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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

March 1910

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March 5, 1910 to March 14, 1910


The Steamer R.L. Aubury exploded her Boilers  Monday March 14, 1910  killed two men and injured others

Saturday March 5, 1910  new Bal rudder stock on Steamer Tornado  work by Wilcoxen - J. Reed

Steamer Raymond Horner almost new - details in small book

Monday March 7, 1910  Steamer Tornado docked  new rudder and stern band  S. Pancost  Foreman

Coal Hoist Docked  March 6, 1910 for new bottom gunnel and floor timbers  J. Morgan Foreman

Steamer Tornado away March 9, 1910   towed a Bulldozer loaded with finished Coal boat Pumps and Steam Boat Yawls 1

The yawl was a wooden rowboat that was usually 16 to 24 feet long and was used by the crew to carry lines to the shore when tying the tow or towboat to the riverbank in remote locations. The crew would also row the yawl to shore at various river towns to pick up needed fresh supplies like milk, butter, eggs, meat etc.

March 5, 1910 to March 14, 1910

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