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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

April 1924



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March 30, 1924 to April 28, 1924


High Water March 30, 1924 - 38' 4"   up in the stock room under the Office   all hands cleaning up Mud and straightening up Lumber    at the top and north of the Ways the mud is 4 ft deep    everything nearly wrecked

April 4, 1924 unloading car of Oak flitch 1    P. McK & Y - 391463

April 4, 1924   repairing tracks - Platforms and new shed over Ways Pump - after High water

Steamer Ranger Docked April 11, 1924    new wing rudder stock - all R irons repaired - 1 new Knocker block nosing - top strakes - iron painted - P. House glass     finished and off Ways April 14, 1924

Steamer Voyager Docked April 27, 1924  off the Ways May 7, 1924     New center and wing kelsons - all inside parts of the Hull well repaired - rudders repaired  1 new stock  2 new Pitmans - General repairs from stem to stern - new Head Knees - Machinery repaired - 2 coats of Paint   D. Caulkett Painter  -  this was some job

April 25 to 28, 1924 building a large sign board for Harbor Landing out of #12 x 36" sheet iron *

* Click here to see photographs of Harbor Landing and the type of signs mentioned.

1 Flitch Timber--One of several timbers fastened side by side to form a compound frame made of wood having a natural bend used at turn of bilge to increase stability.

March 30, 1924 to April 28, 1924

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