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1855 Death Records*

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
March 2003

*Note: This is a work in progress. All Wigtownshire deaths that appear in the 1855 register are listed in this index, but not all have been transcribed. Return to the intro page to read more about the register. [Back to Intro]


Hamilton, Agnes 68y

Hamilton, Elizabeth 55y

Hamilton, Margaret 37y - Kirkcolm - #24 - Margaret HAMILTON, female, 37 years. Born in Kirkcolm. Parents: James McMEAKAN, agriculturist & Grace CRUTH. Married: James HAMILTON, Master Mariner. Children: Grace, 10. Agnes, 8. Unnamed son who died a few hours after birth in March, 1850. Died on March 12 on board a ship at sea, 3:30pm at Lat 48d10'S. Long 87d 2'W of Consumption 4 ½ months. While at sea he was attended by Dr Answorth Callso and Dr Brown of the ship [rest unclear]. Buried in Kirkcolm Churchyard. Certified by Robert McMeckan, Leswalt. Signed: James HAMILTON, Widower, master [mariner]. Signed also by Samuel Shaw [next word unclear]. Registered on July 9 at Edinburgh. Signed W. P Dundas, Registrar General, Relative particulars transmitted to me. Thomas Park, Interim Registrar.

Hamilton, Mary 12y

Hannah, Margaret 65y - Parish of Whithorn - #15 - Margaret HANNAH, 65 years. Born in the Parish of Whithorn. Parents: Hugh HANNAH, Farmer deceased & Agnes GUFFIE deceased. Married: none. Died on Oct 15, 5pm at Cattyns, Whithorn, of Unknown causes. No medical attendant. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard, certified Archd Muir, Sexton. Signed John BROADFOOT, cousin. Registered on Oct 19 at Whithorn, Wm Kelly, Registrar.

Hannay, Agnes 60y - Stranraer - #42 - Agnes HANNAY, 60 years. Born: Unknown and she lived in Stranraer for 50 years. Parents: Unknown. Married: John ANDERSON, Labourer deceased. Children: Isabella, 31. Joseph, 28. William, 24. Died on April 4, 10pm at Sun Street, Leswalt, within boundary of Stranraer, of Hydrothorax, 5 weeks, certified by Robert Wilson, Surgeon. Buried in Leswalt Churchyard, Certified by Robert Rodie, Undertaker. Registered on Apr 7 at Stranraer, Wm Galbraith, Registrar.

Hannay, Andrew 81y - Parish of Whithorn - #11 - Andrew HANNAY, Farm Servant, 81 years. Born in Burgh of Whithorn. Parents: John HANNAY, Woollen Weaver deceased & Harriot ROBB deceased. Married: Harrioet ROBB deceased [yes, same name as mother]. Children: William, Died in infancy. Jane, 53. John, Died at age of 21. Alexander, Died in infancy. Alexander, 47. Andrew, 45. James, Died at age of 2. Jacobina, 40. Mary, Died in infancy. Died on July 2, 9pm at Cauldside, Whithorn, of Exhaustion after being bed-ridden for more than 3 years. Certified by Alexr McMillan, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on July 2. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard, certified by Archd Muir, Sexton. Signed: Alexander HANNAY, Son. Registered on July 4 at Whithorn, Wm Kelly, Registrar.

Hannay, James 56y - Mochrum - #13 - James HANNAY, Minister Milngavie, New Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire, 56 years. Born in Stoneykirk, lived in Mochrum 7days. Parents: Thomas HANNAY, Farmer deceased & Mary McCRACKEN. Married: first marriage Susan McDOWAL. Children: Mary, 22 years. Married: second marriage Jane SETTER or SELTER. Children: James, 13. John, 6. Elisabeth, 3. Died on June 8, 9:45pm at Portwilliam, of Dyspepsia, several years, certified by James McCormick, Surgeon-last saw deceased June 8. Buried in Mochrum Churchyard, certified by James Wallace, Undertaker. Signed Thomas HANNAY, father. Registered on June 15at Mochrum, D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

Hannay, James 63y - Burgh of Whithorn - #1 - James HANNAY, 63 years. Born in Whithorn. Parents: John HANNAY, Labourer deceased & Elizabeth GARROCH deceased. Married: Jane MILROY. Children: none. Died on Jan 12, 5:30pm at Main Street, Whithorn, of Chronic Hepatitis and Consecutive Ascitis, for over 6 years, certified by B. Broadfoot, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on Jan 12. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard, certified by Archd Muir, Sexton. Signed: Jane HANNAY, widow. Registered on Jan 18 at Whithorn, Wm Kelly, Registrar.

Hannay, John 15m illeg.

Hannay, John 48y - New Luce - #6 - John HANNAY, Farmer, 48 years. Born in Clugston, Kirkcowan. Lived in New Luce 4 days. Parents: James HANNAY, Farmer & Elisabeth PATERSON. Married: Agnes HANNAY. Children: Janet, 17. Ann, 15, Agnes, 13. Hellen, 11. Elisabeth, 9. Robert, 7. John, 3. Died on May 1, 7am at Kilhern, of Nervous Exhaustion resulting from over-exertion in a [looks like Frann?]. Already exhausted by a lingering disease, said by deceased to have commenced with influenza, 9 months. Certified by Wm McCornack, Surgeon-last saw deceased April 28. Buried in Kirkcowan Churchyard, certified by James Hannay, Undertaker. Signed: James HANNAY, Brother. Registered on May 14 at New Luce, Robert Lupton, Registrar.

Hannay, Mary 63y [Armstrong] - Kirkmaiden - #6 - Mary HANNAY, formerly ARMSTRONG, maiden name REID, 63 years. Born in White Church, County Down, Ireland, lived in Kirkmaiden 40 years. Parents: Willaim REID, Farmer deceased & Jane DUNN deceased. Married: first husband - James ARMSTRONG, Mariner deceased. Children: Grace, Died at age 1 in 1818. Helen McKIE, 30. Married : second husband - William HANNAY deceased. Children: none in 2nd marriage. Died on Feb 1, 3pm at Kirkbride, of Natural Decay, 5days. No medical attendant. Buried in Kirkmaiden Churchyard, certified by George McCrackan, Undertaker. Signed: Helen McKie ARMSTRONG, her mark [X], daughter. Witness A. PARKER, teacher. Ellen PARKER. Registered on Feb 6 at Kirkmaiden, Anthony Parker, Registrar.

Hannay, William 11m

Harrison, Alexander 26y - Inch - #45 - Alexander HARRISON, Pauper, 26 years. Born in ’Ballontoue’, Ayr and has lived in Inch 14 days. Parents: Robert HARRISON, Agricultural Labourer deceased & Elizabeth McCRINDLE deceased. Married: none. Died on Oct 26, 1pm at Kirnearn of Apoplexy, not certified. Buried in New Luce Churchyard, as certified by Anthony Agnew, Beadle, his Mark [X]. Witnessed John McMEIKIN & Robert LUPTON. Signed: A. Linsbaum [unclear], Police. Registered on Nov 5 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Harrison, James 2d

Hathorn, George 8m

Hathorn, Hannah 14m

Henderson, Elizabeth 21y

Henderson, John 84y - Kirkinner - #24 - John HENDERSON, Farm Labourer, 84 years. Born in Barlae, Kirkinner. Lived in district all his life. Parents: Andrew HENDERSON, farmer, deceased & Grace CRUMM, deceased. Married: Agnes THOMPSON, deceased. Children: none. Died on July 12, 5:30am at Red Ligget?, of General Decay of Nature, not certified. Buried in Kirkinner churchyard, ertified by Thomas Skimming, Undertaker. Signed: Anthony [?] HENDERSON, brother. Registered on July 12 at Kirkinner, Wm Lewis, Registrar.

Henry, Samuel 3m

Heron, George 66y

Heron, Janet 68y - Mochrum - #35 - Janet HERON, 68 years. Born in Drughtag, Mochrum. Parents: Robert SHENNAN, Farmer deceased & Jean STEWART deceased. Married: first marriage, Alexander McCUBBIN, Farmer. Children: Jean McCUBBIN, 36. David McCUBBIN, 33. Married: second marriage, Patrick HERON, Farmer. Children: Mary HERON, 22. Charles, 21. Died on Dec 6, 4am at Glentripploch, Mochrum, of An Affection of the Heart, 1 year, certified by James McCormick, MD-last saw deceased Nov 7. Buried in Mochrum Churchyard, certified by Patrick Heron, Undertaker. Signed "Patrek Heron, Husband". Registered on Dec 6 at Mochrum, D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

Hewitt, Joseph 62y - Inch - #22 - Joseph HEWITT, Agricultural Labourer, 62 years. Born in North Cairn, Kirkcolm and lived in Inch for 41 years. Parents: Joseph HEWITT, Weaver deceased & Sarah McCOLM, deceased. Married: Ann RANKIN. Children: Sarah, 42. Joseph, 40. James, 38. John, 36. Margaret, 34, twin. William, 34, twin. Agnes, 32. Elizabeth, 30. Andrew, 25. Died on March 17 10:30pm at Barnettoch of Consumption, 16 weeks. No medical attendant. Buried in Inch Churchyard as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: James HEWITT, Son of Hillhead, Kilmarnock. Registered on March 22 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Higging, Mary 58y

Higgins-Fowler, Isabella 5y - Inch - #26 - Isabella HIGGINS FOWLER, 5 years. Born in Barnbarrock, Kirkinner and lived in Inch for 4 years. Parents: Barry HIGGINS, Gardner & Isabella FOWLER deceased. Died on Apr 23, 5pm at Castle Kennedy of Remittent Fever, 6 weeks as certified by Wm McCornack, Surgeon, Glenluce who last saw the deceased on Apr 21. Buried in Inch Churchyard as certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Archibald FOWLER, Uncle. Registered on Apr 27 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Hillian, William 8m

Hinds, James 9d

Hogg, Isabella 87y

Hood, Robert 2y

Horner, Elizabeth 59y

Hughan, George 76y

Hughes, Ann 76y

Hughes, Edward 77y

Hughes, Margaret 83y

Hunter, Margaret 49y

Hunter, Robert 7m

Hutchison, John Mars1y 8m illeg. - Penninghame - #26 - John Mars HUTCHISON, 1 year 8 months, illegitimate. Born in Newton Stewart. Parents: John HUTCHISON, Draper & Jess MARS, Newton Stewart. Died on Mar21, 5:30pm at Newton Stewart, of Atrophy 5 weeks, certified by [obscured by inkblots] - last saw deceased on Mar 20. Buried in Penninghame New Churchyard, certified by Hugh McCandlish, Beadle Signed: Joseph IRVINE, his mark [X] no relation given. Registered on Mar 22 at Newton Stewart, James Dill, Assistant Registrar.

Hutton, William 1y

Hyslop, Elizabeth 8d - Sorbie - #5 - Elizabeth HYSLOP - 8 days. Born in Garliestown, Sorbie. Parents: William HYSLOP, Labourer & Mary Ann RENNIE. Died March 3, 1:30am at Garliestown of Colic pains, 2 days as certified by James Dunsmore, student of medicine who last saw the deceased on Mar 2. Buried in Sorbie Kirkyard as certified by John Shillan, Sexton. Signed William HYSLOP, Father. Registered on Mar 9 at Garliestown, James Dunsmore, Registrar.8d


Ireland, Margaret 76y

Irwin, Violet 28y [McKinzie]

Irvine, William 98y - Old Luce - #9 - William IRVINE, Pauper, formerly Agricultural Labourer, 98 years. Born in County Antrim, Ireland, lived 13 years in Glenluce. Parents: John IRVINE, Labourer deceased & Mary O'NEAL, deceased. Married: Mary WATSON deceased. Children: John, Died at age 40 in 1854. Mary, 35. Helen, 32. James, 30. Died on Feb 17, 9am in Glenluce, of Influenza, 14 days, certified by Wm McCornack, Surgeon - last saw deceased on Feb 11. Buried in Glenluce Churchyard, certified by John McKie, Undertaker. Signed James IRVINE, son. Registered Feb 17 at Glenluce, John Ross, Registrar.


Jamieson, William-Alexander 3y

Jardene, John67y

Jenkins, James 16y

Johnston, Helen 29y

Johnston, Janet 8m

Johnston, Matthew 62y

Johnston, Susan72y