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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

August 1907

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August 15, 1907 to November 7, 1907


Steamer Exporter in River August 12, 1907, Henry Sykes Mate, new Pitmans, 4 men on them  H. Wilcoxen - William Congrave - A. Meyers - William Warren     towed to Pittsburgh Sunday August 15, 1907 by Steamer T.J. Wood.  Pitmans finished Thursday - 19th

September 23, 1907  Steamer Dave Wood Docked, tops on her cylinder timbers, chain brace splicing  patching deck and bottom  left the Little Fred Job to go on Wood

Friday September 27, 1907  started two men to replace under shafting at the Ways,  finished in 13 days

Steamer Dave Wood finished and taken away Saturday October 12, 1907

on Drake and Sbiatten Dredge boat #1  Monday October 14, 1907  repaired and in Friday 18th

Saturday October 19, 1907  placing guards for mud on Ways cradles

Cyclone Digger docked Monday October 21, 1907  repaired and in Monday 28

Steamer Clipper Docked  Saturday October 26, 1907  she had sunk and turned over in the 4th Pool at the Alice mine

Finished Cyclone Digger Monday October 28, 1907 at 9 AM  Steamer T.J. Wood towed her to the 3rd Pool to raise sunk Flat

On Steamer Clipper with 8 men  all new forward frame & planking  new transoms - new sides to the straight bottom  new rudder irons  new deck beams forward  all around repairs  finished November 27, 1907  day before thanksgiving  towed out by Steamer Crusader

August 15, 1907 to November 7, 1907

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