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1940 Federal Census pages for Center Township
Outside the City of Nevada
ED 109-12   22 census pages
Each census page is indexed by surname on this page.
Use the search function of your browser (Control F) to find a surname.
(Some of the spelling is suspect)
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  Page 307: Coen, Murphy, Garner, Neff, Beshore, Atherton, Horhstatter, Waits, Dockery, Compton, Wammack, Anderson, Hess, Runyon 


Page 308: Runyon, Ely, Fisher, De Groodt, Wilhelmson, Page, Richardson, Brooks, Foster, Wright, Baldwin, Whelpton, Bobbett, Peabody


Page 309 Peabody, Cox, Johnson, Leer, Hopkins, Brown, Ware, Klewin, Devore, Winscott, Seaton, Hutchinson, Billings, Lamont


Page 310: Lamont, Stone, Shanks, Cox, Hatfield, Oetting, Thurston, Bright, Hoover, Edwards, Moore, Dozier, Lolley, Gibson


Page 311: Polk, Bowman, Shelton, Thurston, Hutchinson, Cooissant, Griffith, Maddux, Fox, Shelton, Neff, Embrey, Graves, Jordan, Warren, Covey, Riding


Page 312 Ridings, Eador, Riggs, Tavis, McBride, Dunfield, Smith, Mayhew, Niswanger, Schulze, Elliott, Moffatt, Christenberry, Knight, Henry


Page 313: Bowman, Hoffman, Mowry, Epple, Warren, Renfro, Crawford, Jeans, Mcgilton, Mann, Withrow, Beshore, Garton, Davis, Frakes, Daughtery, Walter, Baldwin


Page 314: Baldwin, Jameson, Landes. Short, Steward, Bowman, Avery, Clark, Bailey, Boyd, Paris, McCoy, Meinecke, Sanders, Weir, McElroy, Bunn


Page 315: Bateman, Myers, Longstreth, Dowell, Bingle, Modglin, Rieger, Rebman, Miller, Mitchem, Eckles, Richards, Brown, Wallace


Page 316: Kenney, Franz, Culle, Foust, Beisley, Stanley, Koder, Ewing, Edwards, Lindley, Treat, Farney, Autenreith


Page 317: Schwarz, Spohrer, Allen, Taylor, Leer, Beaver, Rafferty, Keithly, Bay, Strain, Smith, Crawford, Lockwood, Cunningham, Moore, Crabtree, Wilson, Comer, Skinner


Page 318 Skinner, Dahmer, Seaton, Cairns, Plum, Bellah, Hanson, Warren, Koblish, Dunn, Riggs, Davis, Hackney, Young, Pickerel, Bolton


Page 319: Bolton, Rimmer, Coats, Wackerman, Diehr, Harper, Beattie, Riggs, Smith, Dunaway, Bell, Kiger, Peak, Overton, Jenkins, Marquardt, Mitts


Page 320 Berry, Gilfert, Robinson, Brock, Emery, Thompson, Nicolay, Reeder, Ritchey, Cupp, Byers, Rogers


Page 321: Rogers, Smith, Bradley, Vandenburg, Mallory, Coke, Eaton, Bales, Young, Woods, Helm


Page 322 Helm, Roberts, Woods, Johnston, McPeters, Duncan, Ness, Mabry, Keyser, Newport, Dingus, Coale, Keithly, La Rue, Shannon


Page 323 Eador, Layton, Adcock, Shepherd, Rodgers, Peters, Henry, Lewis, Wright, Warren, Spainhoward, Mische, Garwood, Blome, Cliffman


Page 324 Cliffman, Pech, Griffith, Reirscher, Hochstatter, McHugh, Rodgers, Marquardt, Drumeller, Watson, Weisman, McGehee, Schweghamer, Pederson, Skidmore


Page 325: Skidmore, Walters, Gilfert, Comer, Dahmer, Boughton, Rose, Rypass, Brooks, Taylor, Bell, Chapman, Dedman, Rodgers, Burford, Emery, Lang, Mische


Page 326: Peters, Miller, Wilson, Lynch, Hern, Hargrove, Leigh, Cleaver, Wetzel, Nunn, Davis, Nevins, Brown, Morris, Peters, Allen, Brokaw, Dees


Page 327:   Dees, Haverstic, Dahmer, Hedges, Willhite, Jones, Smith, Hamblin, Rodgers, Pitts, Hackney, Dixon, Wilson


Page 328:  Blevans, Chubick, Stevens, Engelbrecht

James R. Baker, Jr.
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