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Whithorn War Memorial

We gratefully dedicate these transcriptions of some of Wigtownshire's War Memorials to the county's men and women who died in the service of their country. This transcription was made available by Randy Chapple who supplied original transcriptions by J.E. Birchman.

Whithorn War Memorial
memorial picture
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The men from the Royal Burgh and Parish of Whithorn whose names are written here, gave their lives for their country in the Great War

1914 - 1918

North West
William B. Arnott    Nathan Bie     Thos W. Boyce    M. Primrose Brown    Alex Cain    Daniel Cain     Samuel Cain    William Campbell    Thos A. Christie
West side
Adam Cosh    Richard Cosh     George Dalziel    George Duffy     Adam Ferries    James Flannighan     Robert Flannighan    Alex Gardiner     Alex Garrick    Peter Garrick
South West
Robert Gibson    James Goodfellow     James Hannah    Robert B. Huxtable     John Irvine    William Irvine     Robert Johnston    Alex Keachie     James Keith
South side
James Loan    Joseph Lyons     Henry H. Martin    Joseph Martin     Peter Maxwell    Hugh Millan     John Millan    Randolph Miller     Robert Milligan    W. Milwain
South East
John Mills    John G. Milroy     Archd J.S. Morrison    Robert Murray    Douglas McCallie    Alex McClelland     John McCubbin    David McCulloch     John McEwen    Adam McKeand
East side
John McKelvie     James A. McClure     William McRobert    James McWhirter     James W.K. Nairn    Frederick Niblock     John Paterson    William J. Rennie     David Robb    Thomas Robertson
North East
William C. Robertson     Alex Shaw    John Smith     Peter Smith    William Smith     Christopher Steele    Andrew Stewart     Herbert Swan    Alex B. Torrance     William True    Harold Whitten

And the 1939 - 1945 War

North West
Joseph Ballantyne     Alexander Cain
Robert Flannigan
South West
Thomas Horner
James McCutcheon
John M. Martin
North East
Jack Rodger     James Wyllie
"The War Memorial is just at the bottom of the hill in George Street. It is of granite, with octogonal base and panels, a pillar above these with a ball at the top. The names of the fallen are on the 8 panels commencing with the North panel, looking down the street, then going Widdershins, that, anti clockwise."
J.E. Birchman, supplied by R. Chapple

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