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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

August 1923



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July 25, 1923 to August 20, 1923


Steamer Carbon docked and blocked up July 25, 1923

July 30, 1923  Steamer Beacon Wheel Job

August 1, 1923  Harry Barr and his dock gang started to lay bottom decks and walkways in new Steel Barges   first one 10th finished

Steamer Frank Fowler Docked for Inspection August 7, 1923   off Ways next day

the long landing Float at the Ways sunk Wednesday August 22, 1923    we removed from her deck - shaft for Steamer Crusier - 2 Clam sheel (shell) bucketts (buckets) - 1 Hoisting Engine - one upright Boiler and 2 or 3 ton of scrap    floated her on the cradles and Docked her

Steamer Clyde docked July 24, 1923 and General repairs    almost rebuilt her - new Head - new stern - new Pilot house - new B. deck - new coal box - new P. shear & nosing and like repairs all over    finished Wednesday August 9, 1923

Steamer Carbon Docked July 25, 1923    new rudders   pintal bars and washers    cylinder timbers plated and repairs of this kind all over    this was a big job     John Faddis Captain    she is owned by Wheeling Steel Corp.  We finished her August 20, 1923

July 25, 1923 to August 20, 1923

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