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Wigtownshire Surnames Extracted from 1841 Census
Compiled by Carrie Gulline

Below please find a partial index of surnames found in the 1841 Wigtownshire Census. The Wigtownshire Pages wishes to thank Carrie Gulline for her generosity in offering this useful index and hopes eventually to be able to complete it. For added insight into the Wigtownshire census, visit our visit Wigtownshire Census Records page. If you are keen to find out more details about a particular surname entry, may we suggest that you support the D&GFHS by purchasing one of their very reasonably priced 1841 census booklets. Information on how to do that, can be found on their site, at

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Parish NameSurnameAddress
Kirkmaiden Dailey 61 Village of Drumore
Stranraer Leswalt Dailly 51 Ring Croft of Clayhole
Inch Daily Kirkland 2
Mochrum Daily Algry Village
Stranraer Daily 2 Gibson's Close
Newton S Dair 21 Newton Stewart
Kirkmaiden Dale 46 Village of Drumore
Mochrum Dale Port William Village 46
Old Luce Dale Castle of Park 2
Old Luce Dale Lint Mill
Wigtown B Dale High Street North 21
Kirkmaiden Dallas 3 High Curghie
Wigtown B Dally High Street North 25
Wigtown B Dally High Street North 46
Wigtown B Dally Laigh Vennel 6
Wigtown B Dally Low Vennel 4
Wigtown P Dally Fordbank
Kirkinner Dalrimple Forestmoor
Kirkcolm Dalrympel Corsewall
Glenluce Vill Dalrymple Main Street 111
Glenluce Vill Dalrymple Main Street 51
Inch Dalrymple Little Balyett
Kirkcowan Dalrymple Barlennan
Kirkcowan Dalrymple Knockravie 3
Kirkcowan Dalrymple Village 4
Mochrum Dalrymple Dirry Farm 4
Mochrum Dalrymple Glenling Farm
Mochrum Dalrymple Village of Kirk of Mochrum 16
New Luce Dalrymple Kilfeather
New Luce Dalrymple Mackdow
Newton S Dalrymple 22 High St
Old Luce Dalrymple Blerderrie
Old Luce Dalrymple Mark of Old Luce
Stoneykirk Dalrymple 20 Kirklauchlan
Stranraer Dalrymple 13 Mill St
Stranraer Dalrymple 15 Mill St
Whithorn B Dalrymple Royalty 37
Wigtown B Dalrymple High Street North 3
Wigtown P Dalrymple Newmills
Kirkmaiden Daly 3 Kirkbride
Portpatrick Vill Daly Colonel St 7
Whithorn Dalyell Cutcloy Farmhouse
Stranraer Dalzel 40 Greenvale St
Inch Dalzell Soulseat
Glasserton Dalziel Drumrae 14
Glasserton Dalziel Horse Isles 1
Glasserton Dalziel Larroch farmhouse
Whithorn B Dalziel Main Street 32
Sorbie Dance Shandry cothouse
Newton S Dargie 10 High St
Stranraer Darling 14 Bridge St
Glenluce Vill Darrgh Main Street 43
Old Luce Darroch North Borland
Old Luce Dauel Longforth cot 1
New Luce Dauling Gasshead
Sorbie Davelin Baltsir stable loft
Kirkmaiden David? 15 Logan Mains
Glasserton Davidson Appleby 1
Glasserton Davidson Drumfad farmhouse
Glasserton Davidson Drumrae 7
Glenluce Vill Davidson Main Street 19
Inch Davidson Culreoch
Inch Davidson Culreoch 10
Kirkcolm Davidson Clachan 11
Kirkcolm Davidson Kirkcolm Village 16
Kirkcolm Davidson Kirkcolm Village 17
Kirkcolm Davidson Kirkcolm Village 41
Kirkcolm Davidson Kirkcolm Village 48
Kirkcowan Davidson Kildarroch cothouse
Kirkcowan Davidson Village 95
Kirkcowan Davidson Village 96
Kirkinner Davidson Cairnfield 1
Kirkinner Davidson Culbae
Kirkmaiden Davidson 16 Portlogan Village
Kirkmaiden Davidson 3 Kirkbride
Kirkmaiden Davidson 40 Portlogan Village
Kirkmaiden Davidson 41 Portlogan Village
Leswalt Davidson Auchndroch
Leswalt Davidson East Dindinnie 2
Mochrum Davidson Bruntland 1
Mochrum Davidson Eldrig Village 14
Mochrum Davidson Eldrig Village 20
Mochrum Davidson Eldrig Village 9
Mochrum Davidson Village of Kirk of Mochrum 12
New Luce Davidson Miltonish
Newton S Davidson 20 High Street
Newton S Davidson 46 High St
Old Luce Davidson Longforth cot 2
Old Luce Davidson Low Gillespie 5
Old Luce Davidson Low Torrs
Old Luce Davidson North Borland 3
Portpatrick Davidson Colfin and Bein
Portpatrick Davidson South Knockglass 3
Portpatrick Vill Davidson Blair St 5
Portpatrick Vill Davidson Blair St 8
Portpatrick Vill Davidson Holm St 11
Sorbie Davidson Balsier 2
Sorbie Davidson Sorbie Manse
Sorbie Davidson Sorbie Village 1
Stoneykirk Davidson 10 Kildonnan
Stoneykirk Davidson 2 Galdenoch
Stranraer Davidson 13 Princes St
Stranraer Davidson 19 Greenvale St
Stranraer Davidson 21 Queen St
Stranraer Davidson 31 St John St
Stranraer Davidson 5 King St
Stranraer Davidson 7 Queen St
Stranraer Leswalt Davidson 18 Sun St
Stranraer Leswalt Davidson 2 Hillhead
Stranraer Leswalt Davidson 6 Hillhead
Garlieston Davies Front Row 10
Garlieston Davies South Row 4
Garlieston Davies South Row 5
Garlieston Davies South Row 9
Glasserton Davies Blairbuy farmhouse
Penninghame Davies Clachan of Penninghame 8
Stoneykirk Davies 8 Port of Spittal
Inch Davis Culhawk 1
Kirkmaiden Davis 70 Village of Drumore
Portpatrick Vill Davis Holm St 8
Stoneykirk Davis 2 Caldons
Stranraer Davis 16 Glen St
Stranraer Davis 17 George St
Stranraer Leswalt Davis 26 Sun St
Whithorn B Davis Royalty 8
Kirkcowan Davison Village 74
Old Luce Davison Mains of Park
Newton S Dawson 31 Wigton Row
Penninghame Dawson Clachan of Penninghame 9
Stoneykirk Dawson 7 Kirklauchlan
Stranraer Dawson 11 Hanover St
Stranraer Day 13 Lewis St
Inch Daye Rephad 2
Kirkcolm Deadd East Kirkbride 1
Newton S Dearie 1 Newton Stewart
Kirkmaiden Delvin 2 Logan Mill
Inch Dempster Aird Bridge 1
Stoneykirk Dempster 2 Float
Stranraer Dempster 2 St John St
Newton S Demstry 33 Gorbals
Kirkcolm Denham Ervy 13
Wigtown B Denkin Back Street 11
Kirkmaiden Denmor 6 Inshanks
Kirkmaiden Denmor 7 Inshanks
Kirkinner Denniston Millisle
Whithorn B Denniston Royalty 46
Garlieston Derbyshire Cowgate 15
Stoneykirk Devanney 5 Myr Farm
Old Luce Develan Whitefield
Kirkinner Develin Drumjargon
Inch Devlin Cairnryan Village 9
Leswalt Devlin East Dindinnie 3
Newton S Devlin 23 Academy Place
Stoneykirk Devlin 4 Blair
Stranraer Devlin 18 Glen St
Stranraer Devon 28 Hanover St
Inch Devoy Barnultoch 6
Stoneykirk Devoy 2 Kilbreen
Kirkcowan Dewar Old Toll Birlae 1
Newton S Dewar 25 Old Bridge End
Newton S Dewar 29 Newton Stewart
Penninghame Dewar Barbuchany
Kirkcolm Diamond Douloch Lands 1
Kirkinner Diamond Marchfarm Village 4
Leswalt Diamond Larbrax 1
Leswalt Diamond Milton 1
Portpatrick Diamond Colfin 14
Sorbie Diamond Sorbie Village 4
Stoneykirk Diamond 2 Awhirk
Stoneykirk Diamond 3 Awhirk
Stoneykirk Diamond 31 Port of Spittal
Stoneykirk Diamond 5 Moorpark
Stranraer Diamond 19 St John St
Kirkinner Diarmod Campford 1
Garlieston Dick Extreme Point 5
Garlieston Dick Extreme Point 7
Garlieston Dick Head of Garden 5
Garlieston Dick West Row 30
Sorbie Dick cot on Raiton farm 1
Sorbie Dick Eggerness farm 2
Sorbie Dick Low Blair outhouse
Stranraer Dick 43 George St
Stranraer Dick 45 George St
Stranraer Dick 6 Lewis St
Whithorn Dick Whithorn Road 17
Whithorn B Dickey Royalty 95
Whithorn B Dickie Royalty 32
Glasserton Dickson Knock farmhouse
Kirkcowan Dickson Village 21
Kirkcowan Dickson Village 62
Mochrum Dickson Port William Village 40
Mochrum Dickson Port William Village 42
Mochrum Dickson Port William Village 44
Mochrum Dickson Port William Village 6
Mochrum Dickson Port William Village 78
Mochrum Dickson West Barr 2
Newton S Dickson 39 Newton Stewart
Newton S Dickson 40 Newton Stewart
Old Luce Dickson Mains of Park
Sorbie Dickson Palmallet
Sorbie Dickson Sorbie Village 40
Stranraer Dickson 31 Hanover St
Stranraer Dickson 4 Neptune St
Stranraer Leswalt Dickson 28 Ring Croft of Clayhole
Whithorn Dickson Prestrick
Whithorn Dickson Whithorn Road 2
Whithorn Dickson Whithorn Road 3
Whithorn B Dickson Main Street 27
Wigtown B Dickson High Street North 8
Wigtown B Dickson High Street North 9
Kirkcowan Digney White Eldrig
Kirkmaiden Digney 1 East Cairngaan
Kirkmaiden Dignie 1 Knockencule
Kirkcowan Dill Fell
Kirkcowan Dill Killgaloch
Newton S Dill 44 High Street
Stranraer Leswalt Dillan 13 Foulford
Inch Dillon Cairnryan Village 23
Portpatrick Vill Dillon Colonel St 9
Glasserton Dimond Grennan
Wigtown B Dinkin High Street North 22
Mochrum Dinnel Village of Kirk of Mochrum 6
Whithorn Dinnel Bishopton
Whithorn Dinnel High Skeog farm (part of)
Whithorn B Dinnel Main Street 64
Whithorn B Dinnel Royalty 89
Wigtown B Dinnel High Street North 4
Wigtown P Dinnel Carsegowan
Newton S Dinnell 17 Old Bridge End
Whithorn Dinnell Whithorn Road 4
Whithorn B Dinnell Main Street 57
Sorbie Dinsmore Cults
Glenluce Vill Dinwidy Main Street 45
Glasserton Dinwoodie Fore Ruchan
Newton S Dinwoodie 29 Newton Stewart
Whithorn B Dinwoodie Main Street 5
Portpatrick Direon Enoch
Inch Divan Cults Farm 6
Mochrum Divans Drumtroddan 1
Stoneykirk Diven 1 Blair
Stranraer Diven 7 Back St (Greenvale St/Little Dublin)
Mochrum Divin Farm of Garchin 1
Stranraer Divin 20 George St
Stranraer Divon 32 Queen St
Whithorn Divotts Prestrick Cottage
Inch Dixon Cullerpottie
Kirkcowan Dixon Boreland 1
Kirkcowan Dixon Manse
Leswalt Dixon Wierston 6
Mochrum Dixon Georgarie Farm
New Luce Dixon 22 New Luce Village
Newton S Dixon 27 Newton Stewart
Newton S Dixon 29 Newton Stewart
Old Luce Dixon Blacksole Farm
Sorbie Dixon Ravenstone Mill
Stranraer Dixon 9 McCulloch Place
Stranraer Dixon 9 Neptune St
Kirkcowan Doack High Eldrig
Stranraer Doak 51 Fisher St
Stranraer Leswalt Dobbins 8 Sheuchan Mill
Kirkmaiden Dobson 5 East Muntloch
Sorbie Dobson Barledziew 3
Newton S Docharty 9 Newton Stewart
Garlieston Docherty Extreme Point 20
Garlieston Docherty West Row 21
Glenluce Vill Docherty Main Street 82
Leswalt Docherty High Glenstockadale 3
Old Luce Docherty Droughdool cot 2
Stranraer Docherty 4 Back St (Greenvale St/Little Dublin)
Whithorn Docherty Rispain
Whithorn B Docherty Main Street 51
Wigtown B Docherty Low Vennel 5
New Luce Dochery 1 Craigbirnoch
Whithorn B Dodd Burgh 15
Wigtown B Dodd Agnew Crescent 3
Wigtown B Dodd High Street North 7
Wigtown B Dodd Laigh Vennel 3
Garlieston Dodds Front Row 12
Glasserton Dodds Drumrae 3
Glasserton Dodds Low Arrow
Glasserton Dodds Mains of Castlestrand
Inch Dodds Cults Farm
Kirkinner Dodds Balaird cot
Sorbie Dodds Eggerness farm 4
Sorbie Dodds Galloway ho. Gardens 1
Stoneykirk Dodds 1 Clayshant Farm
Stoneykirk Dodds 2 Culmore
Stoneykirk Dodds Myr 1
Whithorn Dodds Boyach Farmhouse
Whithorn Dodds Rispain
Whithorn B Dodds Royalty 43
Wigtown B Dodds High Street South 15
Wigtown B Dodds High Street South 25
Wigtown B Dodds High Street South 26
Stranraer Dolly 9 Bridge St