Nevada to be married. In July 1967 they moved into their present home in Cypress, California.  Jim Graduated Long Beach City College 1977 Associate in Arts Degree (Industrial Technology).  Before their marriage Jim was in the Air Force.  In 1962 he married Eleanor Charlotte Evans. They had only one child, James Douglas Lowthorp, Douglas is after her Father. The marriage was annulled as she had never obtained a divorce from her first husband.  It was said that Eleanor was not a good Mother.                                                                                                                        

When Joy met Jim, he was raising Jimmy by himself and working.  When Jim broke his jaw at work and was trying to raise a little boy getting him potty trained it became very difficult for him.  Carl and Cookie helped him out by taking Jimmy into their home for a few months. Joy is involved in the gathering of genealogy information for her husband and family and has been helpful with family information on their side. They both are experiencing serious health problem in their later years.  Joy passed away in her home on January 2, 2007 of congestive heart failure she was 69 years old.  Jim passed away August 26, 2009.

Jim and Joy started dating two weeks after he had taken Jimmy to his Folks.  Jim said if he had known we would start seeing each other he would not have taken Jimmy to Lompoc as he would have had me to help him.  After their marriage they brought Jimmy home.  “I have never thought of Jimmy as anything but my own.” said Joy.  Jim retired from McDonnell Douglas with 30 years two years ago May.  He worked as a plater, chrome, cad, etc. Jim remembers being called “Jimbo” and still refers to himself as “Jimbo” at times.  At work they referred to him as “Buff” as he was a buffer before he became a plater.

Jim got quite a surprise one day while at work. His daughter Nicole at age of 19 called Jim at work and asked him if he remembered Patricia Staniskis?  His answer was “Yes”, as he had seen her a few times before starting to date Joy.

She said, “I would like to meet you as you are my Dad.”  She was already married and had a baby boy.  Her birth date was in (1967).

From the union of Jim and Joy came,

1. Anthony Wayne (Tony) Lowthorp (born 1967).  Graduate Cypress High, worked for several years didn't feel he was getting anywhere, so Sept. 1988 he left with the USS Navy.  Since his tour of duty which included Desert Storm, he remains in the Reserves.  He just got back from Porto Rico as of Feb. 1994.  He plans to attend school as he has GI money to do it with.

2. Vincent Carl Lowthorp (born 1969).  His middle name is after Jim's and my Dad as they were both Carl.  He Graduated Savanna High 1987.  Became employed with McDonnell Douglas in 1989. He is a structural mechanic.  He married Liane Kay Swan (Anne was born 1990). 

From this union came

1. Andrea Elizabeth Lowthorp (born 1990). 

2. Marissa Christine Lowthorp (born 1993). 

Norman S. Lowthorp was married to Gladys and they had two children named Patricia and Elaine.  Patricia never married, but her sister, Elaine, although married, did not have children. Patricia, the younger of the two is employed by Birdsall Services Group, Inc. and is Director of Executive Services. She lives in the Spring Lake, NJ. area. Norman resembled his father very closely.

Carl F. Lowthorp Sr. was married first to Ruth A. Levy, she was the mother of three children, Carl Jr., James E. and Norman Lowthorp. She died at around 28 years of age from TB.  He remarried later on to a woman named Earlene “Cookie” (who was a carnival performer as the story goes - rode a motorcycle with a lion on her back) after many years, they also had, I believe, 3 children who I met many years ago in California.  (OLS/1993)

“Carl Francis Lowthorp Sr.'s family become so distant within their own family, I never could understand this.  We knew the younger children well as we made many trips to Lompoc during their growing up they are Candace (Candy), Cherrie Ann, and Kenneth. I met Carl Jr. and Patty at Carl Sr.’s funeral.  Jim and I invited them to visit us, but never did hear from them again.  No one ever let the family know Carl Jr. was sick, so his death was quite a shock.  Cookie called us the evening before the funeral as that is when she was notified.  Cookie, Jim, and Norman never had a chance to view the body as it was closed casket.

The first and only time we ever saw Carl Jr.'s children was at his funeral.  We really think this is sad as it is only 1 1/2 hour drive apart.  Our children never did meet Carl Jr. or his family.  Carl Jr. Graduated UCLA in 1956.  Jim says He was in the Army.  He Graduated Loyola Law School 1963, married (Patty) Parthenia Ann Cavins in 1960. 

This union brought three children; 

     1. Linda Nell born 1962, married Sergio E. Goytea of Buenos Aries, Argentina 1993. Linda Graduated UCSB 1985.

     2. Douglas Cavins Lowthorp born 1964, married Jeanne Rochelle Potter in 1993, Jeanne was born 1967. Douglas Graduated UCSB 1989. Doug is head of sales at the Deardorff Family Farms is located in Oxnard California.

     3. Michael James Lowthorp born 1969.  He is a senior at San Diego State University 1994.  All this information I have received from Patty.  She has been wonderful in helping me gather hers.  Patty is a UCLA Graduate 1959, she is a teacher.  Her Father was a Doctor.” /JTL

“After Carl and Cookie took the boys out of the orphanage, Grandma Lowthorp and Carl bought the house in Durham.  They lived there until Carl's Family moved to California.  At that time Grandma Lowthorp moved in with Uncle James and Aunt Edna.

Jim would travel back and forth between California and N.C. When he was in NC. he would live and work for Uncle James.  He was living at Uncle James when Grandma Lowthorp died.

Norman S. Lowthorp (born 1936) Graduated CSLB.  He is a 8th grade Teacher.  He married Penelope Collins 1959. 

From this union came two son's. 

     1. Michael James Lowthorp (born in 1959).
     2. Jeffery (born in 1961, died from drowning in a neighbor’s swimming pool Nov. 1963.  Norman married Alice Walton 1969, short marriage.  Norman is now married to Kathy for the past 13 or 14 years.  She is a Teacher; they live in Torrance, California.

Uncle Ernest's middle name was Clarence.  Uncle James's middle name is Southgate. 

Uncle James said the last known address of Leo Kraft (Ina’s son) was in New York City at the time of Ina Pearl's death.  The story about Cookie being a circus lion trainer is true.  I have seen the photographs.” /JTL

Ruth died and the 3 little boys were "farmed out" for several years before Carl could care for them again.                                                          

Listed under Wake County North Carolina Cemetery

Lowthorp, Ruth A. Levy  (b.1912 - d.12 Aug 1940) MAGNOLIA HILL G 1B                                                                                                                                                   

Ruth's maiden name was Levy - her mother Rose used to baby sit for us - must say she always had a few under her belt - don't know who was minding who. Carl worked at Lompoc Air Force Base, as he was coming in the front gate one day, the Sentry on Duty (a black man), Carl noticed his name tag and on it was written - - - “Lowthorp”.  My Uncle asked if he could meet the guy to talk - turned out his ancestors worked on a plantation that a Lowthorp owned and they took the last name.  /PAL

William F. Lowthorp, Bill Lowthorp was married to Helen and had one daughter, Barbara.  They lived in Washington, DC and had a very famous food market there near by the White House.

Earnest C. Lowthorp was married to Vivian G. and lived in Stone Mt. Georgia - they also did not have children.  I kept in touch with Vivian until her death many years later.

In a letter to Joy and Jim Lowthorp

Cousin Ophelia Lowthorp Strong explains to them how she got a call from “Little” Paul as she called her nephew and the son of Paul G. Lowthorp who lives in Corpus Christi, TX.  “Little” Paul wanted to know who was Carl Lowthorp of Lompoc, CA.

I didn’t know if he knew about our Grandfather Lowthorp’s 2nd marriage so, after stuttering and stammering around, I decided he was old enough to know so I told him who he (Carl) was and then called Carl. We had met in 1923 the year my brother Paul G. was born, just about two or three months before.  Willie and I were about the same age and my brother James and Grandpa’s last son by Flora was near James’ age.

None of us kids knew that the other boys were the children of our grandpa Lowthorp and neither did Grandpa’s family by his second wife and for that matter did his second wife, who we were told to call Aunt Flora and Grandpa we called Uncle Jim as we thought our grandpa was dead.  I knew something strange was happening by a strange call we had received the night before we had left Tennessee and left that night by the next train to N.C. and then suddenly this tall good looking old man showed up who was supposed to be our Uncle Jim and we all went out to his home and met his wife and their sons, but Ina Pearl we never met her, she was then married and living in N.Y. 

None of us or the other Lowthorp brothers and sisters ever met her, but all of grandpa’s first family except Uncle Charly had him visit in our homes before he died.  Our mother had told me that “Uncle Jim” was my Grandpa and before he died he had talked to me about his people having come from England and that a Rev. John Lowthorp had been a Gr-Gr-Great Grandfather and had to leave England because of his religion.                                      

                                                                                                                                                   Ophelia Lowthorp Strong  dated 8/18/1993

I found James F.  listed in the 1900 Census records as “J.W. Lawthorpe” b: 1858, he was single and 41 years old at the time and a boarder at Candice May’s Boarding House. His occupation was listed as “Commercial Trader”.  He seemed to have lost about 9 years in age after his move back to N.C. and seems to have forgotten his middle initial was F.  Of course all of this could have been a mistake by the census taker. – GAC/06                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

James Wilson Jr., was the 6 years old son of James Wilson Lowthorp Sr., when he visited his Grandfather James Francis Lowthorp in North Carolina. He met for the first time his half brother, James Southgate, who was 8 years old, and the son of Flora Belle and James F. Lowthorp. James Wilson Jr. died in 11 Dec 1932 in the Sealy Hospital, Santa Anna, Coleman Co., TX. And is buried Roselawn Burial Park, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.  This is the meeting described in the letter written by Ophelia L. Strong.


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