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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

March 21, 1923



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March 21, 1923 to April 23, 1923


Steamer Elizabeth Smith of Davison Sand Company Docked March 21, 1923  off April 12, 1923 after general repairs   big Job

Tug Mike Doughtery docked March 30, 1923  Good Friday  completely overhauled from stem to stern  finished May 5, 1923

March 24, 1923  takeing down Boom and A frame off Collier #4

New Pump boat #3 for Mines Dept # 149   finished March 26, 1923

3 Pieces Oak for American Steel and Wire in the River March 28, 1923 10 x 12 x 38

March 26, 1923  Beacon repairs to Drain board and pantry shelves

One of the old Dock Hulls used for a float sunk   Docked & repaired   had a RR tie through the bottom   April 4, 1923

April 4, 1923  Steamer Ranger  repairs to Wheel steering cylinder - slides - wheel chain braces keyed - Nigger box and repairs of this sort all around   Wm. Shaw Captain

Saturday April 14, 1923   several men droped the Ways Pump boat to Lovedale tipple trying to save a Loaded Barge

March 21, 1923 to April 23, 1923

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