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Surname Meaning
LAITY leth-ty, dairy, literally milk house 414
LAMBRICK lan-bron-wyk, enclosure of hill wood 20
LAMPIER lan-plu, parish churchyard 6
LANDER, LAUNDER, LADNER lan-der, churchyard 396
LANDERYOU, LENDERYOU lan-derow, enlosure of oak trees 17
LANDRY, LANDREY, LAUNDRY lan-dre, enclosure of farm or churchyard house 124
LANFEAR Iposs: lan-fer, fairground 0
LANSALLOS from parish name Lansallos 8
LANYON lyn-yeyn, cold pool 327
LAVIN poss: leven, smooth 76
LAWRY, LAWREY, LEWRY, LOWRY, LORY poss: from personal name Llywri 790
LEAH lehow, slabs or lyha, least 34
LEAN lyn, pool 449
LEAVERS, LEVERS, LAVERS, LEVER, LEAVER, LAVARS poss: from personal name Lliver 135
LEDDRA leder, steep slope 19
LEGASSICK lagasek, big-eyed 12
LEGG, LEGGE Iegh, slab 110
LEGGO, LEGGOE leghow, slabs 53
LEIGH Iegh, slab 17
LELEAN, LETHLEAN leth-lyn, milk pool 52
LEWARNE, LEWARN, LEWIN lan-(g)wern, enclosure of alders (g is dropped) 74
LEY, LAY legh, slab 110
LIDGEY lughy, calves 43
LIGHT poss: legh-tes, warm slab 39
LOCK, LOCKE poss: lok, monastic cell 55
LOWER, LAWER lowarth, garden 131
LOYE, LOY personal name Loy 1
LOZE los, grey 0
LUGG lugh, calf 278
LUKEY, LUKY, LUCKEY personal name Lywci 71
LUTEY, LUTY, LEUTY lugh-ty, calf-house 72
LUZMOOR, LUZMORE, LUXMORE poss: los-Mor, grey and personal name Mor 30
LYNE, LINE lyn, pool or strip of land, only 3 LINEs were found in 1881 147

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