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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

March 1, 1924



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February 25, 1924 to March 8, 1924


February 25, 1924    takeing from under Keystone Dredge for the second time

New end walkway on Steele Barge 316 - February 25, 1924

Steamer Voyager March 4, 1924   broke Pitman strap repaired   finished at 6 PM

Cyclone Digger  March 4, 1924  repairs to - M. Deck - Engine timbers - Journal bearings - new jockey stick on the Boom

March 1, 1924  new spud ready for Cyclone Digger   14 x 14 x 40 Hickory

Keystone Dredge #4 off the Ways and away via Steamer Victory 2.25 PM Saturday March 8, 1924    General repairs - scraping and painting    they did this work with their own men Dravo Co

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Steamer Creighton Docked (?) finished Friday (?)  new Hull except some straight bottom   new deck beams and deck   new II beams   new Head   new guards   new coal box   cabin and B deck (?) repaired   new Knees   new nosing iron   new wheel     this was a big job     most of the floores and inside strakes were new     they were well pleased with this Job and she looked fine.   Ed Cambell Supt. for Glass Co. - Tom Hudson  Bill Lightbody Engineer     William Lynch Jr. Foreman and liner.

This was not the new Hull Job but a big repair Job   about 16,000   the new Job was done later   the new Hull Job was finished January 14, 1925   Inspected January 15, 1925    Steamer Cruiser furnished steam.  she coaled at Cyclone Digger and away at 10.30 AM January 16, 1925

February 25, 1924 to March 8, 1924

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