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I am going to take you down memory lane through the wonderful world of food. Food has always been an important part of any culture and some foods just by their name invoke visions of specific locales. AMERICA, being a blend of many diverse cultures, we are going to explore the various gastronomic delights each has brought to us. In other words; GENEALOGY through Food! Like most people, I too associated the word RECIPE with food items. If I have learned nothing else in my research, it is this; many recipes have absolutely NOTHING to do with food.

It has oft been said 'an army travels on its stomach. No truer words have ever been spoken, for a hungry person is less attentive and lest apt to follow direction and in many cases are just plain grumpy, while the gastronomically sated is more attentive and more receptive to taking direction and their minds are less likely to wander. Throughout history the availability of food has been a deciding factor in many wars and battles.

For the pupose of this site we will classify our "recipes" into two main groups, Food and Non-Food Items. My wander trough the world of recipes has been exciting, fascinating and surpising. The vast amount of recipes available for everything from candlemaking to cough syrup to pot roast is astronomical and this site will only be able to scratch the surface, and barely so at that.

Most of our most cherished memories can be triggered by just a smell so often the nose is where memory begins! We capture a scent and it evokes memories of Aunt Sarah's chocolate cake, or Granny Jones Sunday Pot Roast. The power of aroma has just been discovered and the road will be a long and winding one with many side stops along the way.
More about FOOD
Some dishes are known by different names from region to region. For instance, what I know in the DEEP SOUTH as a MILKSHAKE, is known as a FRAPPE in the Northeast and that can vary within the same region from state to state. Here in Florida, we have Chicken and Dumplings, with the dumplings being made from flour, in North Carolina that would be known as Chicken and Pastry, while dumplings would be made of cornmeal.

Many dishes are known by one name in one country and by another name in a neighboring or distant country. Many items having names that seem to be country specific, are not native to that country at all. At times it can be most confusing, but always fascinating.

Let is begin our journey through the world of recipes by using the menu on the left side of the page. All pages contained within this site will open in a new window, with the same menu on the left on each page. A link to outside site will be labelled as such.
I encourage all to participate by sending recipes and your food related anecdotes. This may be a story about the wonderful smells associated with your grandmother's house or your great aunt Lucy's wonderful cocoanut cake recipe. Maybe you found a collection of handwritten recipes at a garage or estate sale and you wish to contribute a scanned image.
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