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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

July 20, 1920



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July 20, 1920 to August 13, 1920


Steamer Robert Jenkins scraping out at the Ways July 20 -21 -22, 1920

Steamer Beacon  July 22  Furnace and wheel repairs

Steamer Jim Brown  July 26, 1920   Furnace - tiller bars - both niggers repaired

Steamer Voyager  August 2, 1920  repairs to the Doctor1 bed plate

Steamer Conqueror  August 9, 1920  wheel repairs - 1 chock bolted - nosing iron - corner bands - ridge pole - steering gear - stair rail - closet - furnace - bridge wall repaired2

Steamer J.C. Risher  August 11, 1920  repairs - Boilers shoe pipe - Closet - Ice box

Steamer Transit in via J.C. Risher August 13, 1920

Pump boat #26 docked July 28, 1920  all new Hull - cabin over to one side straightened - 2 wells - calked all over - new mud drum3- ash pan and brick work new - Hull and cabin painted   finished September 16, 1920 

1) The Doctor was a large steam driven pump that supplied water to the boilers. 

2) The Bridge Wall would be part of the support structure for the bridge. The bridge was a little walkway that ran out from both sides of the pilothouse to the outside edge of the boiler deck roof . The Captain and Pilots could walk out there and get a better look at the side of the boat and tow when going through locks and making landings.

JW's usage of the word "bridge" may refer to a truss support system, built to reinforce the floor above, i.e. above the boilers.

3)  A Mud Drum was a steel cylinder that was mounted crossways underneath the boilers and was connected via pipes to all of them. As the river water circulated through the boilers the sediment, or "mud", would settle into this container. Periodically the crew would open a steam line connected to the mud drum and flush this accumulation out through a pipe and back into the river. 

Definitions courtesy of Gary Imwalle.


July 20, 1920 to August 13, 1920

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