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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

August 18, 1919



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August 18, 1919 to September 16, 1919


Pile driving around the Ways abutments  September 1919   Chas. Householder Engineer and Driver

Scraper #21   August 18, 1919   broken arm repaired  Steamer Jim Brown scraping out at Ways August and September 1919

Steamer Conqueror   August 8, 1919   wheel repaired - nosing iron and aft nigger stanchion repaired

Steamer Voyager   8 of August 1919   new Boxes around syphon pipes in coal box - deck repaired at aft nigger

Lovedale Mine Pump Boat M. 137 docked - September 5, 1919 rebuilt

Steamer Robert Jenkins  September 6, 1919   Boiler work - broken chock repaired

Steamer Jim Brown  September 13, 1919   repairs to shipping up Jack

Steamer A.R. Budd   September 16, 1919   broken Pitman strap repaired    Harry McGuire Captain

August 18, 1919 to September 16, 1919

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