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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

January 16, 1919



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January 16, 1919 to February 3, 1919


Pump Boat #26 Boiler  set new dunnage under same   all new cabins   Capston job   capston and nigger taken off Pump Boat #12

Collier #4 Docked January 16, 1919   bracing spud caseing and general repairs

Steamer Beacon January 20, 1919   wheel job and bracing sides for ice

Steamer Carbon January 20, 1919   wheel job  other repairs  and outside of Boilers boarded up

Steamer Robert Jenkins Wednesday January 22, 1919   wheel and nigger job

Steamer Beacon January 24, 1919   Pitman strap Wheel and ice brace in the hold jobs

J.C. Risher January 27, 1919   Wheel job

Steamer Iron City docked Wednesday January 13, 1919   General repairs finished Monday January 27, 1919

J.C. Risher Wednesday January 9, 1919   rudder and wheel job

Jim Brown Monday February 3, 1919   wheel and tiller job

Steamer Transit February 19, 1919   sheave boxes tiller Bell angles and cavel jobs

January 16, 1919 to February 3, 1919

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