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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

July 1923



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July 5, 1923 to July 24, 1923


July 5, 1923    Loading 2553 B ft fir deck    1 Bale Oakum    1 Keg 50 DW nails for Monga Mine and Mines Dept Hoist #3    on Barge 83

July 5, 1923    Geting old Pump Boat Hull # 92 ready for Sawdust - 640 Bu loaded in same

July 6, 1923   cuting pitman clearance off fantail horse  Steamer Jim Brown

July 9, 1923    Ferry flat docked and repaired   they are using this flat while repairing the Elizabeth Bridge

Pump Boat 26 Docked July 10, 1923 for new Supply well

Steamer Sunshine in the River Monday July 16, 1923    this was a big job    the Hull and cylinder timbers were rebuilt    John W. Hubbard bought her from the Widow of Wm. McNally. we had a lot of trouble with Hubbard and almost a Law suit over the bill 53,000 finally fixed up and we are glad to get rid of Hubbard    he has a lot of money but he is no good    this Boat was Docked April 13, 1923    My Boy Wm. lined her    Wm. Jackson sawed her out

Steamer Labelle docked July 16, 1923    Hull scraped and Painted and General repairs made   finished 23rd

Steamer Clyde Docked and blocked up July 24, 1923

July 5, 1923 to July 24, 1923

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