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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

May 10, 1924



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May 10, 1924 to May 28, 1928


Steamer Conqueror Docked May 10, 1924    she hit the Rochester Bridge and buckeled her midship to the Port side 8"    Straightened and repaired May 12, 1924

High Water May 13, 1924 - 30 ft 7"     This was a muddy rise     Cleaning up from May 14, 1924 to July 1, 1924

Steamer Ranger  Wheel Job  May 20, 1924

Building new 9 ft gang way from the River to the top at the Office May 27, 1924 and platform around front of the office   finished June 20, 1924   built this gangway out of almost new 3" fir that came off the bottom of a U.S.E. flat the high water left on the Ways Barge Yard. Harry Barr and part of his men done this work

Steamer Conqueror straightened  new top and middle gunnels - new plank shear and nosing along the new gunnels - new beam ends on both sides - new deck on the guards - S. log slapjacked in 2 places - 4 new side stanchion - chocks & Kevels reset - sheet and nosing iron replaced - bottom searched - butts calked - Deck calked and pitched - 1 new Knocker block - B. deck rail repaired - Chains adjusted    Finished and out 5 PM May 28, 1924

May 10, 1924 to May 28, 1928

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