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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

January 2, 1923



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January 2, 1923 to January 6, 1923


Steamer Cruiser

Depth Coal and water in the Boilers   Forard 5' 4"   Aft 3' 6"
Height from Water to top of Pilot House   Light 27' 9"   With coal and water 26' 6"
first trip out to Harbor Landing  light  Monday November 26, 1923 ( probably should be 1922)
Bob Eberhard Captain  Jas. Sanders Engineer  Harry McKinley supt of all Machine & Boiler work   This was the last wood Tow boat built on the Monongahela river up to 1926

Tuesday January 26   High water 19' at 7 AM

Flat 1138 docked & repaired January 2, 1923

Steamer M.D. Wayman Docked January 4, 1923   General repairs made all around   finished January 18, 1923   towed away by Steamer Voyager at 9:35 AM  January 18, 1923    she was bought from Carnegie Steel by John Klein

January 5, 1923    building a rough box on each side of the middle Kelson aft on Steamer Ranger   filling same with scrap trying to get her stern 2 or 3" down

Steamer Beacon  January 6, 1923   for 2 new outside rudder Jockeys    her stocks are geting bad

January 2, 1923 to January 6, 1923

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