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Local Catholic Church and Family History - Genealogical Research Guide


When conducting genealogical and historical research, it is often necessary to translate documents which are in another language. While many Catholic Church records may be written in Latin, others may be recorded in the native language of the country in which they were recorded or the native language of the priest/recorder. Still others appear to contain a combination of languages such as what might occur when a native French-speaking priest was serving a German-speaking congregation. It is hoped that the links below may help with this task of interpretation. Of course, handwriting styles will often add another dimension to deciphering documents as well. ;-)

Google Language Tools

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid, from Notre Dame

Latin-English Dictionary - an improvisation based on a word-list originally from Lynn H. Nelson of the University of Kansas.

Perseus Project: Search for Latin dictionary entries [in Latin!] or Greek, from Tufts U.

Logos - Multilingual E-Translation Portal


About this site?

Explanation and disclaimer:  Though the beliefs and practices of individual members of the Catholic Church may differ from the official teachings of the Catholic Church, I have tried to gather information and links that appear to follow the official teachings of the Roman See.  I cannot, however, control the content of others' web sites, and I myself can err.  Please inform me of errors on my site, and of any links which may become inappropriate to family viewing. 

I am creating this site as a helpful guide to researching the history of the local Catholic Churches and Catholic ancestors in this geographic area.  This is not an official Catholic Church page.

Though links to this page are encouraged, please do not download the page without requesting permission since it contains copyright protected material.

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