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1940 Federal Census pages for Ward 5, ED 109-11
Center Township
Includes East Nevada, Missouri
and Smelter Hill
40 census pages
Each census page is indexed by surname on this page.
Use the search function of your browser (Control F) to find a surname.
(Some of the spelling is suspect)
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Page 267:  Plunkett, Shaffer, Thompson, Hunt, Cross, Leeper, Drake, Thomas, Hill, Childs, Kibler, Chandler

Page 268: Chandler, Addison, Anderson, Mitchel, Coffman, Owens, Rupe

Page 269: Rizor, Crews, Smith, Keithley, Ratty, Loveall, Brown, Perkins, Carpenter, Lock 

Page 270: Lock, Bloodworth, Cochran, Crews, Reed, Smith, Hallam, Everetts, Du Rosetta, Dwyer, McAdoo, Rabon, Harris, Qualls 

Page 271: Cheek, Smith, Garfield, Fabea, Mitchell, Vaughn, Painter, Thompson, Wyatt, Welly, Canfield, Sprague, McLalin, Anderson, Pryor 

Page 272: Pryor, Harnell, Felton, Wehrly, Rice, Clark, Hill, Garfield, Rimmer, Smith, Vaughn, Cunningham, Santee

Page 273: Klumpp, Sanger, Butner, Jones, Webester, Bain, Hough, Avis, Dear, Umphenhour, Trimble, Guss, Underwood, Cox, Crank

Page 274: Crank, Bihans, Kiger, Dukes, Swafford, Krause, McCullan, McCarlin, Underwood, Cox, Webb, Lee

Page 275: Dee, Dennis, Gray, Hassler, Harden, Bernhardt, Baker, McCoy, Shack, Wiley, Akers, Davenport, Pike, Riggs, Richardson

Page 276: Hester, Rallow, Shepherd, Knight, Richardson, Hayes, Forrester, Williams, Mason, Arenty, Funin, Sanders, Warsham, Frane, Minton, Walker, Wright

Page 277: Gire, Osborne, Tayler, Riley, Bice, Lines, Phillips, Smith, Hayden, Woods, Longback, Theno, Hill, Crews, Isaacs, Freeman, Summers, Marples, McDaniel, Myers

Page 278: Myers, Reed, Thompson, Black, Waddell, Tatlor, Cargill, Duncan, Beard, Adams, Harris, Koeger, Mastin, Bice, Jackson, Arnold, McClure, Bybee, Shoemaker

Page 279: Shoemaker, Waller, Clinkenbeard, Grimes, Rimmer, Savadage, Howell, Hendrix, Neely, Vincent, Krider, Frye, Bliss, Messick

Page 280: Messick, Brown, Ramsey, Bush, Frye, German, Koeger, Hensley, Fox, Longabaugh, Williams, Money

Page 281: Money, cox, Agee, Ellis, Morris, Cole, Younger, Shade, Young, Jones

Page 282: Armstrong, Ross, Huston, Messenger, Vanswearing, Morris, Neptune, Sisson, Pryor, Thomas, Thompson

Page 283: Cause, Coffman, McBride, Weller, Brokof, Gee, Hall, Terrel, Henderson, Peters, Rowden, Shepard, Hensley, Bright, Whalan

Page 284: Whalan, Klumpp, Thomason, Shanko, Williams, McMellen, Kirkman, Shaffey, Harper, Fishell, Cross, Berry, Snderson, Smith

Page 285: Richards, Eaton, Peacock, Richie, Glendening, Thomas, Reeves, Burris, Burnsworth

Page 286: Snedlen, Hardin, Stacy, Oyer, Burris, Englert, Armstrong, Crawford, Bunker, Cary, Johnson, Shields, Smith

Page 287: Williams, Gibson, Evans, Armstrong, Stephenson, Bowen, Rose, Wardrip

Page 288: Brokob, Smith, Oyer, Reidoldt, Klumpp, Parroll, Moore, Gregary, Williamson, Johnson, Rudolph, Cavin, McCoy

Page 289: Gare, Clinton, Williams, Case, Brewer, Whitborn, Sullivan, Cashman, Shumate, Shaffer, Brown, Adams

Page 290: Adams, Fretts, Sheets, Cochran, Chandeler, Howard, Mayfield, Dunkin, Hendricks, Peak

Page 291: Walfenbarger, Reed, Coffman, Wiseman, Crawley, Kling, Fraser, Murdock, Waldroff, Martin, Rizor, Cramer, Copeland, Scott, Shelton, Stewart, Amith, Baker

Page 292: Baker, Riley, Saukup, Schwartz, Ault, Green, Berry, Graham, Mushaney, Garland, Kirk, Englert, Craig, Nicholas

Page 293: Ault, Michals, Medly, Englert, Wright, Chew, Hanasey, Rizor, Watson, Racer, Dunn, Morgan, Anderson

Page 294: Anderson, Kirby, McCune, Dalton, Harless, Dixon, Miller, Myers, Shirley, Pike, Bodle, Fabra, Fife, Angel, Underwood, Schule, Bunker

Page 295: Shaffer, Tresling, Shepard, Long, Riley, Cargill, Plunkett, Tracy, Wallace, Williams, Cross, Dodd

Page 296: Cargill, Shoemaker, Shafer, Driggs, Stokesbury, Cole, Baver, Tremain, Claypool, Ripple, Byers, Baggett, Kester, Burnett, Banks, Aberson

Page 297: Klumpp, York, Brumback, Woodward, Rimmer, Hallam, Carrier, Shade, Scott, Phillips, Blair, Baker, Stewart, Hanesy, Green, Medley

Page 298: Medley, Biggs, Daughn, Phillips, Williams, Tames, Broughton, Peak, Breeding, Hughes, Haggard, Long

Page 299: Armstrong, McCune, Bronson, Fugate, Watson, Crabtree, Hines, Gardner, Winfrey, McCoy, Vaughn, Raussean, Huckaby, Englert, Elliott, Grimsby, Williams, Kramer

Page 300: Kramer, Straw, Johnson, Sullivan, Jones, Smith, Hendrix, Giles, Murphy, Beck, Cashman, Ferguson, Street, Baker

Page 301: Gilmore, Byron, Griffith, Keeton, Calvin, Jones, Myers, Leonard, Harper, Pugh, McDonald, Euckrom, Nunn, Davis

Page 302: Blank Page

Page 303: Caldwell, Jones, Bridges, Wilson, French, Miller, Smith, Swank, Roseberry, Sambert, Ware, Bradley, Wills, Ellington, Klingeman, Torbet, Hooper, Miller, Birdsall, Belt, Berry

Page 304: Blank Page

Page 305: Ozburn, Mildran, Campbell, Howell, Faber, Richardson, Parker, Ellington

Page 306: Blank Page

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