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1855 Death Records*

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
March 2003

*Note: This is a work in progress. All Wigtownshire deaths that appear in the 1855 register are listed in this index, but not all have been transcribed. Return to the intro page to read more about the register. [Back to Intro]

Dalrymple, Mary 78y

Dalrymple, Sarah 38y [McKie] - Penninghame - #80 - Sarah DALRYMPLE, maiden name McKIE, 38 years. Born in Glenluce, lived Penninghame 5 years. Parents: John McKIE & Mary HENDERSON. Married: Robert DALRYMPLE, Labourer. Children: Janet, 20. Elisabeth, 18. Mary, 16. Jemina, 5. John, 14. Samuel, 6. Archibald, 4. Alexander, 18m. Helen, deceased. Hannah, deceased. Robert, deceased. Died on 29 Oct at Newton Stewart, of Consumption, 9 months, certified by Wm Erskine, Surgeon - last saw deceased on 27 Oct. Buried in Penninghame New Churchyard, certified by Hugh McCandlish, Beadle Signed: Robert DALRYMPLE, no relation given. Registered on Nov 2 at Newton Stewart, Wm Dill, Registrar.

Dalrymple, William 48y - Old Luce - #17 - William DALRYMPLE, Farmer, 48 years. Born in Blairderry, Old Luce. Parents: Thomas DALRYMPLE, Farmer deceased & Isabella DOUGLAS deceased. Married: Barbara McCONNELL. Children: none. Died on Mar 18, 10pm at Blairderry, Old Luce, of Small Pox, 11 days, certified by Wm McCornack, Surgeon - last saw deceased on Mar 18. Buried on Kirkcowan Burial Grounds, certified by James McKie, Undertaker. Signed Anthony PARKER, Nephew, registered on Jan 20 at Glenluce, John Ross, Registrar.

Dalziel, William Alexander 34y - Glasserton - #3 - William Alexander DALZIEL, Blacksmith, 34 years. Born in Cairnfield, Kirkinner, lived in Glasserton for 17 years. Parents: Alexander DALZIEL, Blacksmith & Margaret McCLUMPHA deceased. Married: Agnes Moore. Children: Margaret, 3. John, 1. Died on Feb 23, 5:40am at Ravenston, Glasserton, of Pleuritis with suspected complication of liver and kidney disease, 7-10 weeks. Certified by Dunbar White, MD - last saw the deceased on Feb 22. Buried in Wigtown Burial Ground. Signed: Agnes DALZIEL, widow. Registered on Feb 24 at Glasserton, James Gifford, Registrar.

Davidson, Grace 31y - Stranraer - #27 - Grace DAVIDSON, 31 years. Born in Bangor, County Down, Ireland and she lived in Stranraer for 6 years. Parents: James DAVIDSON, Miller deceased & Jane McCULLOCH deceased. Married: William STEWART, Labourer. Children: Alexander, 13. Hugh, deceased. Jane, 8. Helen, 4. James, deceased. William, deceased. Died on Feb 5, 4am at High St, Stranraer, of Unknown causes, 3 weeks. No medical attendant. Buried in the New Cemetery of Sheuchan, Leswalt, certified by John Walls, Undertaker. Signed: Wm Stewart, husband. Registered on Feb 16 at Stranraer, Wm Galbraith, Registrar.

Davidson, James 10m - Glasserton - #5 - James DAVIDSON, 10 months. Born in Drumore, Glasserton. Parents: Abraham DAVIDSON, Farm Servant & Susan MORRISON. Died on Mar 5, 3:30am at Drumore, Glasserton, of Hooping Cough, 2 days. No medical attendant. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard. Signed: Susan DAVIDSON, mother. Registered on Mar 11 at Glasserton, ames Gifford, Registrar.

Davidson, James 1y 4m - Portpatrick - #28 - James DAVIDSON, 1 year 4 months. Born in Portpatrick Village, lived there since birth. Parents: Mary McGWEAR, "a flourer of muslin". Died on Sept 18, 4:20pm at Portpatrick Village, of Convulsions, 8 days. Certified by H. Robertson, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on Sept 18. Buried in Portpatrick Churchyard, certified by Henry Dugan, Sexton. Registered on Sep 19 at Portpatrick, Andrew Niven, Registrar.

Davidson, Margaret 22y - Kirkmaiden - #3 - Margaret DAVIDSON, 22 years. Born in Portlogan, Kirkmaiden. Parents: James DAVIDSON, Coast Guard & Margaret McCONNELL. Married: none. Died on Jan 9, 2am at Portlogan, of Consumption, 12months. Buried in Kirkmaiden Churchyard. Certified by George McCrackan, Undertaker. Signed: [ Wm??] DAVIDSON, brother. Registered on Jan 15 at Kirkmaiden, Anthony Parker, Registrar.

Davies, Mary 42y

Dewar, Janet 16y

Dewar, John 57y

Dickson, James 4m

Dickson, Jane 4 ˝ y

Dickson, William James 11weeks

Divan, male 5w

Docherty, Francis16d [male]

Dodds, male stillborn illeg.

Dodds, Elizabeth 26y

Dodds, Helen 80y

Dodds, Mary 66y

Dodds, William 7d

Dodds, William26y

Doherty, John 71y

Donnan, James 83y - Parish of Whithorn - #4 - James DONNAN, Farmer, 83 years. Born in Low Ersock, Whithorn. Parents: Alexander DONNAN, Farmer deceased & Elizabeth DUFF deceased. Married: Jane McMILLAN. Children: Alexander, 35. Jacobina, 33. Elizabeth, 30. Margaret, 27. James, 24. Died on Feb 20, 3:25pm at Boyach, Whithorn, of Haematuria, 6 months certified by Alexr McMillan, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on Feb 19. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard, certified by Archd Muir, Sexton. Signed: Alexander DONNAN, son. Registered on Feb 26 at Whithorn, Wm Kelly, Registrar.

Donnan, Margaret 55y - Parish of Whithorn - #1 - Margaret DONNAN, 55 years. Born in Barmail, Glasserton, lived for 50 years in Whithorn. Parents: John DONNAN, Farmer deceased & Janet DUNSE deceased. Married: John McCREDIE, Shoemaker deceased. Children: John, 26. Died on Jan 1, 2am at Isle of Whithorn, of Cancer in face, not certified, no medical attendant. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard, not certified. Signed: Elizabeth DONNAN, her Mark [X] Sister. Witnessed by Eliza STEWART & Agness McNISH. Registered on Feb 8 at Whithorn, Wm Kelly, Registrar.

Donnelly, Joseph 67y

Doranse, Margaret 80y

Dornan, male "100 minutes"

Dorman, John 74y - Inch - #38 - John DORMON, 74 years, Born: Port O’Spittle, Stoneykirk. Lived in Inch 13 years. Parents: Archibald DORMON, farmer, deceased & Isabella EAGLESOME, deceased. Married Sarah WALLACE, deceased. Children: Mary, 48. John, 46. Isabella, 44, Sarah, Died at age 31 in 1841. Jane, 38. Agnes, 35. William W, 32. Died on Aug 27, 4pm at Deerpark of Enlargement of Prostate, 2 years. Certified by John Orgill, Surgeon-last saw deceased April 21. Buried Leswalt Churchyard, certified by Robert Rodie, Undertaker. Signed: Wm W. DORMON, son. Registered on Sept 1 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Dorrans, Peter 6y

Douglas, Adair 70y - Stranraer - #94 - Adair DOUGLAS, Coach Builder, 70 years. Born in Leswalt. Parents: Adair DOUGLAS, Miller deceased & Jane THORBURN deceased. Married: none. Died on Nov 13, 8:15pm at Bridge Street, Stranraer, of Gastric Fever, 9 days, certified by Robert Wilson, Surgeon. Buried in Inch Churchyard, certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Adair DOUGLAS, nephew. Registered on Nov 16 at Stranraer, Wm Galbraith, Registrar.

Douglas, Alexander 4m

Douglas, Ann 62y

Douglas, David 93y -Inch - #32 - David DOUGLAS, Farmer, 93years. Born: Gillespie, Glenluce. Lived in Inch 70 years. Parents: Alexander DOUGLAS, Fisher deceased & Mary HANNAH. Married: Elizabeth DOUGLAS deceased. Children: John Died at age 6 in 1783. Jean, 64. Janet, 62. Adam, 60. Agnes Died at age 54 in 1853. Elizabeth Died at age 34 in 1821. Andrew, 54. Alexander, 50. Mary, 48. Died on July 23, 11:30am at Innermessan of Old age and Infirmity. No medical attendant. Buried in Inch Churchyard, certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: Andrew DOUGLAS, son. Registered on July 17 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Douglas, James 67y - Sorbie - #2 - James DOUGLAS, 67 years. Born in Glasserton and lived in Sorbie for 16 years. Parents: John DOUGLAS, Farmer deceased & Margaret GUFFOLK= deceased. Married: Janet ROBERTSONS. Children: Margaret, 34. Elizabeth, 32. Jass, 30. George, 28. James, 26. Allan, 25. Fanny, 24. Andrew, 23. Susan, 19. David, 16. Died on Jan 17, 1pm at Sorbie Village of Paralysis, 16 months as certified by James Dunsmore, student of medicine who last saw the deceased on Jan 17. Buried in Sorbie Kirkyard as certified by John Shillan, Sexton. Signed: Allan DOUGLAS, son. Registered on Jan 20 at Garliestown, James Dunsmore, Registrar.

Douglas, Jane 72y

Douglas, John 83y - Inch - #6 - John DOUGLAS, 83 years , Born: Auchmantle, Inch. Lived there all his life. Parents: Peter DOUGLAS, farmer deceased & Mary McGEOCH deceased. Married: Agnes MULDROCH, deceased. Children: Peter, Died at age 17 in 1831. Agnes, 49. William, 47. Mary, Died at age 21 in 1832. Jane, 43. John, 39. Died on Jan 28, 10pm at Auchmantle, of Acute Bronchitis, 1week, certified by Wm McCormick, Surgeon-last saw deceased Jan 28. Bur/Inch Churchyard, certified by John Brown, Sexton. Signed: John DOUGLAS, son. Registered on Jan 30 at Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

Douglas, Peter 53y - Mochrum - #31 - Peter DOUGLAS, Farmer, 53 years. Born in Kellantrae, Mochrum. Parents: George DOUGLAS, Farmer deceased & Janet ANDERSON deceased. Married: none. Died on Nov 5, 6pm at Killantrae, Mochrum, of Pthisis, 1 year, certified by Samuel Snowdon, MD-last saw deceased Oct 22. Buried in Mochrum Churchyd, certified by Alexander Clave, Undertaker. Signed "Elssebeth DOWGLES, Sistirer". Registered on Nov 15 at Mochrum, D. M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

Dowall, Isabella 45y - Sorbie - #15 - Isabella DOWALL, 45 years. Born in Whithorn and lived in Sorbie for 10 years. Parents: James SNADDON, Agricultural Labourer deceased & Mary WRIGHT deceased. Married: Alexander DOWALL. Children: Margaret, 25. John, 23. Barbara, 21. Jessie, 19. Isabella, 17. Alexander, 14. William, 12. Catharine, 10. James, 4. Died on Oct 2, 8pm at Sorbie Village of Acute Bronchitis, 16 days as certified by Dunbar White, MD who last saw the deceased on Sept 27. Buried in Sorbie Kirkyard as certified by John Shillan, Sexton. Signed Alexander DOWALL, Husband. Registered on Oct 6 at Garliestown, James Dunsmore, Registrar.

Doyle, Elizabeth 50y

Drew, Peter 21y

Drew, Thomas 19y

Drynan, Ann 34y

Drynan, William 13y

Duffie, Anne 9m

Duncan, Catherine 80y - Kirkinner - #7 - Catherine DUNCAN, maiden name TEAR, 80 years. Born in Whithorn. Parents: Edward TEAR, Labourer & Janet LOUDEN. Married: John DUNCAN. Children: none. Died on Feb 6, 9:30am, at Kirkinner Village, of General Decay of Nature. No medical attendant. Buried Kirkinner Churchyard, certified by William McCrackan, Undertaker. Signed: Alexander TIER, nephew. Registered on Feb 7 at Kirkinner, William Lewis, Registrar.

Dunn, Mary see Milroy

Dunse, Annie 46y - Sorbie - #13 - Annie DUNSE, 46 years. Born in Whithorn. Parents: James WYLLIE, Agricultural Labourer & Hannah CANDLISH. Married: Anthony DUNSE. Children: Thomas, 21. Elizabeth, 17. Annie, 13. James, 10. Hannah, 3. Died on July 25, 8:40pm at Powton[?], of Diabetes, 13 months. No medical attendant. Buried Sorbie Kirkyard, certified by John Shillan, Sexton. Signed: James WYLIE, father. Registered on July 30 at Garliestown, Jas Dunsmore, Registrar.

Dunse, Mary, no age given [Mickle] - Burgh of Whithorn - #44 - Mary DUNSE, no age given. Born in Whithorn and lived there all her life. Parents: Andrew DUNSE, Carter deceased & Janet, WHITE, Servant deceased. Married: first, William McMILLAN deceased. Children: Alexander, deceased. William, 22. Married: second, Peter MICKLE deceased. Children: none. Died on Nov 9, 6am at Main Street, Whithorn, of Dropsy, 6 months, certified by Alexr McMillan, Surgeon - last saw the deceased on Nov 8. Buried in Whithorn Churchyard. Signed: William McMILLAN, son. Registered on Nov 13 at the Isle of Whithorn, Isaac McConnell, Interim Registrar.