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David LEE of Ward's Fork, a portion of Lunenburg that became Charlotte County in 1764

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Deed abstracts from T.L.C. Genealogy
20 Mar 1745/46
David LEE granted 1800 acres on west side Ward's Fork in Brunswick Co., VA (became Lunenburg Co 1749 & Charlotte Co 1764) adj John MARTIN, KENNON (patent)
Lun. DB 1:189 May 10, 1747/Jun 1, 1747
David LEE Sr of Lunenburg to David LEE Jr. of Lunenburg 284a SS Ward Fork. Sig: David LEE. Wit: Geo. CURRIE, Wm MACLIN, Mathew TALBOTT.
Lun. DB 1:192 Apr 4, 1747/Jun 1, 1747
David LEE of Lunenburg to Mathew TALBOT of Lunenburg 400a SS Ward Fork. Sig: David LEE. Wit: John GWIN, Chas TALBOT, Andr. KENNEDY.
Lun DB 1:194 Apr 4, 1747/Jun 1, 1747
David LEE of Lunenburg to Andew KENNEDY, 1 plantation and parcel of 400a on Ward's Fork..Sig: David LEE. Wit: Mathew TALBOT, John GWIN, Chas TALBOT. (see 1755)
Lun DB 1:278 Jul 4, 1747/Feb 1, 1747

David LEE Jr of Lunenburg sold 284a SS Ward's Fork to Aaron AYRES of Lunenburg. Sig: David LEE. Wit: Andr. KENNEDY, Richard (his mark) BAIN, Chas TALBOT, David LEE, Elizabeth (her mark) KENNEDY. (see 1754)

Lun WB 1:11 10; 10 March 1743/44, Recorded 3 Oct 1748
David LEE will recorded;
names wife Elizabeth,
son David Jr.,
son John LEE,
son Clement LEE,
son Joshua LEE,
Sons-in-law Abel LEE;
Andrew KENEDY [KENNEDY] (Link to full will )
Lun WB 1:Page 13,14
Lun WB 1:Page 13. Inventory of the estate of Andrew KENNEDY, deceased, this 15th 8ber 1748 [Oct 15, 1748]. [Total value: about £ 27.35]. Signed - David CALDWELL, David LOGAN, Elisabeth KENNEDY (C her mark) Admx, Robert WOODS. The above inventory and appraisement and account of sales of the estate of Andrew KENNADAY, deceased, was returned and ordered to be recorded.
Lun WB 1:Page 14. An account of goods sold at auction, the estate of Andrew KENNADY, this Oct 29, 1748. Buyers: Elizabeth KENNADY, John MOUNT, George HARROD, Joseph DICKSON, George HENRY, John MAGUIRE, Robert BAKER, William JOHNSON, James McGAUGHLIN, Philip YOUNG, John GORDON, Robert WOODE, John LOGAN, John SMITH. [Total sales: about 31 £]
Lun DB 2:416 Apr 6, 1752/Apr 7, 1752
Abel (A his mark) LEE wit deed fr William MAGBE of Lunenburg to Thomas DICKSON of Lunenburg, 200a on Midway River.
Lun DB 3:397 Mar 7, 1753/Nov 6, 1753
John LEE of Cumberland Parish & Lunenburg to William ADAMS of Co. of Louisa 300a adj Wilson MATTPX, Tredway, KENON, HARRARD, James WAUGHOOP (WAUGHOO). Sig: John LEE, Sarah (her mark) LEE. Wit: William SCOTT, James (his mark) HAYES, Wilson (his mark) MADDOX.
Lun DB 3:484 Jan 27, 1754/May 7, 1754
John LEE of Cumberland Parish and Lunenburg, planter, to John MOUNT of same, planter, for 25pd 187a bounded by Abraham LUNDERMAN. Sig: John LEE. Wit: Clem. READ, Thos NASH, P CARRINGTON
Lun DB 4:135 Aug 15, 1754/Jul 1, 1755
Aaron AYRES of Antrim Parish in Halifax Co. to Wilson MATTOX of Lunenburg SS Ward's Fork where Wilson MATTOX now lives, "384a" being the land purchased of David LEE Jr. Sig:Aaron AYRES. Wit: James CARY Jr, John LOGAN, Paul CARRINGTON.
Lun DB 4:193 Oct 6, 1755/Oct 7, 1755
Andrew KENNEDY[Junr?] of Lunenburg sold above to James ORR of Lunenburg, plantation and parcel of land 400a on Wards fork, adj head of a bottom in David LEE's land. Sig: Andrew KENNEDY. Wit: George HANNAH, David KENNEDY, John SMITH.
Lun DB 4:219 Mar 12, 1754/Nor 4, 1755
John LEE & Sarah LEE his wife of Lunenburg to Andrew KENNEDY[Junr?] of same 200a bounded by Wilson MADDOX, John MOUNT, Abraham LUNDERMAN, Majr STITH, Richard CANNON, ADAMS new line. Sig: John LEE , Sarah (her mark) LEE. Wit: James ORR, James ADAMS, James (his mark) BRUMFIELD.
Lun DB 4:282 Nov 1, 1755/Jul 6, 1756

Andrew KENEDY[Junr?] [KENNEDY] & Elizabeth LEE (wife of David LEE Sr. deceased, of Cumberland Parish & Lunenburg to John MIDDLETON of Lunenburg 200a adj Wilson MATTOX, John MOUNT, Abraham LUNDERMAN, Maj STITH, Richard CANNEN, ADAMS new line. Sig: Andrew KENNEDY, Elizabeth (her mark) LEE. Wit: James HUNT, William (his mark) ROBINSON, David CALDWELL.

Lun DB 5:568 Mar 7, 1754/Feb 5, 1760
John LEE & Sarah LEE his wife of Cumberland Parish & Lunenburg to James ADAMS of afsd 40a adj Wm ADAMS, John LEE, a new line, WAWHOB. Sig: John LEE, Sarah (her mark) LEE. Wit: Andrew KENNEDY, James ORR, James (his mark) BRUMFIELD, Thomas READ.
Lun DB 7:260 Apr 3, 1750/Jun 1, 1762
Abell A. LEE (mark not indicated in abstract) wit. deed of William BYRD Esq of Charles City Co. to Robert BOYD of Lunenburg, SS Dan River. Sig: W. BYRD. Wit: Charles STEVENS, Abell A LEE, Patrick BOYD
No record, known to me, of this LEE family in Charlotte Co., VA after 1760/jgs