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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 




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Various entries dated between 1917 to 1921


I came over the B&O RR on the way home from Parkersburg, West VA May 16, 1917 after finishing Supt. a new (hull)under Steamer Rival. Passed the Rival at Sistersville, West VA

War declared off November 8, 1918 at 10 AM   whistles blowed and everyone glad. Found it a false report after paradeing. On Monday November 11, 1918 the Armistices was signed  the People went wild     everyone Knocked off work and had parades all evening

Shut down at the Marine Ways April 25, 1921 starting Monday. I do not think any of the Men felt any worse about these strikes and shut downs than myself

Thursday January 22, 1920   Coffer dam at Lock #3 let go  Sunk the Steamer Sailor  drowned three men, she rolled over sunk a derrick boat and wrecked the third one. Many men had narrow escapes   the Sailor sunk inside the Lock

Friday February 2, 1920   fine weather   ice run out

To Lock #4 Friday January 30, 1920   borrowed 5 Oak Logs from Supt. George Nutt

Strike on at the Ways July 1, 1920   demand 1.00 Per Hr. Went to work Monday July 12, 1920 at the old rate

Various entries dated between 1917  to 1920

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