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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

April 14, 1919



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April 14, 1919 to May 5, 1919


Steamer J.C. Risher   April 14, 1919   nosing iron repaired all around

Steamer Carbon  April 19, 1919   repairs to wheel - cabin - main kelson - B.H. Stanchion - 1 new Kevel - new guard braces - wheel chains tightened

Steamer Transit  April 19, 1919   Pitman straps taken off straighten and slapjacked on aft end  finished 30

Steamer J.C. Risher   wheel chain welded

Pump Boat #2   May 1919   Cabin taken off and work flat made of hull

Steamer Enterprise docked Saturday April 5, 1919   new Knuckle1 - Saddle and Grub stakes - and this job we gave the Enterprise put her in fine shape    repairs like above all around. I had a big gang on this job   finished April 26, 1919  she looks like a new boat

Built a new Ferry Flat for Allenport   Launched her May 5, 1919   30"D - 15'W - 60'L   finished May 6   taken up river by Steamer Transit

Tornado Digger May 1919 - Capston Job - new Master wheel - new bed wheel complete - new beams and dunnage

1 The Knuckle is the area of the hull where the side planking meets the bottom planking.

April 14, 1919 to May 5, 1919

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