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Wigtownshire Pages

Place Names Beginning with L

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place Name Parish
L. Aird Inch
L. Boyachy Mochrum
L. Chranochy Mochrum
L. Duis Mochrum
L. Dyrhymen Mochrum
L. Dyrsnag Mochrum
L. Erlug-ganair Kirkcowan
L. Gaur Mochrum
L. Gill or Blaklock Inch
L. Herron Kirkcowan
L. Kraga Mochrum
L. Kragoch Kirkcowan
L. Krindil Inch
L. Machrymoir Glen Luce
L. Mackbary Kirkcowan
L. Mackbary Penninghame
L. na Brain Mochrum
L. of Aryoullan Mochrum
L. of Mochrum Mochrum
L. of Salseat Inch
L. Persel Mochrum
L. Ronald Kirkcowan
L. Ronald, Mil of Kirkcowan
L. Tung Inch
Lachans Inch
Lachans Mill Inch
Lady B. Glen Luce
Lady Burn Glen Luce
Lady Galloway Kirkcolm
Ladywell Kirkmaiden
Lag Point Glasserton
Lagan Glasserton
Lagan Minnigaff
Laganmore Portpatrick
Lagbees Minnigaff
Laggan Glasserton
Laggangairn New Luce
Laggangarn Glenluce
Laggangarn & Pultaden Glenluce
Laggon Glasserton
Laggonderry Stoneykirk
Laggonmor Port Patrick
Lagoch Kirkmaiden
Laicht Br. Inch
Laicht, Litil Inch
Laicht, M. Inch
Laigh Inch
Laigh Leswalt
Laigh Arduall Kirkcolm
Laigh Claughen Kirkcolm
Laigh Clenrie Inch
Laigh Croagh Inch
Laigh Ersick Whithorn
Laigh Ersock Whithorn
Laigh Galdenoch Stoneykirk
Laigh Little Inch
Laigh Mark Inch
Laigh My Stoneykirk
Laigh Ochtrilure Inch
Laigh Portencalzie Kirkcolm
Laigh Severall Inch
Laigh Synnyness Glenluce
Laigharnamord Kirkcowan
Laighdirry Kirkcowan
Laigportincally Kirkcolm
Lairds Hill Inch
Lairdshill & Bonnybraes Inch
Lairdshipe Glenluce
Lairg, Litil Inch
Lairg, M. Inch
Lairgbrecks Leswalt
Lairgwillia Leswalt
Lalsharoch Kirkcolm
Lamahan Minnigaff
Lamberick Glasserton
Lanberrick Mochrum
Landberrick Mochrum
Lands Belonging to the Laird of Mochrum Mochrum
Lane Burn Kirkinner
Langarne Glenluce
Langnibole New Luce
Larbrax Leswalt
Larbrecks Leswalt
Larg Inch
Larg Leswalt
Larg Minnigaff
Larg Broadstone Leswalt
Larg Little Inch
Larg Mains Inch
Larg Mill Inch
Large Minnigaff
Large Lidsdaill Leswalt
Large Stone Penninghame
Largliddesdale Leswalt
Larig Leswalt
Larroch Glasserton
Laurel Bank Leswalt
Lead Mines New Luce
Lefnoll Inch
Lefnolls Inch
Legget Cheek Whithorn
Legget House Inch
Legget, Fare Whithorn
Legget, Mid Whithorn
Legget, Near Whithorn
Leggethouse New Luce
Leigh Greanen Kirkmaiden
Leigh Sininness Glenluce
Lein of Dyrgon-moir Glen Luce
Lesnoll Inch
Lessnol Inch
Leswalt Kirk Leswalt
Lewis Street Stranraer
Lidsdaill Leswalt
Liggat Cheek, Baltersan Penninghame
Liken New Luce
Lillieguhill Farm Mochrum
Limekill Inch
Limekill Kirkmaiden
Limekill Stoneykirk
Limekiln Inch
Lincowan Bridge Kirkcowan
Linglhoiskan Penninghame
Lint Mill Glenluce
Lint Mill House Glenluce
Lit. Arrow Glasserton
Lit. Aryes Kirkinner
Litell Larg Inch
Litil Dunragat Glen Luce
Litil Laicht Inch
Litil Lairg Inch
Litle Balzett Inch
Litle Colreoch Inch
Litle Dunraggit Glenluce
Litle Dunraggitt Glenluce
Litle Dunragit Glenluce
Litle Elrick Penninghame
Litle Galdenoch Leswalt
Litle Glenhaple Penninghame
Litle Hill Kirkinner
Litle Laigh Inch
Litle Larbrecks Leswalt
Litle Marke Leswalt
Litle Pigmenoch Portpatrick
Litle Toung Inch
Litlecastle Penninghame
Litlekillhocodaill Kirkcowan
Littil Glengyr Kirkcolm
Littill Glengyre Kirkcolm
Little Aaltoune Kirkmaiden
Little Airies Kirkinner
Little Alton Kirkmaiden
Little Aries Kirkinner
Little Arreise Kirkinner
Little Balsier Sorbie
Little Balsmith Whithorn
Little Balyett Inch
Little Barlockart Glen Luce
Little Barquhannie Kirkinner
Little Barquhinney Kirkinner
Little Campford Kirkinner
Little Carngan Kirkmaiden
Little Castle (Ochiltree) Penninghame
Little Clutag Kirkinner
Little Craglemine Glasserton
Little Craig Whithorn
Little Dowis Whithorn
Little Druchtag & Boghouse Mochrum
Little Dublin Street Stranraer
Little Eldrick Penninghame
Little Eldrig Penninghame
Little Galdenoch Leswalt
Little Galenoch Leswalt
Little Ganoch Inch
Little Garthland Stoneykirk
Little Genoch Glenluce
Little Genoch Inch
Little Glenhaple Penninghame
Little Glennhapple Penninghame
Little Graignarget Mochrum
Little Hills Kirkinner
Little Ireland Stranraer
Little Isle Whithorn
Little Kilbrian Stoneykirk
Little Killantrae Mochrum
Little Killantrae Mochrum
Little Laigh Inch
Little Laight Inch
Little Larg Inch
Little Lochans Inch
Little Lurbrack Leswalt
Little Mark Leswalt
Little Park Whithorn
Little Pinminnoch Portpatrick
Little Spittal Stoneykirk
Little Tongu Inch
Little Tongue Inch
Little Torhouse Wigtown
Littlepark Minnigaff
Loch Leswalt
Loch Bachlack Inch
Loch Cree Penninghame
Loch Dornell Penninghame
Loch Drein Kirkcowan
Loch Drymdow Mochrum
Loch Inch Inch
Loch Konel Kirkcolm
Loch Maberry Penninghame
Loch Na Leswalt
Loch na Cast. (Castle) Leswalt
Loch of Apleby Glasserton
Loch of Enoch Port Patrick
Loch of Shellachglash Mochrum
Loch of the Inch Inch
Loch of Vrull Kirkcowan
Loch Rian Kirkcolm
Loch Ribben Glen Luce
Loch Ronnald Kirkcowan
Loch Vchiltry Penninghame
Loch Wayoch Mochrum
Loch, Place of Mochrum
Lochans Inch
Lochans Mill Inch
Lochans Mills Inch
Lochbatloch Inch
Lochcragoch Kirkcowan
Lochend Inch
Lochend Mochrum
Lochens Inch
Lochens mil Inch
Lochnaw Leswalt
Lochnaw Mains Leswalt
Lochnaw Moor Leswalt
Lochnaw; Sir Stair Agnew Leswalt
Lochnoll Inch
Lochronald Kirkcowan
Lochroule Kirkcowan
Lochryan Inch
Lochs, Glassoch Penninghame
Lochtoun Glasserton
Lock Dirry Kirkcowan
Logan Kirkmaiden
Logan Mains Kirkmaiden
Logan Mill Kirkmaiden
Logan Mull Kirkmaiden
Logan, Mil of Kirkmaiden
Logan, Mule of Kirkmaiden
Logan, Mule of Stoneykirk
Logan, Poirts Leswalt
Loggan Kirkmaiden
Lonachrae Inch
Long Castle Kirkinner
Long Riggs Kirkmaiden
Longcastel K. Kirkinner
Longcastell, wood of Kirkinner
Longcastle Kirkinner
Longcastle Kirk, Ruins of Kirkinner
Longcastle or Dowalton Loch Sorbie
Longcastle, Ruins of Sorbie
Longcroft Glenluce
Longforth Glenluce
Longhill Glasserton
Longrig Kirkmaiden
Lorain Glasserton
Lossat Kirkcolm
Losset Kirkcolm
Lossit Kirkcolm
Loudon Hill Penninghame
Loudon School Penninghame
Lough Barchraccham Kirkinner
Lough Boirlant Sorbie
Lough, Remistoun (Dowalton) Glasserton
Low Aires Kirkcowan
Low Airnimord Kirkcowan
Low Airries Kirkcowan
Low Airyclan New Luce
Low Airysland Glenluce
Low Ardwell Stoneykirk
Low Arrioland Glenluce
Low Arrow Glasserton
Low Auchenree Portpatrick
Low Auchmatle Inch
Low Auchmel Leswalt
Low Balcray Whithorn
Low Ballscallock Kirkcolm
Low Balminnoch Inch
Low Barness Kirkinner
Low Barnesse Kirkinner
Low Blackquarter Penninghame
Low Blair Sorbie
Low Boreland Glenluce
Low Carrochtrie Kirkmaiden
Low Challoch Glenluce
Low Chipperherrin Whithorn
Low Clannery Inch
Low Clendry Inch
Low Clenrie Inch
Low Corrochtree Kirkmaiden
Low Cotland Wigtown
Low Craiglemine Glasserton
Low Culderry Sorbie
Low Culgroat Stoneykirk
Low Culmalzie Kirkinner
Low Curghie Kirkmaiden
Low Curghie Manse Kirkmaiden
Low Currochtrie Kirkmaiden
Low Dargoals Glenluce
Low Dargoles Glen Luce
Low Dirry Kirkcowan
Low Drumore Kirkmaiden
Low Drumskeog Mochrum
Low Eldrick Kirkcowan
Low Eldrig Kirkcowan
Low Enrick Whithorn
Low Ersock Whithorn
Low Float Stoneykirk
Low Galdenoch Stoneykirk
Low Garrochtree Kirkmaiden
Low Gillespie Glenluce
Low Glasnick Penninghame
Low Glasnock Penninghame
Low Glengyer Kirkcolm
Low Glengyr Kirkcolm
Low Gleniron Glenluce
Low Glenstockadale Leswalt
Low Kibert Port Patrick
Low Kildonan Clashwannon Kirkmaiden
Low Kildonnan Kirkmaiden
Low Kilfillan Glen Luce
Low Mark Inch
Low MarkPiltanton B. Leswalt
Low May Stoneykirk
Low Mill Mains Stoneykirk
Low Milltown Mochrum
Low Mindork Kirkcowan
Low Port Nessock Kirkmaiden
Low Portencally Kirkcolm
Low Prestrey Whithorn
Low Salquhrie Kirkcolm
Low Saughrie Kirkcolm
Low Skeog Whithorn
Low Spirry Leswalt
Low Stallock Glasserton
Low Thrave Penninghame
Low Threave Penninghame
Low Three Mark Stoneykirk
Low Thrie Mark Stoneykirk
Low Thrive Penninghame
Low Torrs Glenluce
Low Torse Glen Luce
Low Vennel Wigtown
Lower Gargaries Mochrum
Luce Glenluce
Luce Abbey in ruin Glen Luce
Luce Water Glen Luce
Lurbrack, Little Leswalt
Lurnock Penninghame
Lybrack Kirkinner