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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

February 22, 1924



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February 22, 1924


I am writing these two Jobs correctly as further on they are mixed up

Steamer Creighton docked Friday February 22, 1924 and General repairs    on(e) of her sides was held on by the sheet iron, she was condemed and ordered repaired by US Inspectors.

16 full length floores    24 tops & fud (possibility a reference to futtocks1) on each side    at this hole new inside strakes   nosing   plank shear   Boiler deck   all bulkheads   rudder irons   Hull calked   Wheel repaired  30 arms  new bucketts all around   Machinery repaired and lined up   aft end of boilers raised 5 in   new Jackets around chain and braces   new Trumpet line   Decks all repaired   chain adjusted and small repairs all over the Boat          William Lynch JR Foreman and lines     Tom Hudson  Captain     Finished Friday February 22, 1924

1 "One of the curved timbers in a built-up or compound rib or frame of a vessel."  The top (timber) is, "The timber above the futtocks in a built up rib or frame."

February 22, 1924

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