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Wigtownshire Pages

Place Names Beginning with P, Q, & R

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place Name Parish
Palbeg Kirkcowan
Palgouen Minnigaff
Palgowan Minnigaff
Palmallat Sorbie
Palmallet Sorbie
Pankhill Sorbie
Pankill Sorbie
Panterbouy Minnigaff
Parck Glen Luce
Park Glenluce
Park Penninghame
Park & Loudon Hill Penninghame
Park Hay Glen Luce
Park House Leswalt
Park Maclurge Minnigaff
Park of Drummuckloch Inch
Park of Kilcaldie Inch
Park of Loch Ronnald Kirkcowan
Park of Stranrawer Leswalt
Park Toll Glenluce
Parke Glenluce
Parkhead Leswalt
Parkhill Glasserton
Parkhills at Manor Place Mochrum
Path Minnigaff
Patrick Coltran's Land Kirkinner
Patrick, Chapel Port Patrick
Penighame Penninghame
Peningham Castle Penninghame
Peningham Lodge Penninghame
Penkill Sorbie
Penkiln Sorbie
Penninghame Manse in ruins Penninghame
Penninghame Mill Penninghame
Penninghame Old Kirk Penninghame
Penninghame, Clachan of Penninghame
Penninghame, Mill of Penninghame
Pennygha, K. of Penninghame
Pennygham Penninghame
Penwhirrie Inch
Penyaha B. Penninghame
Persel L. Mochrum
Pharochbee Minnigaff
Pheisgill Glasserton
Philiphill Wigtown
Phintaliach Penninghame
Phyisgill Glasserton
Physgill Glasserton
Physgill Garden Glasserton
Physgill Lodge Glasserton
Physgill Row Whithorn
Pibtanton Burn Glen Luce
Pigmenoch Litle Portpatrick
Pigmenock Portpatrick
Pigmenock Mikle Portpatrick
Pikehorn Sorbie
Pilanton Bridge Inch
Pilimodie Inch
Piltan ton Burn Stoneykirk
Pilwhirry Inch
Pinminnoch Portpatrick
Pinminnoch Little Port Patrick
Pinwhirrie Inch
Place Minnigaff
Place of loch Mochrum
Point Garne Stoneykirk
Point Muck Kirkcolm
Point of Eggerness Sorbie
Poirt Garuellan Kirkcolm
Poirt Moir Kirkcolm
Poirt Patrick Port Patrick
Poirt, Morams Port Patrick
Poirtslogan Leswalt
Pol Dowell Kirkmaiden
Polbae Kirkcowan
Polbe Kirkcowan
Polbea Kirkcowan
Poldenrian Inch
Pollorian Inch
Pollurrian Inch
Polmallet Sorbie
Poltaduy New Luce
Poltoun Sorbie
Polwhilly & Inches Penninghame
Polwhilly Inches Penninghame
Poohuhynrik B. Kirkmaiden
Pool Leswalt
Pool na Clachan Kirkmaiden
Poollaboch B. Stoneykirk
Poolnacharn B. Kirkmaiden
Pooltyduy B. New Luce
Porslogan Leswalt
Port Allan Sorbie
Port Allan Whithorn
Port Beck Kirkcolm
Port Caite ruins Glasserton
Port Carvillan Kirkcolm
Port Cunan Glasserton
Port Doun Kirkmaiden
Port Float Stoneykirk
Port Garuellan Kirkcolm
Port Gill Kirkmaiden
Port in Spittels Stoneykirk
Port Kale Port Patrick
Port Kyoch Port Patrick
Port Logan Kirkmaiden
Port Long Kirkcolm
Port McGean Sorbie
Port Moir Kirkcolm
Port Mollion Kirkcolm
Port Moulin Kirkcolm
Port Nessock Kirkmaiden
Port Nessock High Kirkmaiden
Port Nessock Low Kirkmaiden
Port Nustak Kirkmaiden
Port of Ardwel Stoneykirk
Port of Flot Stoneykirk
Port of Spittal Stoneykirk
Port of Spittal Bay Stoneykirk
Port of Spittal Grain Mill Stoneykirk
Port of Spittal Wool Mill Stoneykirk
Port Slogan Leswalt
Port Spittal Stoneykirk
Port Spittel Stoneykirk
Port Whapple Sorbie
Port William Burn Mochrum
Port William Village Mochrum
Port Yarrock Whithorn
Port Yarrock Mill Whithorn
Portencallie Kirkcolm
Portencally, High Kirkcolm
Portencally, Low Kirkcolm
Portencarcrie Kirkmaiden
Portencorkcrie Bay Kirkmaiden
Porters lodge of Lochryan House Inch
Portincorkrie Kirkmaiden
Portinkailly Kirkcolm
Portinkorky Kirkmaiden
Portlogan Leswalt
Portlogan Farm Kirkmaiden
Portlogan Village Kirkmaiden
Portlung Inch
Portmore Kirkcolm
Portna Money a Koane Kirkmaiden
Portncally Kirkcolm
Portnessock Kirkmaiden
Portnessock Crofts Kirkmaiden
Portree Portpatrick
Portreea Portpatrick
Portrie Mill Port Patrick
Portslogan Leswalt
Portyerrock Whithorn
Portyerrock Mill Whithorn
Post Office Close Portpatrick
Potwhillie Penninghame
Potwhillie Cree Penninghame
Poul linkum B. Kirkmaiden
Poultoun Sorbie
Powhill Glasserton
Powtoun Sorbie
Powtown Sorbie
Prestorie & Doon Whithorn
Prestorie Doon Whithorn
Prestrey, High Whithorn
Prestrey, Low Whithorn
Prestrick Whithorn
Prestry Whithorn
Princes Street Stranraer
Priory Croft Whithorn
Provest Coltran's Land Kirkinner
Pularean Inch
Pularyan Inch
Pultaden Glenluce
Pultadie Glenluce
Pultaduy Glenluce
Pumphill How Stoneykirk
Quarry Croft Portpatrick
Quarter Glenluce
Quarter & Cloze Glenluce
Quarter Cloze Glenluce
Quarter Fell New Luce
Quayhead Stranraer
Queen Street Stranraer
Rainies Croft Mochrum
Raiton Sorbie
Raphad Toll Stran Inch
Raufell Hill Glenluce
Ravenston or Castle Stewart Glasserton
Ravenstone Glasserton
Ravenstone Kirkinner
Ravenstone Mill Sorbie
Ravinston Glasserton
Rawer Leswalt
Red Brae Wigtown
Red Legget Kirkinner
Redbrae Wigtown
Reiffer Park Whithorn
Remiston Glasserton
Remistou, Mill of Kirkinner
Remistoun Lough (Dowalton) Glasserton
Remistown Glasserton
Rephad Inch
Rhinchewaig Kirkcolm
Rian Lacus Kirkcolm
Ribben, Loch Glen Luce
Rifer Park Whithorn
Rigg Sorbie
Rigg Bay Sorbie
Ring Kirkcowan
Ring Stoneykirk
Ring Croft of Clayhole Leswalt
Ring House Kirkcowan
Ring of Kirkland Kirkcowan
Ringenie Stoneykirk
Ringeny Stoneykirk
Ringhill Kirkinner
Ringuinea Stoneykirk
Rinkenny Stoneykirk
Risk Minnigaff
Rispain Whithorn
Rispaine Park Whithorn
Rispin Glasserton
Rispin Whithorn
Rispin Cairn Glasserton
Rispine Park Whithorn
Roade of Innerwall Kirkinner
Ronald, L. Kirkcowan
Ronald, Mil of L. Kirkcowan
Ronnald, Fell of Loch Kirkcowan
Ronnald, Loch Kirkcowan
Ronnald, Park of Loch Kirkcowan
Rose Street Stranraer
Rosebank Inch
Rosefield Leswalt
Rouchan Glasserton
Roue Kirkcolm
Roughend Glasserton
Row Glasserton
Row of Dowrie Mochrum
Row Street Whithorn
Rowantree Kirkinner
Royalty Whithorn
Ruchan Glasserton
Ruins Kirk Maiden Glasserton
Ruins of Egerness Sorbie
Ruins of Kirkmadrine Stoneykirk
Ruins of Longcastle Kirk Kirkinner
Rumboule Mochrum
Rykhorn Sorbie