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Note: Counties within parentheses following the

name of the post office; e.g., "ROADVILLE (Anderson, Houston)"

designate the lineage of that post office. That is, Roadville

was originally located in Anderson County, but was

changed to Houston County. (usually a result of county boundary changes)

To discern the complete lineage of such a post office, search

all counties listed in the parentheses.


The date appearing after the postmaster's name is the date that he or she was appointed.


Acting postmaster

Served temporarily, or for another postmaster.


Ad int (Ad interim)

Refers to the tenure of an acting postmaster who serves until the regular

postmaster returns from military service.


[Apparently re-established], etc.

Omissions by postal clerks are fairly common

in the original postal registers -- especially in regard to the

re-establishment date of a post office.

Bracketed entries reflect the compiler's speculations on these omissions.


Cg'd (Changed)

The name of the post office was changed, or its site was moved to another location,

though in some instances, when a name change occurred, the post office location

was also changed.

Example: "Elizabeth," in Denton County was changed to

"Roanoke," but the records do not indicate that Roanoke was, in fact, located

approximately 3 miles southeast of Elizabeth.



Later commissioned. Notation in the postal registers that a postmaster

was com-missioned was not begun until late 1889.



Confederate States of America.


Ed. / Ed'n.



Mod. Eff. [Modified Effective]

Presumably indicates that an extension to continue service at the post office

was issued by the Post Office Department.


Order / Appointment rescinded

An order of the Postmaster General establishing or discontinuing a post office, or

appointment of a postmaster which was later rescinded by the Postmaster General.


Papers to... / Mail to...

When an office was discontinued, the mail formerly under its jurisdiction was

sent to a nearby, and probably the nearest, post office.


"(see also...)" entries indicate that the name of the post office

was changed. Check the previous name(s) for a

complete lineage of the post office.

Example: "SAN PEDRO (Houston) (see also AUGUSTA)"



Apparently the same as "discontinued."



Not commissioned.


[1] or [2]

Indicates a post ofice that appears to have no connection to the other

indentically-named post office.


VINEYARD [1] (Jack)

White, Jas. K., 26 Jly 1882


VINEYARD [2] (Jack) (see also SEBREE)

Hopper, Jas. T., 16 Jun 1915



Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832 - Sept. 30, 1971;

National Archives microfilm M841, NNEB-20 (reels1 - 3)


Pickett Papers, Confederate States of America, Volumes 98 - 99;

Library of Congress microfilm, reel 52