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Wigtownshire Pages

Place Names Beginning with H, I & J

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place Name Parish
Haillmerk Kirkcowan
Half Mark Inch
Half Mark Kirkcowan
Half Mark Leswalt
Half Merk Kirkcowan
Halfway House Kirkcowan
Halfway House Port Patrick
Hall Penninghame
Halls Glen Luce
Hanover Street Stranraer
Harbour Street Stranraer
Hard Croft New Luce
Harren Whithorn
Haxellygreen Penninghame
Hay Park Glen Luce
Head of Garden, Garlieston Sorbie
Head of Glenstockdale Leswalt
Heads of Innermess Inch
Heads of Innermessan Inch
Hearihemen Glenluce
Hempton Loch Mochrum
Herdshouse Glen Luce
Herron L. Kirkcowan
Hervin Kirkcolm
Heuchpark Glenluce
Hi Auchenree Portpatrick
High & Feyfield Spirry Leswalt
High Aires Kirkcowan
High Airnimord Kirkcowan
High Airries Kirkcowan
High Airyclan New Luce
High Airysland Glenluce
High Arduall Kirkcolm
High Ardwell Stoneykirk
High Arrioland Glenluce
High Arrow Glasserton
High Auchenree Portpatrick
High Auchmatle Inch
High Auchniel Leswalt
High Balcray Whithorn
High Ballscallock Kirkcolm
High Balminnoch Inch
High Barness Kirkinner
High Barnesse Kirkinner
High Barr Penninghame
High Blackquarter Farm Penninghame
High Blair Sorbie
High Boreland Glenluce
High Carrochtrie Kirkmaiden
High Challoch Glenluce
High Chipperherrin Whithorn
High Clachan Kirkcolm
High Clanery Inch
High Clannery Inch
High Claughen Kirkcolm
High Clenrie Inch
High Clenrif Inch
High Clonyard Kirkmaiden
High Clutag Kirkinner
High Corrochtree Kirkmaiden
High Cotland Wigtown
High Craiglemine Glasserton
High Croagh Inch
High Culderry Sorbie
High Culgroat Stoneykirk
High Culmazie Kirkinner
High Curghie Kirkmaiden
High Curgie Kirkmaiden
High Currochtrie Kirkmaiden
High Dargoals Glenluce
High Dargoles or Cairntop Glen Luce
High Dirry Kirkcowan
High Drumore Kirkmaiden
High Drumskeog Mochrum
High Eldrick Kirkcowan
High Eldrig Kirkcowan
High Eldrig Penninghame
High Ersick Whithorn
High Ersock Glasserton
High Ersock Whithorn
High Float Stoneykirk
High Galdenoch Stoneykirk
High Garrochtree Kirkmaiden
High Gillespie Glenluce
High Glasnick Penninghame
High Glasnock Penninghame
High Glengyer Kirkcolm
High Glengyr Kirkcolm
High Gleniron Glenluce
High Glenstockadale Leswalt
High Grenan Kirkmaiden
High Kibert Port Patrick
High Kildonnan Kirkmaiden
High Larg Leswalt
High Mains Whithorn
High Mark Inch
High Mark Leswalt
High May Stoneykirk
High Mindork Kirkcowan
High Mindork Kirkcowan
High My Stoneykirk
High Ochtrilure Inch
High Port Nessock Kirkmaiden
High Portencally Kirkcolm
High Portencalzie Kirkcolm
High Portncally Kirkcolm
High Prestrey Whithorn
High Salquhrie Kirkcolm
High Saughrie Kirkcolm
High Severall Inch
High Shed of Alticry Mochrum
High Skeog Whithorn
High Slack Kirkmaiden
High Slock Kirkmaiden
High Stallock Glasserton
High Street Penninghame
High Street Stranraer
High Street Wigtown
High Street North Wigtown
High Street South Wigtown
High Synnyness Glenluce
High Thrave Penninghame
High Threave Penninghame
High Three Mark Stoneykirk
High Thrie Mark Stoneykirk
High Tibbere Portpatrick
High Tibbert Portpatrick
High Torse Glen Luce
Higharnamord Kirkcowan
Highdirry Kirkcowan
Hil of Kraichlaw Kirkcowan
Hill Head Stoneykirk
Hill Head Whithorn
Hill of Kraigary Kirkcowan
Hillcroft Glenluce
Hillen Glen Luce
Hillend Whithorn
Hillhead Leswalt
Hillhead Mochrum
Hills Glasserton
Hills Glasserton
Hills Kirkinner
Hills Wigtown
Hilltersan Kirkcowan
Hilltop of Balcray Whithorn
Holm Minnigaff
Holm Street Portpatrick
Holme Croft Mochrum
Honey Pig Glen Luce
Horse Isles Glasserton
House at Carty Tileworks Penninghame
House in Laganmore Portpatrick
House o' Hill Minnigaff
How Hole of Shaddock Whithorn
Howsies Wigtown
Hushandtoun Wigtown
Ianbyrray Port Patrick
Ilet House Kirkcowan
Ille of Whitehorn Whithorn
Inch Inch
Inch Sorbie
Inch (or Ynch) Sorbie
Inch Bread Inch
Inch Bread Inch
Inch Kirk Inch
Inch Mallach Kirkmaiden
Inch Parks Inch
Inch, Loch of the Inch
Inchacks Kirkcowan
Inchainge Kirkcolm
Inchanks Kirkmaiden
Inchbread Inch
Inchbridy Inch
Inchdow Kirkcolm
Inches Penninghame
Inchkay Caste in ruins Port Patrick
Inchmalloch Kirkcowan
Inchmalloch Kirkmaiden
Inchmulloch Kirkmaiden
Inchycragach Kirkcolm
Ingleston Sorbie
Inglestoune Sorbie
Innermessan Inch
Innermessen Inch
Innermesson Inch
Innerwell Sorbie
Innerwell Fishery Sorbie
Innerwell Point Sorbie
Innerwell Port Sorbie
Inschaes Kirkmaiden
Inshanks Kirkcowan
Inshanks Kirkmaiden
Isle & Smith's Croft Whithorn
Isle barn Whithorn
Isle Farm Whithorn
Isle o Whillart Mochrum
Isle Quay Whithorn
Isles of Killaser Stoneykirk
Islil Whithorn
Ivy House Stranraer
Ivy Place Stranraer
Jedderland Kirkinner
J'Ochiltree Penninghame
Jocks Park Glen Luce
John Ross House Stran Inch