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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Summer 1929



Summer 1929


Thursday May 30, 1929   Steamer Volcano sunk near Fayette City

Monday evening June 17, 1929   severe storm at 6:25 PM  heavy thunder vivid lighting hard rain and much Hail & Wind    this evening I seen a Steam Boat new up this way  the D.A. Nisbet of Evansville, Ind. with two steel Barges loaded with reinforcing wire   these were Goverment Barges  U.S.E.D. Memphis, Tenn.   the Boat belonged to the Ohio and Missippi Transit Company

Wednesday July 10, 1929   this evening I saw the Firemans parade in West Elizabeth  the starting of their fair and about 6:30 PM the Steamer Donald Birmingham with a gravel Barge in tow   she was formerly the Mamie Barrett    Carnegie bought her and renamed her Duquesne  afterwards sold her to Phil Elsey

Wednesday August 7, 1929   the Steamer G.K.(W.) McBride went under the Bridge at 12:10 PM with 6 Steel Barges loaded with Gasoline,   this Boat was formerly the Conqueror and was built at the Elizabeth Marine Ways

Saturday September 7, 1929   a long hot dry and dusty spell broken at 8:30 PM  a long electrical storm and light Rains this evening   the Steamer W.L. McKinney passed up stream with 6 Steel Barges, light, this Boat belongs to the Elsey Transportation Line and was formerly the Titan

Friday October 11, 1929 the Steamer C.W. Talbot of the Union Barge Line went past with a tow of sand and Gravel


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