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Personal Histories of Allen County, Ohio -- 1875



WILLIAM AKERMAN, son of John and Nancy Akerman, was born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 17th of April, 1810, and came to Allen County in 1834. He married Kezia, daughter of Andrew and Letitia Carroll. Mrs. A. was born in Washington County, Ohio, 17th of May, 1814. They have eight children: Samuel, John, Jane, James, Mary, Albert, Newton and Ruth. Mr. A. has one brother, William Akerman, and two sisters, Jane and Maria. Mrs. A. has three sisters, Margaret, Sabina and Ruth. Mr. Akerman has held the office of county commissioner nine years, and township trustee ten years.

DR. BRICE BLAIR is the son of Brice and Agnes Blair, and is the youngest of a family of fourteen children. He and his wife were both born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania,--he, Jan. 22, 1813; she, Jan. 14, 1814. They have twelve children,--John, Edmund, Nancy Ann, Martin VanBuren, Mary Lucinda, Nathan Perdew, Sarah Jane, Brice, William Francis, Elizabeth, Clarissa, and James Hamilton. Mrs. Blair was Rebecca Perdew, daughter of John and Mary Perdew. Dr. Blair's father died when Brice was an infant; but his mother, who was a very industrious woman, with the assistance of the older children, managed the farm of two hundred acres in a mountainous district, and kept the family together until her death, which occurred when Brice was seventeen years old. He then lived with a brother two years, when he received his share of his mother's estate ($200), with which he bought one hundred acres of wild land in Muskingum County, Ohio. He was then nineteen, and the girl he loved, Rebecca Perdew, was eighteen. After some deliberation they were married, and in the fall of 1831, removed to their new home in the woods, where they built a cabin of poles, 12 feet by 16 feet, in which they lived the first year. For more than twenty years they cheerfully toiled, enduring all the hardships incident to pioneer life, when, having well improved their hundred acres and added seventy acres more, in 1854 they sold out and came to Allen County, where they bought three hundred acres; over one hundred acres of which were cleared. Dr. Blair said that on his farm of one hundred and seventy acres in Muskingum County, his "boys hadn't room," so he brought all his family to Allen County and started afresh. He thus relates how he was induced to study medicine: "In clearing out the wild lands along the Tuscarawas bottoms, we were subjected to frequent attacks of bilious intermittent fever. One fall my wife and I both lay sick four weeks, and as the doctor had to ride ten miles to see us we had a pretty good bill to pay. But I put about as much more with it and bought a number of medical books and went to studying physic. At first it was hard work, but by perseverance I finally attained at least an honorable degree of skill in the healing art." By the influence of a pious mother he was early in life impressed with the great truths of the Christian religion, and in 1840 he joined the Methodist Church. His wife joined soon after. The Doctor says: "I have always tried to live peaceably with all men. I never would go to law, and never was sued at law but once."

WILLIAM H CRAIG is a native of Highland County. In 1852, at the age of 17, he came to Allen County with his parents, Joseph and Charlotte Craig. His wife's parents, John and Mary Hulliberger, came from Perry County in 1830. She was born on the 30th of May, 1838, and is one of a family of six--Sarah H., Elizabeth K., Susan B., Reason T., Eda M. and Joseph M. Mr. C. has two brothers and three sisters--George T., Martha L., Nancy J., John and Angeline. He has four children--Rosetta E., Mary C., Annetta L. and Nora O.

LEMUEL EVERSOLE was born in Perry County, October 30th, 1829, and came to this county in 1852. He married Sarah Nash, who was born in Allen County, July 11th, 1837. They have nine children--George W., Eliza J., Frank J., John E., Charles A., Elva E., Daniel B., Nettie B. and Lemuel N. Mr. E. is a son of Peter and Rebecca Eversole, and brother of Eliza, Catherine, Francis, Daniel and Rebecca. Mrs. Eversole's parents, Thomas and Rebecca Nash, came from Morgan County. Their children are Mary, Lucretia and Sarah.

HORACE GILBERT and his wife are natives of Lower Canada. She was born Aug. 20, 1809. Her parents were Hezekiah and Lydia Wood. In the year 1836, Mr. Gilbert's parents, Josiah and Chloe Gilbert, came from New York and settled in Allen County. Four years later, at the age of 35, Mr. Gilbert came to this county. Mr. G. has eight brothers and sisters--Hammond, Joel, Harlow, Richard, Hollis, Bethiah, Charity and Helen. Mrs. G. is one of a family of six--Thomas, Peter, Joel, John, Levina and Sarah. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert are the parents of five children--Parthenia, Melissa, Laura, Miranda and Marantha.

PHILIP M HALL, son of Joseph W. and Mary Hall, and brother of Henry H. Hall, was born in this county, Sept. 22, 1837. He married Hannah C., daughter of Isaac and Clarissa Fridley. She was born July 18, 1844, in Pickaway County. Their children are Clara (deceased), Norville F., Edwin P., Eugene T., and Mary. Mr. Hall's parents came to this county, from Pickaway County, in 1832. Mrs. Hall's brothers and sisters are Jane, Kate, Melvina, Clara, William, Edwin and Alma. Mr. Hall was township clerk from 1862 to 1868.

JACOB HAWK, when an infant one year old, was brought by his parents, Jacob and Elizabeth, from Brown County to Allen County, in the year 1828. His wife, Jennie Murray, was born in Highland County in 1828, and when six years old was brought by her parents, John and Dorcas Murray, to this county. Children of Jacob and Jennie Hawk--Francis M., Tobiatha L., John, James and Mary E. Mr. Hawk has five brothers and two sisters--John, William, Sarah, James, Nathaniel, Philip and Martha A. Mrs. H. has five brothers--Michael W., Sydney, John, Robert and George Murray.

WILLIAM W HAWK, was born in Brown County, in 1821, and in 1829 came to Allen County with his parents, Jacob and Elizabeth Hawk, whose children are, John, Jacob, William W., Nathan, Mary, Susan, Sarah and Elizabeth. His wife is a daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Hunter, whose children are, John, Isabella, James, Thomas and Margaret W. Mrs. H. was born in Highland County, in the year 1820. Names of the children of William W. Hawk--Jacob R., James W., Newton, Elizabeth M., Wilson and Henry.

HARRISON HEFNER was born in Ross County, in the year 1834, and when about four years old was brought to Allen County by his parents, Isaac and Mary Hefner. He married a daughter of William Ice, whose children were Andrew, Jennie and Mahala. Mr. Hefner has five brothers--Jacob, Amos, David, John and Albert--and one sister, Clarissa. He has four children--Annie M., Charles E., Jennie A. and Frank.

ISAAC HEFNER was born in Pennsylvania, Feb. 12, 1811. His wife was born in Ross County, in May, 1810. They are the parents of Jacob, Harrison, Ames, David, John, Albert and Clarissa. Mr. H. is a son of Isaac and Susannah, and brother of David, Gabriel, Kate and Mary. Mrs. Hefner was Mary May, daughter of John and Mary, and sister of George, Philip, David, Susan and Betsy.

JACOB HEFNER was born in Ross County, April 25, 1832. His wife was born in Delaware County, Sept. 18, 1838. They have seven children--Isaac, Mary, William, Jane, Ames, Walter and Sarah. Mr. H. is a son of Isaac and Mary Hefner, and brother of Harrison, Ames, Clarissa, David, John and Albert Hefner. He married Christina, daughter of William and Sarah Holman, who came from Ross County in 1848, and whose children are Daniel, William, Mary, Annie, Christina, Fannie, Barbara, David and Philip Holman.

ELIJAH HELSER, was born in Perry County, Oct. 20, 1815. His parents are John and Mary Helser. His wife's parents are Peter and Rebecca Ebersole. She was born in Perry County, Nov. 22, 1822. They came to Allen County in 1854. Their children are John W., James G., Lemuel L., Daniel O., Sarah A., Melvina E., George E. and Eliza J. Mr. Helser's brothers and sisters are William, John, Daniel, Catharine, George, Samuel, Peter, Levi, Elizabeth and Mary. Peter and Rebecca Ebersole have six children: Eliza, Catharine, Francis, Lemuel, Daniel and Rebecca.

JAMES JENNINGS, son of Gideon and Grace Jennings, was born near Steubenville, January 12, 1799. He married Elizabeth Williams, daughter of Abel and Sarah Williams. Mrs. J. was born in Green County, Pennsylvania, on the 16th of July, A. D. 1800. They have eight children--Lucinda, Lewis, Rezin, Adaline, Thomas, Abel, Sarah and John. Mr. Jennings came to Allen County in 1837, two years after his parents came. His brothers and sisters are Drusilla, Mary, William, Aaron, John, Gideon, David, Jonathan and Rebecca. Mrs. J. has six brothers and two sisters--Thomas, Benjamin, Levi, Aaron, John, Moses, Mary and Sarah.

JOHN L B LEATHERMAN was born in Washington County, Penn., Dec. 16, 1834, and while yet an infant was brought to this county by his parents, Michael and Hannah Leatherman. His father was obliged to cut a new road through the woods a distance of seven miles to the place where their first cabin was built, which was nine miles east of Lima, and six miles distant from their nearest neighbor. At the age of twenty-one Mr. L. began to teach a public school, and for seventeen successive years taught during the winter months. He is now acting as Clerk of the Northwestern Ohio Christian Conference. He married Adelia H., daughter of John R. and Elizabeth Wetherill, of Hardin County. Mrs. L. was born in Richland County, on the 8th of Nov., 1837. Her father was born in England, in the year 1811, and came to America in 1823. Her mother was born in Virginia in the year 1818, and died in Hardin County in 1864. Children of John L. B. and Adela H. Leatherman: William T., Ida A., John F., French E., and Rosette A. Children of Michael and Hannah Leatherman: Hiram, Adam, John L. B., Thomas P., Sarah J. and Hannah R. Children of John R. and Elizabeth Wetherill: Rebecca, Adela H., Amanda, Harriet, Sarah, ----, Alice, William, Alexander, Gloyd, Ira, Thomas and Frank. Michael Leatherman, father of John L. B., was born in Washington County, Penn., in 1799. He was bred to farm life, taught school a number of years, moved to Ohio in 1834, and commenced surveying, which business he followed for many years. He was a member of the State Legislature one term, and was Probate Judge of Allen County for seven years. At the beginning of the rebellion he volunteered as a private soldier, but his health soon failed and he was discharged. He died in 1865 of a disease contracted in the army. His widow (who was born in Washington County, Penn., in 1802) is living with her children.

ROBERT MEHAFFY, was born in Tyrone County, Ireland, Aug. 23, 1833. He came to Allen County in 1850. His parents are James and Martha Mehaffy. He has one brother, John. His wife is a daughter of Joseph H. and Eda Richardson, who came from Smythe County, Virginia. She was born in Greene County, Ohio, on the 8th of January, 1834. She has two brothers and three sisters. Mr. M. has been justice of the peace in Jackson Township, and was for six years and two months clerk of the courts.

RUFUS SHERMAN is a son of Henry and Mary Sherman, who came to this county in 1856, from Pickaway County, where Rufus was born in the year 1841. Mr. S. is brother of Aaron and Caroline. His wife was born in this county in the year 1846. They have three children--William, Walter and Nettie. Mrs. Sherman is a daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Binkley, and sister of Solomon, Samuel, Simeon, Daniel and Henry Binkley.

GEORGE F SHRIDER, and his wife, were both born in Perry County, in the year 1834. In 1852 he came with his parents, Jacob and Amelia Shrider, to this county. Mrs. S. is a daughter of William and Nancy Clum, who had eight children: Perlile, Ellen, Margaret, Adam, William, Elizabeth, Nancy and George. Mr. Shrider has three brothers: Peter, Daniel and Francis Shrider, and three sisters: Nancy, Sarah and Christina. Mr. Shrider has ten children--Amelia A., Matilda C., William C., Charles A., Daniel L., James F., Melancthon E., Jeremiah L., Sarah E. and George.

PETER SHRIDER, son of Jacob and Amelia, and brother of George F., was born in Perry County, in 1826. His wife was born in the same county, in 1828. She is a daughter of Adam and Barbara Binckley, who had seven daughters--Caroline, Louisa, Catherine, Elizabeth, Sarah, Melinda and Amanda. Mr. Shrider is one of a family of seven brothers and sisters--Nancy, Sarah, Peter, Christina, George, Daniel and Francis. Mr. and Mrs. Shrider are the parents of seven children--Jane, Jacob A., Daniel H., Samuel N., Sarah A., George W. and John F.

WILLIAM SUDDUTH and his wife are natives of Virginia. He was born in Shenandoah County, June 10, 1809. She was born in Botetourt County, on the 4th of Nov., the same year. They have two children--Lucinda and Catharine. Mrs. S. was Eva Staley, daughter of Peter and Eva Staley, who came from Pickaway County to Allen County, in 1831. She has four brothers and three sisters--Melkiah, Peter, Jacob, John, Catharine, Sarah and Elizabeth. Mr. Sudduth has six sisters and two brothers--Nancy, Mary, Elizabeth, Susan, Lucy, Francis, Jemima and Peter. His parents are William and Sarah Sudduth. Mr. Sudduth served as constable of Jackson township from 1838 to 1845.

J W UMBAUGH, is the son of John and Susannah Umbaugh, who are the parents of six children--Elias, John, George, Joseph, Rebecca and Saleme. Mr. Umbaugh was born in Carroll County, Aug. 8, 1831. He married a daughter of John and Susannah Sellers, who had seven children--Samuel, Sarah F., Mary C., Francis M., Amelia, Silas and Viola. They have three children--Edward A., Mary O., and Ida A. Mr. Umbaugh was elected justice of the peace in 1873.

DAVID P WADE was born in Wayne County, Oct. 20, 1831. His parents came to this county from Hancock County, in 1835. David settled in Allen County in 1858. He married a daughter of Stephen and Mary Cunningham, who came to this county in 1842 from Virginia, where Mrs. W. was born Feb. 18, 1832. Names of the children of Wenman and Margaret Wade: George W., Mary A., Elizabeth, Levina, John Q., David P., Benjamin F., Wenman, Diana, and Henry C. Names of Stephen and Mary Cunningham's children: Jacob, Susannah, Eli, Sallie A., and Julia A. David P. Wade is the father of three children, Sabina, Virginia, and Enos H.

ROBERT WATT was born in Champaign County, in 1826. Two years later his parents, Samuel L. and Olive G. Watt, removed to Allen County, and were among the early settlers of the county. His wife was born in Pickaway County, in the year 1827, and when three years old she was brought to this county by her parents, Jacob and Eunice Staley. She is one of seven children--Elizabeth, Eve, Jemima, John, Eunice, Jacob and Hannah. Mr. Watt is of a family of thirteen--Deborah, Robert, Harriet, Thomas, Christina, James, Nancy, John, Olive, Samuel, Lydia and Sarah. Mr. W. has been Township Trustee four years.

WILLIAM B WEYER was born January 10th, 1824, in Highland County, and at twelve years of age came with his parents, Barnet and Catharine Weyer, to Allen County. His wife was born in Morgan County, February 11th, 1826. She is a daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Nash, who have seven children--Mary, Nancy, Lucretia, John, Nelson, William and Sarah. Mrs. W. came to Allen County with her parents in 1833. Mr. W. is one of a family of twelve--Melinda, Andrew, Anthony, Rosanthe, William B., David, Sarah A., Rebecca, Lydia, Mahala, Elizabeth and Catherine. Mr. Weyer has six children--Harrison, Rebecca, Hester A., Mary, Rose M., Arthur.

Information transcribed from the Historical Atlas of Allen County, Ohio. Compiled and edited by Charles H Jones, assisted by Theodore F Hamilton. Published by H H Hardesty & Co Publishers, Lakeside Building, Chicago. 1875.