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(Transcribed by Dorman Holub)
      To record in history the brave and valiant deeds of those who from a consciousness of duty fought for their county's interest, either on the battlefield or otherwise, is the duty of every historian who undertakes to write that person's career.
     The cause for which the Southern States fought involved, as the Texans thought, a principle which aroused them with a spirit of loyalty and devotion to the Confederacy, and into line she stepped with the other States. Dallas county furnished some of the bravest of these Texas soldiers. They were led by seven Confederate colonels, Nicholas H. Darnell, B. Warren Stone, T. C. Hawpe, Nat. M. Burford, John J. Goode, John T. Coit and W. E. Hughes.
Sterling Price Camp
     To perpetuate the memory of these ex-Confederates, living and dead, and to preserve and maintain that sentiment of fraternity naturally enkindled in their bosoms for each other, the ex-Confederates of Dallas county, under the leadership of General W. L. Cabell, organized on the 13th day of October, 1889, in the city of Dallas, at the Grand Windsor Hotel, a "camp," naming it after the gallant and beloved Confederate general, Sterling Price.
     The Sterling Price Camp is one of the numerous associations organized under the union of the United Confederate Veterans, which has different departments through the South and is the headquarters of the "Trans-Mississippi Department." The following are the officers:
Lieutenant-General W. L. Cabell, Commanding
Adjutant General and Chief of Staff W. L. Thompson
Assistant Adjutant General, Louisiana General George Moorman
Colonel and Assistant Adjutant General F. B. Trotman
Surgeon-General Dr. S. D. Thruston
Quartermaster-General H. W. Graber
Commissary - General S. P. Mendez
Inspector - General Hugh F. Ewing
Brigadier-General and Chief of Ordnance W. G. Veal
Brigadier General and Aid-de-Camp W.H. Gaston
Inspector- General Hugh F. Ewing
Brigadier General and Aid-de-Camp, Louisiana Charles A. Harris
Brigadier General and Aid-de-Camp, Arkansas John M. Harrell
Brigadier General and Aid-de-Camp, Missouri J. O. Shelby
Brigadier General and Aid-de-Camp, Indian Territory D.N. McIntosh
Brigadier-General and Aid-de-Camp J. T. Harris
Colonel and Aid-de-Camp, Louisiana Paul Conrad
Colonel and Aid-de-Camp, Indian Territory R.B. Coleman
Brigadier-General and Aid-de-Camp and Associate Judge Advocate General A. T. Watts
Chaplain General Dr. A. P. Smith.

   Under an order of General W. L. Cabell, of Dallas, calling for the ex-Confederates of the State of Texas, and in fact of all those in the Trans-Mississippi territory, to come together and organize into camps, and all join each other in Dallas in April, 1892, so as to attend in a body the great reunion of all the camp of the ex-Confederacy at New Orleans, Louisiana, April 8, 1892, there was gathered in Dallas an assemblage of old soldiers. An ex-Confederate was a wonder to the citizens of Dallas, and more especially to the generations reared up since the war in which these ex-Confederates fought. To see the old soldiers, some with one arm, some with one leg, some with scarred faces, effects from fights upon the battlefield, and some with no effects visible, all proudly and happily meeting and embracing each other on the streets of the city, was a sight never to be forgotten by those who were present. It is one event in the history of this city that should never be obliterated.

     It was estimated that from 20,000 to 30,000 people, including the ex-Confederates and their friends, assembled here on that occasion - some from the Indian Territory, some from Kansas, and some from Arkansas. The executive committee, composed of Dr. S. D. Thruston, chairman, S. P. Mender, W. H. Gaston, Pat Waltman, W. H. Graber and W. L. Thompson.
     The following is a list of members of the Sterling Price Camp, the present residence of each member, rank, company and regiment in which he secured from the enrollment books in the secretary's office, copied in full as the books show. The omissions made were because the books fail to give the names.

 Membership of Sterling Price Camp.
 Name  Residence  Rank  Company  Regiment
 Adams, J. J.  Bryan      
 Aldredge, Geo. H.  Dallas      
 Alford, Geo. F.  Dallas  Adjt. General  Taylor's D.  
 Allen, Jas. W.  Dallas   I 18 Ga.
 Arnett, W. C.  Dallas      
 Ashton, L.  Dallas    Mosby's Command  
 Avirett, Thos. J.  Dallas    A  51 Ga.
 Bailey, T. C.  Dallas   D  47 Inf.
 Ball, A. J.  Dallas   E   8 Tex.
 Barry, Nick  Dallas      
 Barry, Tom  Dallas      
 Betterton, W. J.  Dallas      
 Birdson, W. H.     F  24 Ala.
 Blankenship, W. H.  Dallas      
 Bogan, B. W.  Dallas  Lieutenant F  Ark, Inft.
 Boone, H. L.  Dallas      
 Boone, Hamilton P.  Dallas      
 Bott, L. T.     D  154 Tenn.
 Bowen, J. W.  Dallas  Captain G   6 Mo.
 Bower, E. G.  Dallas  Lieutenant G   3 Mo. C
 Bowser, O. P.  Dallas   E   18 Tex. C. Granbury's Brig.
 Bradford, B. M.  Dallas      
 Braley, W. H. H.  Dallas      
 Branch, Wharton  Dallas      
 Braswell, S. N.  Dallas   K   2 Ala. C
 Brewson, W. H.        
 Brigham, W. C.  Dallas   I   21 Ark.
 Brown, A. G.        
 Brown, J. R.     F   2 La.
 Brown, John H.  Dallas      
 Brown, R. M.  Dallas   B   3 Tenn.
 Bruster, J.  Bell Co.   H  11 Tenn. C.
 Bryan, H. M.  Dallas  Sergt. D  10 Ga. C
 Bryant, B. N.        6 Ga. Cav.
 Burden, A. J.  Dallas   E   Selby's B.
 Burford, Nat. M.  Dallas  Colonel    --Tex.
 Buries, Thos.  Dallas Co.   D  14 Tex.
 Burke, R. E.  Dallas  Private D   10 Ga. C.
 Cabell, W. L.  Dallas Brig. General, Armies of Tenn. and Mo.    
 Cambell, G. W.        
 Campbell, Marsden      A Diaux's La. Bat.
 Cannon, W. F. M.        
 Cantes, J. S.        9 Va. Cav.
 Carey, George W.    Major    44 Ala.
 Carroll, John  Dallas    I  28 Va.
 Carter, J. T.        
 Carter, John T.  Dallas   B  52 Ga. Inf.
 Caskey, J. W.  Dallas  Chap.    18 Miss.
 Chessman, R. G.     B   8 Tex. C.
 Clark, B. A.     D   6 Mo.
 Clark, M. M.  Dallas Co.   C   26 Tenn.
 Clownly, S. B.     B   1 I. C. V.
 Cochran, Jas. M. Dallas Co.   I  30 Tex. C.
 Cochran, John H.  Dallas   C   6 Tex. C.
 Cole, L. N.  Wolfe City      
 Cole, Wm. P.  Dallas  Colonel    
 Combs, R. M.  Dallas Co.   C  18 Tex C.
 Connally, L. G.  Dallas Co.      
 Conroy, John C.  Dallas   B  1 Md.
 Cooke, Henry  Dallas  Midshipman    C. S. Navy
 Cooper, N. L.  Dallas  1st Lieutenant E   18 Ga. B.
 Corcoran, Dennis        
 Cordell, M. I.  Dallas   C   31 Ga.
 Cornwall, R. M.  Dallas      
 Cox, W. W.  Dallas   L   6 Ala.
 Coyle, W. J.  Dallas   F Ala. Cav.
 Crawford, J. A.  Dallas   B   2 Ark. C.
 Crawford, J. T.     E  26 Tenn.
 Crawford, W. L.  Dallas  Lt. Colonel   19 Tex, Inf.
 Cullom, H. E.  Dallas   K   2 N. C.
 Cumming, J. R.  Dallas   A  Ala. Art.
 Daniel, T. M.  Forney, Dallas Co.      
 Daniels, John W.    Colonel    15 Tex.
 Dauner, J. W.  Dallas   H  1 N. C. C.
 Davenport, J. V.     C  14 S. C.
 Dawson, N. M.        
 Deen, G. G.  Dallas   B  17 Ala.
 Dickey, H. H.  Dallas  Private K  2 Tex C.
 Dreyesse, E.    Colonel    --Mo.
 Duhig, Jack    Colonel    17 Ark.
 Edmonston, J. S.        
 Elder, I. H.  Dallas Co.   A   21 Ga.
 Elliott, John F.  Dallas  Colonel    
 Ellis, W. L. A.  Dallas  Major    8 Ga. Cav.
 Elmore, A. M.        
 Ewing, H. F.  Dallas Captain and Gen'l Staff   Hardee's Corps
 Fallard, John F.        
 Farmer, M. M.  Dallas Co.   E  20 Tex. C.
 Faust, J. W.  Dallas   H  2 Mo. C
 Fearn, Geo. R.  Dallas    I  10 Miss.
 Felter, C. W.  Dallas Co.   B  1 Tex C.
 Fennelle, I. G.  Bryan      
 Fleming, M. M.  Dallas      
 Fredric, Lewis        
 Fuqua, Joseph S.  Dallas   B  30 Va. C.
 Gains, A. M.  Dallas   G  4 Tenn. C.
 Gano, R. M.  Dallas  Brig. Gen'l   Morgan's Cavalry
 Garrett, George        
 Gaston, Wm. H.  Dallas   H  1 Tex.
 Gentry, C. W.        1 Va. Inf.
 George, O. C.        4 Va.
 Gibbs, F. H., Dr.  Dallas  Surg.    
 Goble, W. O.  Dallas   A   31 Tex. C.
 Goldman, H. L.  Dallas      28 La.
 Goldman, T. J.  Dallas      28 Ga.
 Gooch, G. J.  Dallas      
 Gorham, J. C.  Austin  Captain    
 Graber, H. W.  Dallas      8 Tex. Cav.
 Gracey, E. A.  Dallas Co.  1st Lt.    1 Tex. Cav.
 Grant, John A.  Dallas  Captain    Ga. Com.
 Grantham, S. H.  Grand Prairie      
 Green, A.  Dallas   C  8 La.
 Green, Geo. A.  Dallas   G  4 La.
 Griffith, John S.  Dallas  Brig. General    Tex. Inf.
 Hall, Kirk  Dallas      
 Hardy, Joe E.  Dallas   B  12 Ky. C.
 Harrell, W. H.        
 Harris, B. E.  Dallas      
 Harrison, Geo. D.        
 Hartigan, H. J.  Dallas   C   7 La.
 Hayden, Sam. A.  Dallas  Captain    16 La.
 Hays, J. T.  Dallas Co.   B  1 Bat. Inf.
 Head, Joseph        
 Henry, T. W.  Dallas Co.   A   Ky. Cav.
 Hobbs, Wm. W.  Dallas   E  22 Miss.
 Hoffman, Robt. N.  Dallas   B   2 Va.
 Holcombe, G. P.  Dallas   B   2 La.
 Hotchkiss, Chas. A.  Dallas    
 Howe, C. P.         15 Tex.
 Hoyt, B. A.  Dallas   K  33 Tex. C.
 Hoyt, B. W.       33 Tex. Cav.
 Humphress, J. R.  Dallas Co.   K   1 Fla.
 Ingram, Joe        
 James, Robt. L.  Dallas      
 Janes, Geo. A.  Dallas  Sergt. K  1 La. Cav.
 Jones, John T.  Dallas Co.      
 Jones, R. H.  Dallas  Surg.    27 Ala.
 Jones, W. A.  Dallas  Private C 4 Tex. Inf.
 Jones, Wm. I.  Dallas  Sergt. A   1 La.
 Keller, Wm. J.  Dallas      
 Keyser, B. H.  Dallas     Henderson's Scouts
 Keyser, J. H.  Dallas Captain   A.Q.M.,10 Miss. Bat.
 Labatt, J. E.  Dallas   G  26 La.
 Lacy, Alexander  Dallas  Captain   Houston Co., Gen'l Coast of Tex.
 Lacy, Richard H.       1 Ky. Cav. & Morgan's Cav.
 Lamar, H. C.  Dallas   A Chambers' Battalion
 Lambert, E. L.  Dallas  Lt. Com.    Navy
 Lang, W. W.  Dallas      
 Larrance, W. L.    Colonel    34 N. C.
 Latham, H. C.  Dallas   K   __ Miss.
 Lee, J. G.  Dallas   E  19 Tex.
 Leeper, J. N.  Dallas      9 Mo. Inf.
 Leopold, J.  Dallas   C 6 S. C. Cav.
 Lewis, J. O.        
 Lewis, J. O.     B 7 S. C. Cav.
 Lobe, Mike  Dallas   A  16 Miss.
 Looney, W. H.  Dallas Co.  Sergt. E 18 Tex. C.
 Losee, H.  Dallas   K   6 Tex.
 Lovett, J. F.  Dallas   I  18 Tex. C.
 Luck, Wm. M.  Dallas Co.   E   2 Tex C.
 Luper, B. S.  Dallas      
 Lyle, R. H.  Dallas   E  Tex. Cav.
 Macon, G. T.     K  31 Ala. C.
 Maddox, F. M.       Bledsoe's Co., Tenn. Troop.
 Marsh, J. D.  Dallas Co.   F Wells' Tex. Regt.
 Marshall, E. P.  Dallas   B  7 Tex.
 Martin, Charles L.  Dallas  Captain    66 Tex. Cav.
 McClain, Sylvester  Dallas      
 McCulloch, J. A.  Dallas      
 McGregor, H. V.  Dallas   E  14 Tenn.
 McIntosh, S. J.  Dallas   F   29 Ga.
 McKamy, Wm. C.  Dallas  Captain   Bowland's Tex. Cav.
 McKay, J. C.     A  1 Ky. Cav.
 McLaughlin, Sam.  Dallas  Colonel   Shelby's La. Bat.
 McLeod, J. B. (deceased)        
 McMullen, R. M.     E   36 Va.
 McMurry, J. A.  Dallas   F  15 Ten. C.
 Meams, B. H.        2 La. Cav.
 Melton, Ben. M.  Dallas  Captain E  6 Miss
 Mendez, Samuel P.  Dallas  Sergt. F  12 Va.
 Mesleer, Gaston  Dallas  Captain    Ala. Com.
 Metcalf, J. F.  Dallas   F 5 Ky. Mtd. Infantry
 Miller, J. J.       Fitzhugh's Regt., Texas Cavalry
 Miller, John J.  Dallas  Captain C  9 Tex. Inf.
 Mills, J. L.  Dallas   C  56 Va.
 Mitchell, J. D.  Dallas    C  F. B. Cav.
 Montgomery, L. P.        
 Moore, S. F.     E   2 Ala. C.
 Mooring, J. S.  Bryan      
 Morn, I. M.  Dallas  Private F  28 Miss. C.
 Morton, W. F.  Dallas   C  11 Ark.
 Murphrey, Jas. E.  Dallas   D  R. Va. Bat.
 Musenheimer, B. J.  Dallas      
 Myers, D. W.  Dallas      
 Myrick, Russell  Dallas   E  24 Ten. C.
 Neeley, George W.  Dallas  Lieutenant    10 Mo. C
 Nelson, Henry L.  Dallas  Lieutenant   A.Q.M. Tappan's Brig.
 Night, W. A.  Dallas  2nd Lieutenant C  2 Tenn.
 Nivins, G. W.  Dallas   G  5 Ark.
 O'Hara, A.       3 Confed., Pat Cleburne's Regt.
 Obenchain, A. T.        
 Ousley, J. T.  Dallas   F  5 Ga.
 Owen, J. W.     D  12 Miss.
 Pace, N. F.  Dallas Co.   L   4 Va. C.
 Padgett, Thos.  Dallas   "T"  Terry's Tex. Cav.
 Park, C. T.  Dallas   E 14 Va. 
 Park, Milton  Dallas   A 39 Ala.
 Parks, W. M.        
 Parrott, W. L.  Dallas   B  12 Ky. C.
 Patrick, C. H.  Wilmer      
 Payne, Coleman D.        
 Pemberton, Alf.  Dallas Co.   A   6 Tex C.
 Pires, L. A.  Dallas      3 Mo. Bat.
 Pittman, R. W.  Dallas      
 Porter, T. A.        
 Portor, Walton  Dallas  Private D  La. Inf.
 Prezedmoyski, J. G.        
 Pruitt, J. A.  Dallas Co.   I  30 Tex. C.
 Pruitt, W. J.  Dallas Co.   C  18 Tex. C.
 Purnell, W. F.     L  3 Ga.
 Putman, M. W.  Ft. Worth   C  15 Miss.
 Ragland, I. F.  Dallas   A  44 Miss.
 Ragsdale, J. W.    Captain K  23 Miss.
 Raines, Jas. W.  Dallas  1st Sergt. H  6 Ark.
 Ramsey, J. F.  Dallas Co.  1st Lieutenant F  Ga. Cav.
 Reamer, J. D.  Dallas   B  10 Va.
 Record, Joe W.  Dallas   K  10 Tex. C
 Reeder, J. W.        
 Reese, J. S.  Dallas     Pellsman's Cadets, Mobile, Ala.
 Reynolds, A. J.  Dallas   E  12 Tex.
 Rice, Geo. W.  Dallas   C  Tex. Cav.
 Richardson, J. C.  Ft. Worth      
 Rivers, W. H.  Dallas   I  2 S. C.
 Roach, John W.        
 Rook, S. G.  Dallas   F  20 S. C.
 Rosenburg, John  Dallas   A  5 Ark.
 Russell, F. M.  Dallas   H  15 Miss.
 Russell, G. W.  Dallas  Private A  14 Tex.
 Russell, Jas. E.  Dallas   B   10 Mo. C.
 Russell, W. A.  Dallas      
 Ryan, Wm.  Dallas   F  30 Tex. C.
 Sadler, A. D.  Dallas  Captain    
 Sala, Angelo  Dallas      
 Scott, Clifton  Dallas      
 Scott, O. P.  Dallas Co.   E  18 Tex. C.
 Scott, S. E.  Dallas Co.     30 Tex. Cav.
 Scripture, A.W.  Dallas      3 Mo. Art.
 Selby, Wm.  Dallas   C  32 Va.
 Selvidge, R. J.  Dallas   A  12 Ten. C.
 Sharpe, J. H.        
 Shaw, W. A.  Dallas   H Tom Green's Regt. Tex. Vol.
 Simpson, James B.  Dallas  Adjt.    19 Ark.
 Simpson, John N.  Dallas  Lieutenant I  4 Tenn.
 Sligh, Sim  Dallas     Berring's Brig., A. N. Va.
 Smith, A. H.  Dallas      
 Smith, A. P.  Dallas  Captain    2 S.C. Inf.
 Smith, Henry  Dallas   C  7 La.
 Smith, John W.  Dallas      -- Miss.
 Spellman, J. V.  Dallas   C Mo. Cav., Shelby's Brig.
 Spence, Dan M.        
 Spencer, John W.  Dallas   F  1 La.
 Steerer, Geo. M.  Dallas     Fenner's La. Bat.
 Stemmons, J. M.  (deceased)        16 Mo. Inf.
 Stevens, John W.     K  5 Tex.
 Stewart, D. L.  Dallas  Captain A  57 N.C.
 Stewart, Joe H.  Dallas   B Blacker's Bat. Art.
 Stockdell, W. S.        
 Story, John C.  Dallas      
 Stovall, A. J.  Dallas   K  19 Miss.
 Strait, Enoch  Dallas Co.  Sergt. E  18 Tex. C.
 Sullivan, Jas. H.  Dallas      30 Miss.
 Swor, A. G.     F  27 Miss.
 Tarver, W. B.        
 Tate, J. H.  Dallas Co.    A  15 Ala.
 Taylor, John W.        
 Teel, Chas. P.  Dallas   E  2 Tex. C.
 Terguson, J. M.        
 Terry, C. M.      I  19 Miss.
 Thomas, J. Pink  Dallas   E  17 Tex. C., also E, 18 Tex. Cav.
 Thompson, Joe  Dallas      
 Thompson, Wm. L.  Dallas  Private G  4 La.
 Thomson, J. L.  Dallas      3 Tenn. Inf.
 Tisher, W. R.  Dallas   E  45 Va.
 Trapp, E.        
 Travis, J. A. P.     F  20 Tex.
 Trezevant, J. T.  Dallas      
 Trotman, T. B.  Dallas      4 Ala. Cav.
 Tucker, C. M.  Dallas   K Bufford's 19 Cal. P. B.
 Tucker, F. N.  Dallas  Captain C  2 Ga. Inf.
 Turnell, Wm. F.  Dallas    L  3 Ga.
 Turner, Sam.  Dallas    A  Tex. D. C.
 Tyson, James B.  Dallas   D  15 Miss.
 Upshaw, R. L.       Torney's Texas Div.
 Van Dusen, M. H.      C   4 Tex. C.
 Vanhorne, Jas. F.  Dallas     Midshipman Ship Selma
 Vaughn, G. M.  Waxahachie      
 Wade, J. B.  Dallas  Private   A  14 Tenn.
 Wallace, H. C.  Dallas      12 Tenn. Inf.
 Waller, George        
 Waller, George W.  Dallas  Colonel    
 Waltman, F.        
 Wathem, B. S.  Dallas      Military Eng. C. S. A.
 Watkins, Ben.  Dallas    K  2 Tex. C.
 Watts, A. T.  Dallas  Major    16 Miss.
 West, Robt. H.  Dallas      
 West, T. A.  Dallas    C Ward's Tenn. Cav.
 White, W. K.        
 Whitehead, J. P. C.  Dallas  Captain    
 Whitsel, Wm.  Dallas Co.    E  18 Tex. C.
 Whitsitt, M. G.    Captain  D  10 Ga. C
 Williams, Dave A.  Dallas  Colonel    Bat. Shelby's Brigade
 Williams, J. L.  Dallas      
 Wilson, B. D.  Dallas      15 N. C.
 Wolf, T. J.        
 Wolfe, P. W.  Dallas  Captain  D  9 Tenn.
 Wolfe, T. W.      D  9 Tex. C
 Wolff, Wm. C.  Dallas      
 Wood, P. H.  Dallas      1 S. C.
 Woodside, J. C.      D  34 N. C.
 Worthington, T. M.  Dallas  Private  F  1 La. Cav.
 Worthington, Wm.  Dallas      
 Wright, H. C.  Dallas    F   4 Tex
 Wynn, I. F.  Mesquite    H  22 Ga.

(Transcribed by Dorman Holub from John Henry Brown's Memorial & Biographical History of Dallas County, Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago,, 1892, pp. 214-218. Permission to reproduce this transcription must be obtained from Dorman Holub)