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1855 Death Records*

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
March 2003

*Note: This is a work in progress. All Wigtownshire deaths that appear in the 1855 register are listed in this index, but not all have been transcribed. Return to the intro page to read more about the register. [Back to Intro]


Tait, Margaret see Gibson

Tait, Thomas 15y - Burgh of Wigtown - #26 - Thomas TAIT, 15 years. Born in Wigtown and lived there all of his life. Parents: Thomas TAIT, Printer & Helen CARSON. Died on July 21, 9pm at High St, Wigtown, of Constipation of Bowels terminating in effusion of the Brain, 8 days. Certified by David Broadfoot, Surgeon. Buried in Wigtown Churchyard, John 'Furlow', Undertaker. Signed: Elizabeth H. TAIT, sister. Registered on Aug 29 at Wigtown, Wm Carson, Registrar.

Templeton, Jean 87y - Old Luce - #33 - Jean TEMPLETON, Pauper, formerly Domestic Servant, 87 years. Born in Back of Wall, Old Luce, lived Old Luce 72 years. Parents: James TEMPLETON, Farmer deceased & Mary McDOWALL deceased. Married: none. Died on July 25, 10am at High Torrs, Old Luce, of Old Age and Infirmity. No medical attendant. Buried in Glenluce Churchyard, certified by John McKie, Undertaker. Signed: William TEMPLETON, Occupier. Registered on July 25 in Glenluce, John Ross, Registrar.

Thompson, John 72y

Thomson, Alexander 4y

Thomson, David 3m 18d - Portpatrick - #19 - David THOMSON, 3 months 18 days. Born in Portpatrick, lived there since birth. Parents: James THOMPSON, Mason & no mother listed. Died on May 23, 8:20pm at Portpatrick Village, of Inflammation of the Lungs, 8 days. Certified by H. Robertson, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on May 22. Buried in Portpatrick Churchyard, certified by James Jess, Undertaker. Signed: James THOMPSON, father. Registered on May 24 at Portpatrick, Andrew Niven, Registrar.

Thomson, David 51y

Thomson, Esther 36m

Thomson, Gavin 13y - Kirkmaiden - #33 - Gavin THOMSON, 13 years. Born in Ballyhalbert, Down, Ireland, lived in district 5 days. Parents: Gavin THOMSON, Mariner & Jane [surname not given]. Died on Oct 24 7am at Drumore, of Rhematic Fever, 7 days, certified by George McBride, Surgeon who last saw deceased Oct 23. Buried in Ballyhalbert, Down, Ireland, not certified. Signed: Elizabeth THOMSON, cousin with her mark, X witnessed by A. Parker and John McConnell. Registered on Oct 26 at Kirkmaiden, Anthony Parker, Registrar.

Thomson, Hugh 23y

Thomson, James 24y

Timony, Francis 23y

Todd, Agnes 78y [McTier] - Burgh of Wigtown - #11 - Agnes TODD, Widow, maiden name McTIER, 78 years. Born in 'Penningham', and lived in Wigtown for 40 years. Parents: [blank] McTIER, Coachman, deceased & Jane SLOAN deceased. Married: David TODD, Merchant deceased. Children: Jean, 44. Elisabeth, 42. Died on Feb 12, 11am at Bladnoch, Wigtown, of Water on the Chest, Debility and Old Age, several years. Certified by David Broadfoot, Surgeon - last saw the deceased 4 months ago. Buried in Wigtown Churchyard, George Paton, Undertaker. Signed: Peter McCLUMPHA, son-in-law. Registered on Feb 16 at Wigtown, Wm Carson, Registrar.

Toman, John 1y 3m - Inch - #35 - John TOMAN, 1 year 3 months. Born in Beoch, Inch and has lived there all of his life. Parents: Edward TOMAN, Agricultural Labourer & Agnes HARDIE. Died on Aug 8, 12am at Beoch of Diarrhoea, 10 days, as certified by John Orgill, Surgeon, Stranraer who last saw the deceased on Aug 4. Buried in Inch Churchyard, as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Edward TOMAN, his Mark [X], Father, of ‘Beouch’. Witness Michael CERRAGHER. Registered on Aug 8 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Torbet, Elizabeth 70y

Trainer, Michael 3m

Tully, Grace 14y

Turner, Margaret 71y - Kirkinner - #15 - Margaret TURNER, 71 years. Born in Buittle, Kircudbrightshire. Lived in Kirkinner 2years. Parents: William HYSLOP, Farm Servant & Mary CARMENT. Married: James TURNER, Blacksmith deceased. Children: William, 43. Janet, 41. James, Died at age 9 in 1825. Margaret, 37. Agnes, 35 . Robert, 33. Ann, 30. Isabella and Eliza, twins, deceased at 2 days in 1826. Elizabeth, 26. Died on May 2 6:00am at Kirkland of Longcastle, Kirkinner, of unknown causes. No medical attendant. Buried in Kirkinner Churchyard, certified by [blank]. Signed: William TURNER, son, registered on May 3 at Kirkinner, William Lewis, Registrar.


Vans, Thomas 50-60y

Vernon, Samuel 14m - Penninghame - #28 - Samuel VERNON, 14 months. Born in Newton Stewart. Parents: James VERNON, Cabinet maker & Agnes HENDERSON. Died on 8 April, 1:30 (or 4:30)pm at Newton Stewart of Inflamation of Chest, 10 days, certified by W.N.Potts, Surgeon - last saw deceased on 7 Apr. Buried in Penninghame New Churchyard, certified by Hugh McCandlish, Beadle. Signed: Samuel VERNON, Uncle. Registered on 11 Apr at Newton Stewart, Wm Dill, Registrar.


Wallace, Elizabeth 89

Wallace, James 4m

Wallace, James 70y - Kirkcolm - #16 - James WALLACE, Schoolmaster, Kirkcolm, 70 years. Born in Inch and lived in Kirkcolm for 46 years. Parents: Alexander WALLACE, Schoolmaster & Martha STEVEN. Married: Rachel McMASTER. Children: James, 32. Helen, 29, Rachel, 29. Died on April 19, 8:20pm at Schoolhouse, Kirkcolm, of Diarrhea 2 months. Certified by Robert Wilson - last saw the deceased on April 17. Buried in Kirkcolm Churchyard, certified by Thomas Watson, Undertaker. Signed James WALLACE, son. Registered on Apr 21 at Kirkcolm, Thomas Park, Interim Registrar.

Walls, Susanna 60y [Conville]

Warren, Cathrine 28y - Sorbie - #6 - Catherine WARREN, 28 years. Born in Garliestown, Sorbie. Parents: John RICE, Agricultural Labourer & Hannah RAWLINS. Married: Samuel WARREN, Agricultural Labourer. Children: John, 6. William, 3. Died on Mar 21, 4pm at Garliestown of Consumption, 11 months as certified by James Dunsmore, student of medicine who last saw the deceased on Mar 20. Buried in Sorbie Kirkyard as certified by John Shillan, Sexton. Signed: Hannah RICE, her Mark [X], witnessed by Robert WILD & John KEACHIE. Registered on Mar 26 at Garliestown, James Dunsmore, Registrar.

Waterson, Margaret 83y - Portpatrick - #9 - Margaret WATERSON, a Pauper in the Poor Hall of Portpatrick, 83 years. Born in Bangor, Ireland, lived in Portpatrick 29 years. Parents: James FINDLAY, Weaver & Janet BERRY. Married: Robert WATERSON, deceased. Children: Elizabeth, 47. Died on Feb 10, 6am at Craigenlee, Portpatrick, of Paralysis, 8 days, no medical attendant. Buried in Portpatrick Churchyard, certified James Jess, Undertaker. Registered on Feb 14 at Portpatrick, Andrew Niven, Registrar.

Watson, female few minutes

Watson, Mary 3m 15d illeg.

Ward, Ann6y

Ward, Wilhelmina 48y

Watt, Mary Ann 31y

Waugh, William 19d

Weir, Alexander 6y

Weir, James 8m

Whannel, Jane 17y

Whirk, Janet 68y - Stranraer - #17 - Janet WHIRK, 68 years. Born in Portpatrick and she lived in Stranraer for 40 years. Parents: William WHIRK, Farmer & Agnes McWILLIAM. Married: John TURNBULL, Mason. Children: Joseph, 38. Agnes, 36. William, 34. Andrew, deceased. John, deceased. Janet, deceased. Died on Feb 3, 8:30pm at Surr Street, Leswalt, within the boundaries of Stranraer, of Inflamation of the Chest, 11 days. Certified by Robert Wilson, Surgeon. Buried in the United Presbyterian Churchyard, Bellavilla, Stranraer. Certified by Wm Thomson. Signed: William TURNBULL, son. Registered on Feb 7 at Stranraer, Wm Galbraith, Registrar.

Wilson, male stillborn

Wilson, Anne 22m illeg.

Wilson, Elisabeth 45y see Smith - Penninghame - #85 - Elizabeth, WILSON, maiden name SMITH, 45 years. Born in Penninghame, lived there since birth, except 21 years in Glasgow ending April 18, 1851. Parents: John SMITH, Weaver & Agnes McCAA. Married: Alexander WILSON, Joiner, Newton Stewart. Children: Elisabeth, 13. Mary, deceased. Agnes, deceased. William, deceased. Agnes, 7[?]. Alexander, 3. Died on 22 Nov, 11:45pm at Newton Stewart, of Dropsy, 3 months. Buried in Penninghame New Churchyard, certified by Hugh McCandlish, Beadle. Signed: Alexander WILSON, no relation given. Registered on 6 Dec at Newton Stewart, Samuel Dill, Assistant Registrar.

Wilson, Grizel 84y [Gordon] - Penninghame - #38 - Grizel WILSON, maiden name GORDON, 84 years. Born in Penninghame, lived there all her life. Parents: Gilbert GORDON, Farmer & Mary KEIN or KEIR. Married: John WILSON. Children: Mary,62. Margaret, 60. Marian, deceased 20 years ago aged 38. Janet, 56, Sarah, 54. Elisabeth, 52. Gilbert, 48. William, 44. Hamilton, deceased 10 years ago aged 32. Died on 4 May, 6:30pm at Garehew,,of Old Age, no medical attendant. Buried in Penninghame Old Churchyard, certified by Hugh McCandlish, Beadle Signed: William WILSON, no relation given. Registered on 5 May at Newton Stewart, Samuel Dill, Assistant Registrar.

Wilson, Janet 12d

Wilson, Janet 94y

Wilson, William 7y - Inch - #23 - William WILSON, 7 years. Born in Doss [?], Inch and lived in Inch for 7 years. Parents: Samuel WILSON, Agricultural Labourer & Jane PRINGLE. Died on March 22, 8:20pm at Craigcaffie of Congestion of the Brain, 6 days as certified by Robert WILSON, Surgeon, Stranraer who last saw the deceased on March 22. Buried in Inch Churchyard as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Samuel WILSON, his Mark [X] witnessed by James McCRONE of Craig Caffie. Registered on March 26 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Wither, James 87y - Stoneykirk - #33 - James WITHER, Proprietor, 87 years. Born in Cairnweel and lived in Stoneykirk all his life. Parents: Charles WITHER, Farmer deceased & Jean GUFFOG deceased. Married: Mary MILWAIN. Children: none. Died on Nov 16, 1:30pm at Thornbank of Hydrothorax, 10 months. Certified by Robert Wilson, Surgeon, Stranraer - last saw the deceased on Nov 3. Buried in Stoneykirk Churchyard, certified by James MILWAIN, Nephew. Signed: James MILWAIN, Nephew. Registered on Nov 20 at Stoneykirk, Thomas Kennedy, Registrar.

Wither, William 8y - Portpatrick - #8 - William WITHER, 8 years. Born and lived in Portpatrick all his life. Parents: William WITHER, Labourer & Sarah COSH. Died on Feb 8, 11am at Portpatrick Village, of Small Pox, 14 days, certified by H Robertson, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on Feb 7. Buried in Portpatrick Churchyard, certified by James Jess, Undertaker Signed: Sarah COSH, mother. Registered on Feb 10 at Portpatrick, Andrew Nixon, Registrar.

Woods, Mary 60y

Wright, Agnes 80y

Wright, Anne 77y

Wright, David 58y

Wright, Elizabeth 37y

Wright, Margaret 72y

Wylie, Helen 15y

Wylie, Jemima 3y