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1855 Death Records*

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
March 2003

*Note: This is a work in progress. All Wigtownshire deaths that appear in the 1855 register are listed in this index, but not all have been transcribed. Return to the intro page to read more about the register. [Back to Intro]

Rankin, Elizabeth 43y - Inch - #46 - Elizabeth RANKIN, 43years, Born: Ardwell, Stoneykirk. Lived in Inch 13 years. Parents: Daniel McMILLAN, agricultural labourer & Ann STEWART, deceased. Married: Wm RANKIN, farmer. Children: Ann, 15. Thomas, 14. Deborah, 11. Elizabeth, 9. Mary, 7. James, 5. Alexander, 3. Margaret, 2. Died on Nov 3, 1pm at Ochtrilure, Inch, of Abortion, 6weeks, certified by John Orgill, Surgeon, Stranraer- last saw deceased Nov 1. Buried in Inch Churchyard, certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Wm RANKIN, husband. Registered on Nov 5 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Rankin, Isabella McWilliam 4y - Portpatrick - #34 - Isabella McWilliam RANKIN, 4 years. Born in Portpatrick, lived in there since birth. Parents: John RANKIN, Tailor & Marion AULD. Died on Oct 30, 9:30pm at Portpatrick Village, of Consumption, 11 weeks, certified by H. Robertson, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on 29 Oct. Buried in Portpatrick Churchyard, certified by Henry Dugan, Sexton. Signed: John RANKIN, father. Registered on Nov 3 at Portpatrick, Andrew Niven, Registrar.

Raynolds, Catherine 15m

Reid, Elizabeth 3m

Reid, John 1y

Reid, Moses 40y

Rennie, Hugh see McKennie 20y - Inch - #3 - Hugh RENNIE - Apprentice Joiner, 20 years. Born in Ballyfiries, Co. Down, Ireland and lived in Inch for 3 years. Parents: George RENNIE, Labourer & Jane SPROTT. Died on Jan 19, 2:15pm at Hirkland of Smallpox, 14 days as certified by John Orgill, Surgeon who last saw the deceased on Jan 20. Buried in Kirkmadrine Churchyard as certified by James McCreadie. Signed: William Crawford, Occupier. Registered on Jan 22 at Inch, James Lowrie, Registrar.

Ritchie, Margaret 56y - Kirkcolm - #10 - Margaret McMECHAN or RITCHIE, female, 56 years. Born in Kirkcolm, lived there all her life. Parents: John McMECHAN, deceased & Elizabeth AGNEW deceased. Married Robert RITCHIE of Kirkcolm Village. Children: Eli-[rest unclear], 34. Mary, 33. Robert deceased at 21 [unclear age] in 1828. Jane deceased at 2 years in 1824 [?]. Grace, 22. Agnes, 20. Robert, 18. Andrew, 16. Died on Mar 9, 5:45am at Kirkcolm Village, of Phthisis, some years. Certified Robert Wilson, Esq, Surgeon-last saw deceased Feb 27. Buried Old Churchyard Kirkcolm. Certified by Thomas Watson, Sexton. Signed: Robert RITCHIE, husband. Registered Mar 9 at Kirkcolm, James Wallace, Registrar.

Ritchie, Mary 53y - Stranraer - #54 - Mary RITCHIE, Dressmaker, 53 years. Born in Stoneykirk and she lived in Stranraer for 30 years. Parents: Colin RITCHIE, Farmer deceased & Helen McDONALD deceased. Died on May 23, 6pm at Princes St, Stranraer, of Consumption, 6 months, certified by John Orgill, Surgeon. Buried in Stoneykirk Churchyard, certified by James McCreadie, Church Officer. Signed: Malcolm McFARLANE, Brother-in - law. Registered on May 28 at Stranraer, Wm Galbraith, Registrar.

Robbs, Elisabeth 2y 5m - Penninghame - #36 - Elizabeth ROBBS, 2 years 5 months. Born in Newton Stewart. Parents: Robert ROBBS, Carter & Mary McLURG. Died on 25 Apr, 3:20pm at Newton Stewart, of Measles 14 days, certified by Dr [unclear] - last saw deceased on 25 Apr. Buried in Penninghame New Churchyard, certified by Hugh McCandlish, Beadle. Signed: Robert ROBBS, father. Registered on 30 Apr at Newton Stewart, Wm Dill, Registrar.

Robertson, Elizabeth 72y

Robison, Grace 23y

Rodie, Daniel 86y - Kirkmaiden - #10 - Daniel RODIE, Agricultural Labourer, 86 years. Born in Logan Mill, Kirkmaiden. Parents: Alexander RODIE, Woollen weaver deceased & Elizabeth McBRIDE deceased. Married: none. Died on April 11, 10:30am at Portlogan, of Natural Debility 6 months. Certified by George McBride, Surgeon-last saw deceased April 2. Buried in Kirkmaiden Churchyard, certified by George McCrackan, Undertaker. Signed: Hamilton WALLDER [?], Occupier. Registered on April 12 at Kirkmaiden, Anthony Parker, Registrar.

Rogers, James 80y

Ronald, Thomas 90y

Ross, Andrew 4m - Stranraer - #88 - Andrew ROSS, 4 months. Born in Leswalt. Parents: Thomas ROSS, Ploughman & Jane McDONALD. Died on Oct 10, 5am at Baidge Street, Stranraer, of Unknown causes, 4 days. No medical attendant. Buried in Leswalt Churchyard, certified by Robert Rodie, Undertaker. Signed: Thomas ROSS, father. Registered on Oct 17 at Stranraer, Wm Galbraith, Registrar.

Ross, David 2 ½ y

Leswalt Ross, James 26d

Ross, Jane 37y - Kirkcolm - #15 - Jane ROSS, female, 37 years. Born in Weirston, Kirkcolm. Lived 36 years in Dinduff, Kirkcolm. Parents: William ROSS, farmer & Marjorie McCULLOCH. Married: none. Died on Apr 4, 7am in Dinduff, of Unknown causes, continuing 1year. No medical attendant. Buried at Reformed Presbyterian Church of Stranraer, certified by William Thomson who was "not the regular undertaker for that burial place". Signed: William ROSS, father, registered on Apr 11 at Kirkcolm, Thomas Park, Registrar.

Ross, Maria 12y - Stranraer - #109 - Maria ROSS, 12 years. Born in Leswalt and she lived Stranraer for 3 years. Parents: Joseph ROSS, Shoemaker & Janet HOUSTON. Died on Dec 15, 5:45am at Backrampart, Stranraer, of Consumption, 6 months, certified by Robert Wilson, Surgeon. Buried in Leswalt Churchyard, certified by Robert Rodie, Undertaker. Signed: Joseph ROSS, father. Registered on Dec 11 at Stranraer, Wm Galbraith, Registrar.

Ross, Sarah 30 minutes

Rouchan, George of unknown age - Glasserton - #14 - George ROUCHAN, no age given. Found exposed at Rouchan, “13 March, 1853, 8pm”. Married: none. Died on Oct 22, 4:30pm at Rouchan, Glasserton, of Unknown causes, 14 days, no medical attendant. Buried in Glasserton Churchyard, certified by George Douglas, Person in charge of the funeral. Signed Anne DOUGLAS, Nurse. Registered on Oct 30 at Glasserton, James Gifford, Registrar.