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W. W. Glover Cemetery - Dallas, Texas

(Submitted by M. C. Toyer)

LOCATION / DIRECTIONS: 6600 Block of Military Parkway; Between Academy Drive and Donna Street; South side of parkway between and to the rear of the two churches.

(Dallas MAPSCO 47R - 47N)

HISTORY: George Washington Glover came to Texas in 1843, from Madison County, Alabama and homesteaded 320 acres. In 1845, he married the widow of Samuel Stockton, Martilla Bobbitt Stockton, who had inherited the 640 acre Stockton grant. Their firstborn son, William Wald Glover was born 31 July 1846, was the first birth recorderd after Dallas County was organized in March 1846. George Washington Glover deeded his property to William Wald Glover in 1872, and moved to Waco, Texas. George Washington Glover is buried in Hamilton, Texas.



    Early Dallas County settler, George W. Glover acquired this land in 1844. The property was first used as a cemetery for interment of 5-year old Sarah Beeman, who died on March 22, 1857. In 1872, Glover deeded the property to his son, William Wald Glover (1846-1928) for whom the cemetery was named. Among those buried here are the younger Glover and early Dallas settler and civic leader, Richard Lagow. This community burial ground, which contains over 70 gravesites of pioneer settlers and their families was last used in 1951.

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Compiled by M C Toyer