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(Transcribed by Dorman Holub)

     After the creation of district courts in the State, the following
districts judges presided over the district courts of Dallas county,
although residing elsewhere than in the county, as their district
embraced a large territory from 1846 to 1856.

William B. Ochiltree, father of the illustrious Colonel Thomas
P. Ochiltree, held the first court in the county.

Amos Clark.

Bennet H. Martin.

John H. Reagan.

N. M. Burford was elected judge in 1856, of a new district created
in 1852.

John J. Goode, of Dallas, who was chosen and held the same until
removed in 1867, by the authorities during the reconstruction
days, claiming that he was &quote "an impediment to reconstruction."

D. O. Norton, of Parker County, was appointed in his stead, and,
he having been removed by death, A. Banning Norton of Dallas,
was appointing to office serving until 1870, when Governor Davis
appointed C. T. Garland.

Garland was followed by Hardin Hart, who resigned in 1873.

Hickerson Barsdale.

N. M. Burford was elected in 1876, and served until about July,
1877, at which time he resigned.

Zimri Hunt, appointed by Governor Hubbard.

George N. Aldridge, elected in 1878 and served until 1888.

Robert Emmett Burke was elected 1888, and term of office will
last until 1892.

(Transcribed by Dorman Holub from John Henry Brown's Memorial & Biographical History of Dallas County, Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago,, 1892, pp. 195-196. Permission to reproduce this transcription must be obtained from Dorman Holub)